Prominence Home 52” Sleek Chrome Ceiling Fan – A Must have Contemporary Indoor Fan for Home

A Contemporary Ceiling Fan gives an elegant look to any room, especially the ones with light units. One of such best Prominence Home Ashby Ceiling Fan is the perfect one to add a spark to your beautiful interiors. You can use this contemporary ceiling fan with a remote as it comes with dimmable LED light. Through this Prominence Home Ashby Ceiling Fan Review, we have discovered some great features and uses of this ceiling fan.

Prominence Home 52” Sleek Chrome Ceiling Fan comes with 3 mounting options. Which are – flush-mount, downrod, and angled. Yes, you can easily control it with a handheld remote which has three-speed options and light options too. Even more surprisingly, the ceiling fan with dimmer light follows voice commands too, through the Google Assistant or Alexa, thus it satisfies the criteria of the people loving the voice assistant devices.

Prominence Home Ashby Ceiling Fan Review 2023

1. Design

The Prominence Home 80095-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan has a contemporary stylish design to it. The ceiling fan has a sleek bronze body and dual-finish fan blades which will promptly allow you to pick out the best look that matches your room space. This ceiling fan radiates as a perfect fit for up-beat living rooms, bedrooms, and common spaces. The light system of the fan is also very satisfactory.

This chrome ceiling fan with light offers an integrated LED frosted globe attachment with 2 E26/A15 bulbs. The ceiling fan is 800 lumens consuming 8.5 watts. It has a glow angle of 200% and its color temperature is 300k. The ceiling fan gave us a trendy look to the entire room. The prominence ceiling fan comes with 3 hanging options, wherein it can be hanged at a lower level where more walking space is needed, a standard 4 downrod or angled bracket for angled ceilings (bracket is sold separately). This Modern Ceiling Fan comes with 5 blades set which is made up of metal material, with its dimensions 52.0 x 52.0 x 14.9 inches (l x b x h) respectively suiting any home decor.

2. Remote Control

Prominence Home 52″ Ceiling Fan comes with a remote control device to operate the functions of the fan. You can easily adjust the speed and light settings, which makes it a bit more user-friendly. There is a reversing switch on the fan which is placed to provide downward airflow. If you need the airflow in other direction, just turn off the fan and glide the reversing switch to the other direction and switch the fan on again, you will get a reverse airflow. Operating the fan with the remote control is super easy.

Power on/off: Press and let go of the control button on the remote to turn on or off the fan and light.
Fan speed: The LEDs attached to the fan speed button on the remote device will light up to the matching speed.
Light on/off: Press and let go of the button to power on or off the light. Press and hold the button to operate the dimmer function.
CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): Press and let go of this button to get 3 color temperature choices, those are – 2700k (warm white), 3000k (soft white), and 5000k (daylight)

3. Quiet and Reversible Motor

The Prominence reversible ceiling fan is very quiet, yes, it operates with absolutely no sound and provides us with a peaceful mind. With a 3-speed strong reversible motor, even during the winter season, it can rotate-in warm air. This chrome ceiling fan with light is also a cost and energy-efficient one. There is a feature of reversed airflow, wherein you can change the pathway of the fan for a proper supply of air. It operates by forcing air downwards, by producing breeze which will help your skin to cool through evaporation, whereas, during winters the blades of the fan can be reversed which pulls air upward and forcing the warm air downward.

This Best 5 Blade Ceiling Fan has thermostats that can be kept at a higher temperature during summers and lower temperature during winters, this helps in lowering down the electricity bills. You will gain a lot of value from the ceiling fan if you place it in the house’s busiest area/room. Always look for fans with the reversible motor in them, for it will help in energy saving during different seasons. If you are looking for a fan that is noise-free and saves energy, then the Prominence Home 52 Inch Ashby Indoor Ceiling Fan is a perfect choice.

4. Warranty

Prominence Home warrants that the ceiling fan’s motor is free from faults in workmanship and the material displayed during the time of shipment from the manufacturer come for a lifetime after the date of purchasing from the first purchaser. The manufacturer moreover, warrants all other fan pieces, excluding glass and acrylic blades, are free from faults in quality and the material displayed during the time of shipment from the manufacturer for 2 years after the date of buying.

This warranty service does not imply factors such as damage to any part by accident, misuse, improper installation, or by attaching any accessories. Due to climate changes, their warranty does not cover changes in brass finish, tarnishing, or peeling. There are other warranty aspects which you can read in the given manual with the purchased product.

5. Impact On the Room

This 5-blade ceiling fan radiates a sleek body with its dual-finish blades which gives you a gorgeous style that fits your room space. The products look great in any medium/large room. This ceiling fan offers a perfect look to any up-beat living rooms and common areas. Yes, this Prominence Ceiling Fan will lower the temperature by a couple of degrees, regardless of the condition. The Prominence Home Brown Ceiling Fan comes with a light that can be installed in the center of the fan.


Prominence Home 80095-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan Specs

  • Brand: Prominence Home
  • Model: 80095-01
  • Dimensions: 24.6 x 11.5 x 9.8 inches
  • Beam Angle: 200%
  • Color Temperature: 3000k
  • Size: 52″ Contemporary Indoor
  • Number Of Pieces: 1
  • LED: 800 lumens
  • Warranty Description: Limited lifetime.


Can this Prominence Home 80095-01 Ceiling Fan be wired to 2 switches one to control the light and one for the fan?

No, this Prominence Home 80095-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan can be wired to only one switch to perform both actions of light and fan. You can change the adjustments by using the remote control.

Can the reversible feature of Prominence Home 80095-01 Ashby 52′ ceiling fan be toggled with a remote?

No, the reversible button is attached to the Prominence Home 52 Ceiling Fan itself. The remote doesn’t have any reversible button.

Is there a globe glass for this Prominence Home 80095-01 fan?

Yes, the globe installed in the ceiling fan is made of glass.

Does Prominence Home 52 inch Ashby Ceiling Fan come with dimmable bulbs or do I need to purchase them separately?

Dimmable bulbs come in the pack of the Prominence Home 52” Sleek Chrome Ceiling Fan you do not have to purchase them separately.

Final Verdict

So this all about Prominence Home Ashby Ceiling Fan Review, with a set of features, pros and cons. It provides an artistic and aesthetic look to the entire room. This Ceiling Fan With Dimmable Light is truly a smart choice for all low fall ceilings. Ashby 52”in ceiling fan has a quiet performance. With a set of advanced features, it helps you to cut down energy bills, yes it’s absolutely energy efficient. This Prominence Home Ceiling Fan is an excellent fit for your home without any doubt.

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