Is Tower Fan Better Than Ceiling Fan?

Have you ever wished for a fan that is compact in size, does not take too much space in the room, is suitable for a home with a low ceiling and also does not compromise in the amount of air it blows? We are going to introduce you to something called the tower fan. Tower Fan Vs Ceiling Fan, as you can guess, this fan is a tall tower-like structure that comes with a base that rotates at all angles.

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Tower Fan Vs Ceiling Fan

The tower fan is capable of pulling air from the room through its inlets. As this fan design that is more suitable for interior enthusiasts. As they come in various designs and sizes, people who love to explore interior decoration in their homes makes it not only a marvellous accessory but also a commodity that provides you with optimum cooling. The best part of owning a tower fan is that you can move it from place to place according to your needs and wants. You can even place the tower fan on your porch for the outer area for use in the summer days.

What Are The Differences Between Tower Fans And Ceiling Fans?


Tower Fans

Ceiling Fans


A  tall tower-like structure.

A circular structure with 2 to 5 blades.

Lights Fixtures

Does not come with any light fixtures.

Can come with various light fixtures and designs.

Air Circulation

Can cover a wider area, but not as powerful as a ceiling fan.

Can circulate cool air in the entire room.

Noise Level

Does not make any noise at all. Only a person sitting next to it will realize it is operating.

Can make a lot of noise if not maintained properly.

Space Utilization

Does not take too much space as it comes in a tower-like shape.

Can take a lot of ceiling space.


Very portable, as it can be moved from one place to another.

It is not portable, as once installed you cannot move the ceiling fan from one place to another easily.


Most tower fans come with a filter system attached to their mechanism.

Ceiling fans have no means of attaching a filter to it.


Comes in various styles and colours.

Design is limited.

Is Tower Fan Better Than Ceiling Fan

Both the tower fan and the ceiling fan are very similar to each other yet different. Both are used for a single purpose that is cooling the room on hot summer days. But there can be some pros that are present in the tower fan and missing in the ceiling fan. The same can be said for the ceiling fan as well. Tower fan provides the user with a choice in deciding where he or she wants to place the fan. People who have an undying love for the art of decoration, tower fans provide them with a lot of choices.

On the other hand, a ceiling fan is restricted by limited choice in design. But nowadays, several companies have come up with light fixtures to accompany the simple ceiling fan. This gives it an aesthetic point over the tower fan. 

Tower Fan Vs. Ceiling Fan Power Consumption

If we compare both the ceiling fan and the tower fan based on how much power each of them consumes while operating, we would say- it is a very close competition. In both cases, the electric energy consumed is relatively much lesser than what an air conditioner consumes. A tower fan consumes at least 100 watts of power, whereas ceiling fans depending upon their size can consume from 20 watts to 90 watts of power. Even the largest size of ceiling fan for home use will consume less power than the tower fan. This may be because a tower fan comes with a filtration system.

Tower Fan Advantages

  1. Space Utilization 

The first and foremost and also the most important advantage of owning a tower fan is that it occupies very little space in the room. It is almost as negligible as a flower vase sitting in the corner of your room. On the off chance that you are a person having to adjust in a limited space, then a tower fan will be the best solution for you as it can be easily hidden from view. You can never hide the ceiling fan from view, and if your room is small, it may look very bulky. 

  1. Portability 

Another great advantage of owning a tower fan is how portable it is. You can easily place the tower fan in any room or any place you want. If you are working in the study, you can place your Tower fan near your desk and enjoy the fresh air. You can also place your Tower fan in between the couches and nobody will even realize that there is a fan nearby. 

  1. Noiseless 

Compared to a ceiling fan, the tower fan is very quiet. 

  1. Style 

The most common reason that every buyer has while buying the tower fan is because of how stylish and pleasant it looks. No one likes to have a bulky fan in their room, and that is why the compact and slim design of the tower fan, adds to one of the reasons for buying it.


A tower fan is more portable and convenient to use, whereas ceiling fans are stagnant after they have been installed. If you compare the cooling efficiency of both the fans, the ceiling fan will win by a large margin. But then again, a ceiling fan does not come with the filtration system that you can only get in a tower fan. Tower fans can easily take care of the allergens present in the room by the process of ionization. 

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