Prominence Home 51584 Alvina Ceiling Fan – Gives a Perfect Farmhouse Look for Your Space

A ceiling fan does always demand a great deal of importance in case of any of your rooms. It is responsible for changing your room to an aesthetically pleasant space and keeping yourself comfortable irrespective of the changes in the atmosphere of winter or summer times. If you are looking for a ceiling fan eligible for a bedroom or drawing room by all means, then this Prominence Home 51584 Alvina Farmhouse 44 inch Ceiling fan needs a special mention as it can be the right choice for these spaces. Keep going through the Prominence Home 44 Ceiling Fan Review to know more about this compact Ceiling Fan for the home.

Investing in a ceiling fan can be regarded as one of the most crucial investments of life, so you need to be very careful while choosing one. So we set out on taking our readers through the journey of our own experience of the Prominence Home ceiling fan. Its rustic look and impressive performance is a wild combination of giving comfort to you. This 44-inch ceiling fan has a reversible motor and delivers sufficient airflow to keep your space extra cool during hot and humid days.

Prominence Home 44 Ceiling Fan Review (2023)

1. Contemporary design

You need to tick all boxes right now if you are planning on achieving a modern and classy look for your room, or say, you want your ceiling fan to match the aesthetics of a rustic farmhouse look. Prominence 44-inch ceiling fan has a classic bronze and wood design, which never gets old over time.

Also, this ceiling fan’s contemporary and modern outlook would not ever over-do the make-over of room if you have a house themed traditionally. Wanting a fan that satisfies your space’s aesthetic look in addition to its performance can be a dream come true with the Prominence Home Alvina Ceiling Fan.

2. Double-sided blades

Prominence Home 51584 ceiling fan with light, has an exigent appeal, with its blades as it suits your need if you want to add a little bit of extra beauty to your bedroom, drawing room, or kitchen. You are given two equally pleasant sided-blades from which you can choose, keeping in mind your space’s present decor.

One of these two sides has a light coloured rough pine wood effect, and the opposite side has a comparatively darker chocolate maple tone. Both of these blade sides are equally capable of bringing out the beauty of your space in different ways. Thus, you can easily choose the side of the blade you want without worrying about its impact on performance.

3. Motor

Boasting a very powerful reversible AC motor, this fan is renowned for being a quiet ceiling fan. There are certain perks of having a reversible motor in your ceiling fan. Let us talk about the role this reversible motor in this Best Indoor ceiling fan plays in keeping your room temperature suitable all the time. This motor lets this ceiling fan rotate in an anti-clockwise direction to provide you with cool air to keep your room temperature down in summer.

When this motor is reversed, this Prominence Home bedroom ceiling fan works in the opposite direction, which means it rotates in a clockwise direction in an updraft mode to pull up the air upwards to create a warm void in the room. This way, the Prominence Alvina ceiling fan’s powerful motor works in both Summer and Winter to keep you at ease. Also, this motor will perform ultra silently in all its 3-speed settings.

4. Mounting system

Prominence 51584 ceiling fan is specifically designed to suit your bedrooms in a way that it does not hang from the ceiling and cause inconvenience. This indoor ceiling fan comes with a flush mount system, which means this ceiling fan would be tightly hugging the ceiling of your space and cause no wobble as well.

If you have a room with a low ceiling, then the Prominence Home 44 inch ceiling fan is a perfect choice for you to go with. This low profile ceiling fan is produced in such a way that you can hang it anywhere in your house regardless of whether the space height is low or not.

5. Powerful LED

This ceiling fan with light is not only a good choice if you are looking towards cooling your space, but also it is beneficial because it has an integrated LED fixture within it. This LED light has a white color globe enclosure that is frosted, so it does polish out your bulb’s intense brightness and gives off a warm and comfortable ambiance in your space.

The LED bulb fixture has a base of E26, and the bulb is A15. It has a luminous flux of 500 lumens. Also, the LED bulb in this wood ceiling fan has a color temperature of 2700 kelvin.

6. Scope of airflow

Prominence Home 44 Inch Alvina ceiling fan is designed for indoor use. The desired and best results can be achieved when the fan is installed in a room with a width and length of around 10 ft. The airflow can be easily directed to every nook and corner of the room where the fan is installed and makes the people in the room remain relaxed.

This fan has 5 blades at a diameter of 44-inch which makes this modern ceiling fan a perfect fit for all compact and small-sized bedrooms. We would highly recommend you hang this Prominence 51584 ceiling fan in small spaces. Its lowest speed setting gives 1722 cubic feet per minute, which is a tremendous amount of airflow at the lowest speed. The amount of air this contemporary ceiling fan moves per watt is 53 cubic feet per minute.

7. Lifetime guarantee

The primary necessity in products, especially electronic devices, is the guarantee with which the product comes with. When you invest your money on any electronic product for your home, which is meant to serve you for a long time, you must take your time to ensure that your investment would be backed up by long term protection and any mechanical fault arises.

As the Prominence brand is well known for its trustworthiness, it assures you of a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your peaceful state of mind regarding your purchase. The construction of the Prominence Home Alvina fan is robust and reliable, so when you buy this ceiling fan, it is sure to give you the vibes of longing last.

8. Pull chain control

It is always great to have a ceiling fan that lets you cherish the old flavor of the same while at the same time showing off its modern features. This bedroom ceiling fan comes with a convenient pull chain control.

Having a pull chain on your ceiling fan can be regarded as a blessing as you are spared from the high cost of maintaining a remote control one. Pull chains are easy to repair and replace if they get damaged. Plus, you do not even have to reach out for remotes or wall switches every time you feel the need to alter the speed settings or turn it on or off.

9. Dry rated

Before purchasing a ceiling fan for your space, always make sure to check whether it is wet rated or not. Hanging a wet rated ceiling fan on indoor walls may seem to be a waste of that advantage. Again, hanging a dry rated ceiling fan from your outdoor porch ceiling does not seem to be a great idea.

So, the Prominence Home Winter ceiling fan is specially produced to suit your indoor rooms. It is EDL dry rated, so it can bring you relief on the hottest summer days as it can withstand extreme dryness without damaging its body.


Prominence Home 51584 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Prominence Home
  • Model: 51584
  • Dimensions : 21.7 x 11.8 x 8.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.77 pounds
  • Size: 44
  • Finish: Painted
  • Wattage: 6 watts
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Luminous Flux: 500 Lumen
  • Warranty Description: Limited lifetime.


Is this Prominence Home Alvina 51584 Ceiling Fan energy star rated?

No, this Prominence Home Alvina 51584 ceiling fan is not energy star rated.

Can’t I install this Prominence 51584 ceiling fan product on 220v?

Unfortunately, no. This Prominence 51584 ceiling fan is only compatible with 120V.

Does this Prominence Home fan come with the maple blades?

Yes. One side of the blades is of chocolate maple color, and the other side is of rough pine color.


While executing the Prominence Home 51584 Alvina ceiling fan, we were amazed by all its purposes. With its powerful dual performance, airflow efficiency, light bulb’s intensity, and energy efficiency when taken into consideration, this ceiling fan literally will give an awestruck experience for anyone. To Conclude the Prominence Home 44 Ceiling Fan Review, works quietly, with wobble free nature, circulates air to the whole room without missing a spot. As it comes with dry rated certification, and on top of these, this fan hugs the ceiling with enough space to walk freely beneath it.

With all these features, Prominence Home 51584 is an affordable fan for every individual or household type. In our final opinion, this ceiling fan has all the qualities you are looking for in your little paradise. Prominence Home 44-inch will be one of your best buys that you won’t regret.

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