Prominence Home 50345-01 52″ Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan – Perfect addition for porches and patios!

If you feel like cooling down space, but you cannot have an air conditioner because the space is open and does not have walls around it, then an outdoor ceiling fan is precisely what you need. If circulating air and creating a peaceful ambience on your gazebo or patio is your ultimate goal, then let us introduce you to the Prominence Home 50345 – 01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan. Prominence Auletta fan has a diameter of 52 inches, making it capable of cooling down a vast area. 

Prominence Home Auletta ceiling fan allegedly has a powerful motor, attached lights, pull chain control, reversible motor, triple mount system, massive airflow, and many more cool features to show off. That is mainly why we decided to test this Prominence Home 50345 outdoor ceiling fan, and we were eager to discover all the features it boasts. Design of this is also nothing short of awe-inspiring as it is styled after contemporary design. The first impression that we got while analyzing this for Prominence Home 50345-01 Ceiling Fan review was, that it could completely change our spacious outdoor look.

Prominence Home 50345-01 Ceiling Fan Review for 2023

1. Reversible Motor

Prominence Home Auletta outdoor ceiling fan has a magnificent AC motor, which is reversible. Having a reversible motor in your ceiling fan is a must if you want your outdoor space to become lively. It performs an excellent job at circulating cold air during summer times when this fan rotates in an anti-clockwise direction. Not only that, it balances off the dry and cold atmosphere in winter days by bringing light and warm air down to make you feel as if you are near the campfire, as it rotates in a clockwise direction.

Thus, this reversible motor is responsible for balancing your space’s temperature by reversing the direction of its operation.

2. Triple Mount System

When people want an outdoor ceiling fan, they also look for various options to customize it according to the ceiling types of their spaces. Prominence contemporary ceiling fan for outdoors comes with a triple mount system, allowing you to hang this ceiling fan on low ceilings, high ceilings, and sloped ceilings. The 4’ downrod is available in purchase for close mounting.

Many ceiling fans allow customers to customize mount systems, but they do not provide the accessories in the purchase, so you have to buy them additionally. But with the Prominence Home Auletta 52 inch ceiling fan, you would get all mounting attachments in prior purchase itself.

3. Quiet Operation

This patio ceiling fan performs a windy function without the roar of that wind execution. You read it right. Prominence 52″ ceiling fan circulates so much air that it can induce chills on your body and can still manage to be noiseless. Generally, most outdoor ceiling fans tend to be a bit noisy as the amount of airflow remains comparatively higher in the outdoor fans than that of indoor fans. Unlike these regular ceiling fans, the Prominence Home 50345 Auletta ceiling fan has potential to please you with its whisper-quiet smooth operation. 

Every fan can provide airflow but what makes them unique is their performance measure and satisfaction which the users get with. Hence, we can understand why this 4-blade quietest ceiling fan stood out among all other ceiling fans.

4. Pull Chain Control

This Prominence black outdoor ceiling fan with light has access to the pull chain control, making it easier for many of us to control the ceiling fan more conveniently. Many people face difficulty in managing a ceiling fan and its operations with a remote or wall switch. Keeping their struggle in mind, the Prominence has made this modern ceiling fan in a way that it suits everybody’s lifestyle.

It is effortless to understand and operate the functions of this LED ceiling fan with pull strings. You can control this ceiling fan’s speed and even adjust the brightness level of LED lights integrated with it. In case you are not comfortable with this chain pull system, you can consider purchasing an additional external remote control as the Prominence Home 52 ceiling fan boasts an equally effective operation with remote control.

5. Huge Airflow

For experiencing sufficient airflow in a space, it is to be noted that the ceiling fan should have the ability to move that much air. In this 4 blade ceiling fan, the air movement it does is more than enough to cool down your entire deck. For the lowest speed setting, its airflow is 2500 cfm, which is an excellent figure in circulating the air compared to other typical outdoor ceiling fans.

Likewise, its airflow increases even more in the medium and high-speed settings. The airflow for medium speed settings is 4058 cfm, and for high-speed settings, it is 5568 cfm. You would never feel the shortage of air no matter how big your veranda is.

6. Frosted Lights

Prominence Home 50345-01 52″ Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan has attached LED lights that not only illuminate your gorgeous area where you install it but also let you have control over their intensity. The LED light fixture has E26/A15 bulbs with it, which comes complementary along with main purchase.

These 2 incandescent bulbs have a luminous flux of 800 lumens, 94 lumens per watt, while the total wattage is 8.5. The light beam angle is 200%, which implies that its light fixtures would enlighten a vast space. These bulbs give out 2500k color temperature with 320-lumen brightness.

7. Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

It is not an easy task to find a proper ceiling fan for outdoors that guarantees that the fan would not be damaged in a covered space even if seasonal dampness lurks on it. It does not matter if the brand allures you with greed invoking promises of the fan not being damaged in damp weather. You should always make sure that your ceiling fan is damp rated.

But, this Prominence matte black ceiling fan with light comes with the certification that proves this fan to be ETL damp-rated. Therefore, you need not worry about hanging this beautiful patio or gazebo ceiling fan on your backyard deck or on any outdoor ceilings in addition to indoor spaces.

8. Room Size and Warranty

As this Prominence Home 52″ ceiling fan demands to be reasonably large enough to create air through a large space uniformly, we had to check while the air was spread uniformly or not. This 52-inch ceiling fan did not fail to generate air in our 270 square feet porch. So we can now confirm that this Prominence Auletta porch ceiling fan can move air proportionately in a large space of up to 18×18 square feet.

Since this Prominence Home 50345 is an outdoor ceiling fan that is capable of producing much air that suffices in a deck, it is needless to say that this ceiling fan can effortlessly make your space more relaxed, as a matter of fact. Also, this ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is entirely satisfactory.


Specifications of Prominence Home Ceiling Fan 50345-01

  • Manufacturer : Prominence Home
  • Model : 50345-01
  • Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 15.39 inches
  • Type of Bulb : Incandescent
  • Color/Finish : Matte Black
  • Wattage : 10 watts
  • Material : Steel
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount
  • Luminous Flux : 320 Lumen
  • Controller Type : Pull Chain
  • Warranty Description : Warranty Description


How is the airflow of this Prominence Home 52-inch ceiling fan?

The airflow for the lowest speed of this Prominence Home 52 in ceiling fan is 2500 cfm, the medium speed is 4058 cfm, and the highest speed is 5568 cfm.

What material are the Prominence Home 50345-01 fan blades made of?

The 4 blades of the Prominence Home 50345-01 ceiling fan are made of steel.

Can an extension pole be added to make this Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan lower?

Yes, you can attach a downrod or extension pole to make this Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta ceiling fan lower.


Finally, we would conclude this Prominence Home 50345-01 Ceiling Fan review that we found this one to be the best outdoor ceiling fan for spaces like porch or gazebo. It can make your space airy and relaxed, and even warm when you need it. So, this 52-inch ceiling is going to be one of your best money worthy purchases to date. It has a quiet reversible motor, attached incandescent and dimmable frosted LED lights, and a convenient pull chain control; what more do you need?! The airflow efficiency of the Prominence 50345 is 68 cubic feet per minute per watt.

Obviously, this fan is impeccable and a different one from the other regular fans. We were satisfied after testing out this ceiling fan. And now we can finally give the final verdict, which is indeed, we favor this Prominence Home 52″ ceiling fan to recommend you all.

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