Prominence Home 51587 Rawling Ceiling Fan – Enjoy it in both Winter and Summer seasons!

While most of the houses nowadays have an air conditioner or a cooler, they cannot replace ceiling fans’ demand, which has been our companions for decades. To fit in this contemporary world, fans have evolved for our greater good, adapting to various changes to meet customers’ needs and wants. One such model, which has been improvised to the technological advances, is the Prominence Home 51587 Rawling Ceiling Fan. This wood ceiling fan with light meets all our needs and makes our house look Aesthetic.

All these features attracted us to buy this ceiling fan and explore more about it in this Prominence Home 51587 Rawling review. This ceiling fan comes with reversible blades, which we can easily match with our home décor. It is a beautiful 30-inch fan that has built-in light as an additional feature. We also found the price to be quite reasonable as compared to its quality. The installation process is too rapid and easy. The bronze fan has three blades and a chain controller, which is again an additional inclusion. Design is also very unique and elevates the beauty of one’s home quite quickly.

Prominence Home 51587 Rawling Review, 2023 (Features)

1. Stylish and Reversible Blades

The design of the fan is very slick and unique. It is perfect as bedroom ceiling fan and even goes well in living rooms, dens, other cabinets as well. Stylish blades and a smooth finish makes your home look gorgeous and elegant.

Prominence Home Ceiling Fan 51587 has reversible blades. One side has the color, Chocolate Maple and the other has Rough Pine. You can change the blade according to your home décor or even contrast it. In both ways, the fan will add beauty to your very own house. So, if you are looking for something that will both be of your use and make your home perfect living space, this 30-inch ceiling fan will be favored.

2. Size and Indoor Use

Well, this is one of this 30′ ceiling fan’s unique features. The size of the fan, as stated earlier, is 30 inches only, making it easy to clean, easy to fit, and doesn’t even require much space. People who live in compact places are highly benefited from this bronze ceiling fan. This ceiling fan, as it is exclusive for indoors, satisfies its performance for rooms.

However, if you underestimate the performance of this 30-inch fan, you will be proven otherwise. Durability and speed are excellent and impressive when compared to other fans. The fan also has a light frosted integrated globe E26/B11 bulb included with a chain controller, making it more desirable and, at the same time, easy to use.

3. Power Consumption

This fan has a low power consumption, which makes it quite suitable for use. The factor of burning lower energy lessens the burden on the electricity bill, and also helps in saving a lot of energy. Its required voltage is 120 volts (AC) and wattage of 5 watts only, making this Prominence Home Rawling Bronze LED ceiling fan one of the lowest power consumption fans.

So, no more worrying about electricity consumption or burning the energy as this quiet ceiling fan helps in saving your electricity bill at the same time is eco friendly.

4. Motor and Noise Level

Prominence Home Rawling Ceiling Fan has a quiet reversible motor used for both summer and winter seasons. The motor produces an efficient, cool breeze in summer to help us relax. And in winter, the same motor can be used to deliver warm air to keep ourselves cozy.

Yet, it doesn’t make much noise with all these quality performances, allowing people to stay comfortably in the room. Most ceiling fans had a problem creating unnecessary noise, making it difficult for people to communicate efficiently or play a recorder. But, this 3 Blade ceiling fan can operate effectively without compromising its airflow with absolutely no noise. So if you want a fan that will make no noise but, at the same time, fulfill all your needs, then this is the one.

5. Lightweight and Powerful

Most people have a perception that small fans do not have enough capacity to blow air properly and match their expectations. But to prove all those assumptions wrong, this 30-inch ceiling fan is just perfect when it comes to quality performance. With dimensions, 17.1 x 9.4 x 9.4 inches and a weight of 12.23 pounds, makes this compact ceiling fan a lightweight one.

The fact that it is very lightweight makes the product easy to carry and install without taking other people’s help. Blades of the fan have the right edges and are powerful enough to blow air in all directions uniformly. So, even if you are sitting in a corner, away from the fan, don’t worry, because you’ll get enough air to get yourself relaxed and do your work.


Specifications of Prominence Home 51587 Ceiling Fan

  • Brand : Prominence Home
  • Model : 51587
  • Dimensions : 17.1 x 9.4 x 9.4 inches
  • Size : 30
  • Style : Country Rustic
  • Wattage : 5 watts
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Luminous Flux : 500 Lumen
  • Plug Profile : Semi Flush Mount
  • Controller Type : Pull Chain
  • Material : Glass, Metal, Wood Laminate
  • Warranty Description : Limited lifetime


How many lightbulbs does this Prominence Home 51587 fan take?

There are two light bulbs; for this Prominence Home 30 ceiling fan, each has a wattage of 5 watts with 2700k color temperature.

What length of the down rod does this Prominence Home Rawling 30 inch ceiling fan come with?

The length of the downrod is around 3-5 inches. However, you can attach an extra rod if you want to.

What is the actual total height of this Prominence Home 51587 bronze ceiling fan?

The total height of this Prominence Home 51587 fan is 13 inches.

Can this Prominence Home 51587 30″ Ceiling Fan be used with a longer down rod sold separately?

Yes, this Prominence Home 30″ Ceiling Fan can be used with a longer downrod, sold separately.

Is the Prominence Home 51587 fan more of a matte black (not the blades)?

Yes, although the color mentioned is bronze, it is quite similar to the matte black color.


The Prominence Rawling Home 30-inch bronze ceiling fan is quite efficient and attainable in its operation. As you can see in the above Prominence Home 51587 Rawling review above, the cons are less than the pros, and keeping in mind the fan’s cost is a steal deal. Apart from adding beauty to your house, it serves all your purposes as well. The built-in light with the chain controller is an extra feature that uplifts the standard of the fan. Also, the fact that this living room ceiling fan with light consumes less electricity is a boon to the whole product. So, if you need a fan with all features mentioned above, Prominence Home Fan 51587 should top your list.

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