Westinghouse Lighting 7234100 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan – Ideal for Larger Rooms!

Westinghouse 7234100 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan is an absolute delight. It adds an exquisite touch along with a classical feel to any large room. A house isn’t just about furniture and decorative pieces; it is also about air conditioning and ceiling fans that complete it, making it as presentable as a Pinterest board. What better way is there to improve any room’s comfort and aesthetic than adding the Westinghouse Comet ceiling fans?! Upon testing this product, we realized that this model looks futuristic and affordable for its design without compromising on the basic value that you can get from a fan: high speed, reliability, and quiet performance. Let’s see the complete Westinghouse 7234100 Ceiling Fan review to know its pros and cons.

If you think that there aren’t many ceiling fans that add the beauty spark and deliver an admirable airflow at an affordable price, you would be surprised to know how cost-effective and eco-friendly this Westinghouse ceiling fan is. This is one such investment, and for under $200, you can be a proud owner of it. It cools rooms fast and doesn’t cost you a fortune. It is also an eco-friendly one as it doesn’t use any coolants that harm the environment and saves energy too! This modern ceiling fan comes with a light and brushed pewter finish. This promises its task of being exquisite, which compliments almost every interior design. This LED ceiling fan design is best suited for every room, ideally large ones or playrooms.

Westinghouse 7234100 Ceiling Fan Review, 2022

1. Airflow

For any room, be it large or small, airflow delivery is essential. This indoor 52-inch ceiling fan with LED lights is ideal for all rooms, specifically large ones. Its blades that look stylish with a trendy finish adds beauty to the fan and has the technology of a reverse function. Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are equipped with a strong motor that delivers air movement as per your needs.

Reversible white maple blades in this high-speed comet ceiling fan perform a reverse summer and winter operation. A warm airflow will be delivered in winter, and cool airflow in summers is the most desirable function of this ceiling fan. Airflow Efficiency of this 52″ fan blades can provide an airflow of 57 cfm per watt. At high speed, it is about 3589 cfm, which is the most appreciated airflow for any ceiling fan. 11° Blade Pitch boosts wind and power efficiency in this large room ceiling fan.

2. Power/Energy Consumption

Energy consumption of this ceiling fan is that of 63 watts without the light, and yes, this really surprises anyone who expects that it would be more. Average usage of a central air conditioner is about 3000-5000 watts of power in a day, which seems disastrous. However, this powerful yet energy saving ceiling fan is here to save the day and environment as well.

LED light of this Westinghouse comet 52 in ceiling fan only takes up 16 watts of energy while providing brightness equivalent to a 60-watt bulb, which seems like a great deal to us. This LED technology is maintenance-free, so not only is this product sustainable, but also cost-effective. This power induced high-speed comet fan can act as the right amount of cooling source for a loft as well that are upto 400 square feet huge; thus, it does the job well along with looking stylish.

3. Design

Westinghouse is an internationally trusted brand that will never fail to impress. The unique design of this Westinghouse 52-inch ceiling fan has a brushed pewter finish, which goes with every home style. This frosted glass light fixture bodes well in every room, and finally, its reversible light maple/ white blades create a different kind of classic look and offer a stylish approach to all homes.

Its integrated LED technology is also one feature that is talked about a lot as it illuminates your room and brings out the beauty of it vividly. If you love a low profile way of living, then you will fall for its sleek design and energy-efficient lighting. As stated earlier, with its pewter finish body that comes with a frosted glass fixture, you can elevate your house decorations to another level. This ceiling fan can also work as an illuminator with its integrated LED lights that can light up your room or loft. This will eliminate the need for extra bulbs as these LED lights of this ceiling fan provide lighting that is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.

4. Noise Insulation

The main reason why indoor ceiling fans are preferred less is simply due to the noise they make when they are switched on. They sometimes make a rattling sound, and it is extremely annoying and even embarrassing, especially when you are trying to have a conversation with a guest. Whereas some fans won’t produce much noise, but they are usually of high cost. Thus, it is not an easy task to find a quiet fan within your budget.

Thankfully, this Westinghouse comet ceiling fan has got you covered. It won’t disappoint you by whirring continuously and inducing a headache in you. The technology present in this fan is so effective and advanced that no one can notice this fan except for the gusty wind it produces, relaxing every one. Its powerful motor works very uniquely, yet this fan comes at an affordable price. Thus, it eliminates the need to have a maintenance check from time to time and lower service costs.

5. Remote Control

What more could a user ask for than a way to use this Westinghouse ceiling fan with light without getting up?! Although sold separately, the remote is adaptable for this ceiling fan. Westinghouse remote control is super compatible with their ceiling fans and can operate from up to 50 feet away. It has options for 3 kinds of fan speeds and has a wireless connection for your comfort. Most other standard ceiling fans do not come with remote control adaptability and cause great inconvenience.

It uses 9V batteries, which are pretty common and standardized for remote control related accessories. This remote control is easy to install and access. It is honestly a value for money as not only it controls speed but is also capable of dimming the light according to your preference. It is also a perfect substitute for a wall switch, so this ceiling fan, along with its remote control, saves you unnecessary effort in installing the switches.


Specifications of Westinghouse 52 inch Ceiling Fan

  • Manufacturer : Westinghouse Lighting
  • Item model number : 7234100
  • Product Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 14.25 inches
  • Item Weight : 18.86 pounds
  • Size : Indoor Only
  • Finish : Brushed Pewter
  • Wattage : 16 watts
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Luminous Flux : 910 Lumen
  • Cutting Diameter : 52 inches
  • Controller Type : Button Control
  • Warranty Description : Limited lifetime


Can you mount the Westinghouse 7234100 Comet w/o the down rod?

Yes. Westinghouse 7234100 Comet ceiling is a combo mount ceiling fan and can be used with or without a downrod.

Does Westinghouse 52″ ceiling fans have a Remote or pull chain?

This Westinghouse Lighting 7234100 fan is remote control adaptable though you have to buy the remote separately. And yes, the other Westinghouse 52 ceiling fans do come with a pull chain for fan speed and lights.

What is the distance of Westinghouse Lighting 7234100 fans from the ceiling?

Westinghouse Lighting 7234100 indoor fan will hang down from 15-20 inches as it depends on the mounting option people go with, i.e., w/o downrod.


Westinghouse 7234100 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan is an eloquent one with light that literally brightens up your room with its utilization and looks. It is versatile throughout the year and is appropriate for all kinds of interior decorations in bedrooms as well as lofts. Its airflow efficiency and quiet performance is what makes the product so desirable. The high-speed motor can work up to different levels of fan speed and has a lifetime warranty.

This ceiling fan is remote control adaptable and has a combo mount ceiling finish; thus, it can be used with or without the downrod. Overall, it is a great and sustainable investment to your house and is truly the winner in light ceiling fans. This product offers a high range of quality and functionality, and its trendy look is all that will be discussed among your guests. Thus we would conclude the Westinghouse 7234100 Ceiling Fan review, by recommending you this fan for a calm and peaceful life.

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