Prominence Home 80100-01 Ceiling Fan with Remote – Comfortable & Stylish

People have always been searching for some artistic and lucrative ceiling fans that solve their purpose of circulating air and complement the interior décor of their room. Finding one such option is quite challenging, but yes, they do exist. Here, we have found one such alternative, the Prominence Home 80100-01 Ceiling Fan. Prominence ceiling fans offer a range designed and crafted to enhance all kinds of décor. When we came across this Prominence Home 52″ Bolivar ceiling fan, we immediately bought it and made a trial by keeping a close eye on its conduct. For your ease, we have come up with our experience with this fan in this Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar Review. 

The Prominence Home Bolivar ceiling fan comes with a contemporary rustic chrome finish giving your ceiling a perfect look. This fan is apt for large areas, which can be halls or living rooms. As we switched on this fan, its integrated globe looking LED lights sparkled the room. The large blades spreading air circulation in the entire room with sufficient airflow is appreciable. Its 3-speed reversible quiet motor gives the pleasing warm and cold air without any noise reaching our ears. There are pull chains attached that make controlling operations simpler without demanding any effort. The contemporary ceiling fan’s robust and high speed accounted for the gentle breeze and airy room without any delay.

Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar Review 2023

1. Coverage Of Air Circulation

Prominence Home Fan 80100-01 is ideal for spaces of approx. 400sq. ft. It provides complete luxury encompassing the entire area without asking for any compromise. The 5-large blades distribute air evenly, covering overall dimensions of the room. In most fans, it is observed that air is restricted only to a particular area beneath the fan, but with this fan, air pervades to all corners of the room.

So, you can rest assured that the air will reach every person in the room with no fail. This could work out well for lobbies, halls, or any such large areas

2. Incandescent Lights

This Rustic Ceiling Fan with chrome finish lightened up the room as we switched on the lights. Two A15 bulbs with an E26 bulb base lighten up with a color temperature of 3000k, 80CRI, 800 lumens, and consumes 8.5watts. These powerful lights were sufficient enough to brighten up our room, giving a magnificent aura to it. Its dome-shaped globe finish in the center provides a decent look at the whole space where it is installed.

Ceiling fans with light give a spark to the room by their integrated and stylish looking fans. Prominence Home Ceiling Fan 80100-01 helps in providing that extra beauty. These lights also lessen the electricity bill as the energy consumption of these bulbs is very low. If you see the review of customers in Amazon on Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar ceiling fan, you can see that most of the positive ratings were given to its style. This shows that, it is not only stylish with lights but also energy efficient.

3. 3-Speed Quiet Motor

Controlling the fan’s speed and, at the same time, fan’s ability to sustain such various speed settings by producing no noise is something a bit difficult to find in fans. But, this contemporary ceiling fan is like a ray of sunshine for people facing these difficulties. This Prominence ceiling fan lets us control its speed and executes its operation at any speed setting very smoothly.

3-speed quiet motor gives a perfect airflow at low, medium, and high speeds, without missing a spot in the room. It has an optimal airflow at medium and low speeds that usually lacks in many fans. Overall, the problem of getting either a very low or very high airflow, in simple terms, insufficient airflow, can be overcome by this fan since it provides regulated speed.

4. Dual Mounting Options

This fan offers a dual mounting option with its standard 4″ downrod included and an angle mounting option. Installation of this farmhouse ceiling fan was more comfortable for us when installing it. Options which are provided by this fan enables anyone to fix it where they can get efficient airflow. Also, various necessary accessories needed for installing this fan are included in its package.

We could easily hang it with the downrod that comes included. After mounting the fan, we checked for its height that scaled to be 13.85″ from ceiling to base of light and 9.50″ from ceiling to bottom of blades. It can be easily installed by ourselves, but we would recommend you to get it installed by a professional to avoid any damages to any parts.

5. Dual Control Modes

Regulating air in the room became more convenient when we found out that this Prominence Home 52″ Ceiling Fan 80100-01 offers dual control mode for optimal airflow, entitling itself as the versatile fan. To explain clearly, this fan can be used all through the year as it can adapt its airflow to weather changes.

This fan’s two modes are downdraft and updraft that help control temperature by removing sticky, stagnant air and circulating fresh air in the room. These modes deliver both cool and warm air at demand. This dual air control mode becomes fruitful when space is occupied with several people and demands cool air circulation.

6. Motor Warranty

Along with all the features to make it more trustworthy, this Prominence Home 52 in. Bolivar ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty to satisfy you completely. With its goodwill and long term records in fans, this brand can ensure you of its services as and when required by you. So, it was entirely satisfactory as it came out to be as it was expected.

Any defect can be easily repaired, or the product’s replacement will be issued with the provided warranty. This says the guarantee on the product’s performance and manufacturer’s ready-to-solve issues behavior.



  • Manufacturer : Prominence Home
  • Model : 80100-01
  • Dimensions : 25.4 x 13 x 9.5 inches
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Item Weight : 19.01 pounds
  • Material : Steel
  • Warranty Description : Limited lifetime.


Can the Prominence Home 80100-01 fan and light each be wired to separate wall switches?

Yes, the Prominence Home 80100-01 fan and light each can be wired to a separate wall switch.

What size down-rod does this Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar ceiling fan come with?

This Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar ceiling fan comes with a 4″ long downrod.

Can this Prominence Home Bolivar ceiling fan be installed outside?

This Prominence Home 52 ceiling fan is not a fit model to be installed outdoors. It does not give efficient results for the outdoors. Also, it may not be that adaptable to the wet and damp climate outdoors.


Prominence Home 52 in Bolivar chrome ceiling fan is the product if you are looking out for large rooms. With all features and specifications, it overpowers most other standard ceiling fans. Being silent and reversible, it solves delivering a cool breeze for summers and warm air for chilly winters without any pain to the ears. Its dual mode motor helps to regulate the optimal airflow at all speeds. Its sleek design gives a new look to the room by demanding not much investment.

Overall, this product houses all the features we longed to have in a perfect fan for our large rooms. This quiet ceiling fan gives you satisfactory results without compromising on efficiency or power. Yes, we can say that we had quite a good level of satisfaction with this product. With all the specifications monitored in this Prominence Home 80100-01 Bolivar Review, we hope our experience and explanation help you figure out the best ceiling fan for your room.

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