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Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan Review 2020

A safe and quiet ceiling fan gives high performance is a must for home, isn’t it. To provide better performance and safety, the Westinghouse Developed a ceiling fan named as Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan. The Westinghouse Ceiling Fans not only includes safety. they also give better performance with high airflow capacity.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Review makes you understand its working and gives clarity that why you need to buy the Westinghouse Ceiling Fan 7247300. With a brushed nickel finish, the 7247300 Westinghouse Alloy Ceiling Fan looks more attractive. Three beech/ wengue reversible blades provide the high airflow efficiency in the room. 

A 153-millimeter by 10-millimeter silicon steel motor present in the Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan CFM provides great blades rotation. The motor’s reverse action also gives warm air so the fan can rotate comfortably in any environment.


Westinghouse 42-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan for Sale

Most Popular Ceiling Fan provides you better relaxation in your home daily i.e, Westinghouse 7247300 Fan.  If you don’t want your light kit, you can also easily remove that from your Westinghouse 7247300 Alloy Ceiling Fan. There is also a feature of installing remote control access in your ceiling fan. But you have to buy remote control separately. 144 sq. Ft. of the room can easily cover with the airflow provided by the ceiling fan. The Westinghouse Fans can treat as Best Ceiling Fan with its festive features.

Westinghouse Lighting 7247300 FEATURES

This Small Ceiling fan comes with Two bulbs light kit to make your home more beautiful and attractive. 40 watts bulbs are included at the bottom of the Ceiling Fan, so you dont have to worry about power bills. This Best Westinghouse Ceiling Fans With Lights makes an impressive look if you don’t want the bulbs to remove it.

The powerful motor with dual capacitors provides high airflow performance, and it is also producing warm air with its reversible action. So, you can use the ceiling fan in winter as well as in summer. 153mm x 10mm Direct Drive motor produces high airflow efficiency, which is sufficient in the room. The two modes provided by Silicon Steel Motor are

  1. Summer Mode: High cooling air produces in the summer with Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan CFM Motor. You have to do, to swing between the modes with the action of a switching.
  2. Winter Mode: The cold drafts present near the ceiling fan are eliminated by the fan and warm. So, you can use your ceiling fan in winter without hesitation.

Reversible Three-Blade: Three blades on the ceiling fan give a high airflow capacity of 4,083 cubic feet per minute. Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan blades rotate in the reverse direction to produce warm air in Winters.

Cover Rooms Up To 144 Square Feet (12 by 12 feet): With the airflow of 80 CFM per watt, this Best rated ceiling fan covers the large area of the room. The air spreads in 144 square feet, which is sufficient for small and middle rooms. So, you can install your 7247300 Westinghouse Ceiling Fan in kitchen, bedroom, Living Room, etc.

You can get 2 years Limited warranty for Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Parts and one-year lifetime warranty for the motor. You can return it for a free repair to the original purchaser in case of damage. Please follow the instructions of the Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Manual to install your ceiling fan. 

Westinghouse 7247300 SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Model Number
Product Dimensions
42 x 42 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight
10 pounds
Brushed Nickel
Product Type
Ceiling Fan
Lifetime on motor, 2-year parts
Metal, Glass





How do you install a Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan?

Follow the instructions below to install a Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan

  1. Install the ceiling plate to the roof base.
  2. Assemble and hang the fan to it.
  3. Wire the fan properly without errors.
  4. Install Canopy and canopy trim ring securely.
  5. Assemble and insert blades of the fan to the canopy
  6. Install the switch housing.
Does this Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan come with an extension down rod?

 Yes, Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan does come with a down rod.

How does the light globe come off from Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan?

Gently twist the light globe counterclockwise to open the locks to remove the light globe from Westinghouse 7247300 Ceiling Fan.


It is a perfect Ceiling Fan suitable for small and medium rooms with its large airflow. The Westinghouse ceiling fans considered Best Ceiling Fans as their performance is good. I believe with the help of the entire detailed review, the performance, design and all the details of Westinghouse Fans known by you. You can buy Westinghouse Ceiling Fan 7247300 at an Amazon with the lowest price.

Safe Ceiling Fan protects from Electric Shock as well as less power consumer. High-performance Ceiling Fan Best Suitable For Small and Medium Rooms. Light Kit Attachment Adds Extra Attractive Design For the Westinghouse Ceiling Fans.

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