Reiga 52-inch Downrod Mount Ceiling Fan with Light – Perfect Design with Added Comfort!

If you live in the tropical region, or even if you do not, you must have always felt the need for a refreshingly cool breeze to keep yourself relaxed. No matter how harsh, hot or humid the weather outside is, it is always essential to keep yourself safe from the ruthless behaviour of the changing climate, and your home should be the place where you can charge yourself up. A powerful ceiling fan, like the Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan, maybe of extreme use in such cases. Reiga started its journey 15 years ago, making durable and noiseless ceiling fans which excel not only in performance but also in the luxurious design. This 52 inches ceiling fan serves both as a ceiling fan, and an illuminator with its strong and powerful led lights attached to it. 

But, is the Reiga 52-inch ceiling fan truly fit to get all the attention it demands? Might be the thing which you are wondering. Worry not as we have got the same question too and we immediately bought the Reiga 52-in Reversible Motor Ceiling Fan to test it. We critically assessed the performance of this ceiling fan. And here in this Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan review we are ready to give you a better view of the same.

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan Review for 2023

1. Energy Consumption

Reiga 52 inch downrod mount ceiling fan with light consumes very less energy, which eventually helps you save some extra money at the end of the month. After installing the fan in our room, we waited for a month to test how much energy it consumes. After a month of average use, we were amused to see that it was much lower than $1 for a whole month of usage. So yes, the energy cost for a whole year for the Reiga ceiling fans is somewhat around $8.

2. Airflow CFM and Radius

To know whether a ceiling fan is efficient or not, you first have to know its airflow, or in simple terms, its CFM. Now what is CFM? CFM is the amount of air a ceiling fan can deliver. Now, the airflow for this ceiling fan with led light is a solid 6477 cfm which we feel is more than enough as it delivered the right amount of airflow in the room.

The application area for this bright ceiling fan is approximately between 100-250 sq ft which makes it eligible for any medium to large-sized room. As this ceiling fan is designed to serve as both an interior and exterior fan, it allows you to install the ceiling fan in a room as well as in the kitchen or patio or balcony.

3. DC Motor

Reiga LED ceiling fan is controlled by its powerful DC motor. We came to know that being a DC motor ceiling fan, this modern ceiling fan consumes much less power than the regular ceiling fans (up to 70% less power consumption), as it produces additional torque by generating mechanical energy from the electric energy while they rotate. So,this lets the ceiling fan operate in silence while ensuring the long life of the fan itself. Reiga Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice for you if you are ready to spend a bit to save yourself from a lot of hassle. 

4. Number of Speed Settings

One wonderful feature in Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan is that you get as many as 6-speed levels to match your needs. But when we turned the switch on for the first time, we felt like we needed to stick to the first 2 speed levels only. Yes, we could not even imagine the rest of the 4-speed settings as the first 2 were already making a ton of air. So you would not feel like switching to the last 4 speed settings. It is indeed amazing that this modern ceiling fan gives you the option to move on to 6 levels of speed settings, but we did not dare to move higher.

5. Design

The design and structure of Reiga 52-in deserve to hold a special place in your mind for sure. And it did not fail to blow our minds as well, with the gorgeous and beautiful led light set in the middle of the ceiling fan and its beautifully curved ABS blades with the round-shaped lines.

The fan blades are not expensive to produce, and it also gives the fan blades a very authentic look; a wooden look which we preferred the most. The Reiga 52-in led ceiling fan would not only serve as a daily-use speedy ceiling fan, but it also serves as a decor to your living room or master bedroom as its beauty is easily comparable to that of a glorious chandelier for foyers.

6. Remote Control

Reiga 52-in downrod mount ceiling fan with light has a remote-controlled operation. You can regulate the speed of the ceiling fan and even the led lights by a remote. This is extremely useful if you have elders in your house as the remote-controlled function would allow them to operate its performance with just a click on the remote, without them having to get out of their bed. We were able to change the speed of the fan and also control the intensity of the lights with the remote.

7. Colour Temperature

This dining room ceiling fan with lights comes with different colour temperatures, i.e., Warm White, Cool White and Full White. We liked the multi-coloured light temperature very much because it takes good care of the eyes. If you want to dim down the light for an eye soothing atmosphere, you can set the light to warm white (3000k). In case you want a brighter atmosphere, you can switch to cool white (5700k). You can even go for the brightest full white colour (8700k). The wide range of colour variation can turn your living space into your own personal studio.

8. Timer Setting

When we were examining the remote of the Reiga 52-in, there were options for times settings. Yes, you can even set the timer on your remote for how long you want your Reiga 52-in fan in action after you fall asleep. There are 3 timer settings, allowing you to set the timer for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. This way you can make sure that the fan is not being overused resulting in a high energy consumption. The automatic shutdown saves you from having to spend that extra bill for the extra hours it rotated while you fell asleep. The ceiling fan runs in 17 degree pitch optimized level.

9. Reversible Performance

If you think making your room cool is the only work this ceiling fan does, then we are delighted to shatter your misconception. Reiga 52-in does not only illuminate or cool down your room, but it also makes sure to keep you warm on the cold days. The blades of this office ceiling fan are designed in a way so that the fan can run in a clockwise direction in winter to transport the warm air to you. Again, you can run the ceiling fan, in an anti-clockwise direction to get the cool air in summer time.



  • Brand : Reiga
  • Model : Inverter
  • Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 15.4 inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 5614 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Item Weight : 16.37 pounds
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Controller Type : Remote Control
  • Style : Modern
  • Finish : Bright White
  • Shape : Circular
  • Wattage : 24 watts
  • Installation Method : Downrod Mount


Does this Reiga 52″ ceiling fan move much air?

Yes, once you purchase the Reiga 52-in ceiling fan, you can rest assured knowing the ceiling fan delivers so much air that you do not need to even go for the higher speed settings

Will Reiga down rod ceiling fan work with a smart switch?

The Reiga 52-in ceiling fan is a remote controlled ceiling fan.

What is the cfm per minute per watt for Reiga 52-in ceiling fan?

The airflow is 5624 cfm per minute per watt for the Reiga 52-inch LED ceiling fan.

Can I use a 4 foot down rod with this Reiga modern ceiling fan 52-in?

Yes, you can use a 4 foot downrod but you will have to purchase it additionally, as only 6 inch and 10 inch downrods are given with the Reiga 52-in.


After using the Reiga 52-inch for a whole month, we came to the conclusion that this ceiling fan has an incredibly strong DC motor which further helps increase the performance of the ceiling fan. It is reversible, which means you can use it both in summer and winter times. The Reiga 52-in ceiling fan illuminates your master bedroom, the lights are so bright that it can lighten up a large-sized room. This reverse ceiling fan, in real, decks up the whole space and becomes the centre of attraction. After going through the various features and performance to provide this Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan review, we assure you that you won’t regret the choice.

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