Hunter 59243 Dempsey 44″ Low Profile Ceiling Fan Black Oak – Gives an Elegant Touch to Your Roof

Where contemporary homes are all modular, anyone would approach classy appliances for their interior. Lights and ceiling fans, being the primary commodities, must certainly satisfy and create a pleasant ambiance at home. We were attracted to the Hunter as it indulges in accommodating your home with a Modern Ceiling Fan along with LED light bulbs as its remarkable feature. We all have gone through unbearable noise produced by the fan during its operation, disturbing our peaceful slumber and making it difficult to carry out an effective conversation. In search of a solution, we came across the Hunter Fan 59243 Dempsey with a whisper wind motor that runs quietly. The Brand specializes in its innovative designs and technological advances, and one such by-product is the Dempsey 59243 model fan, which is viable for indoor spaces. The Dempsey 59243 model fan with its reversible speed, remote control, dimming, and bright LED lights, and everlasting durability grabs everyone’s attention.

The Hunter Fan 59243 Dempsey Low Profile which we got delivered came in a package consisting of a light kit, remote and other tools to help install the fan properly. This modern ceiling Fan is promoted ultimately for its various purposes and user-friendly approach. The dual approach of powerful airflow and bright LED light attracts vibrant customers. Its matte finish appearance and skillful performance outperform any other standard ceiling fan. Low profile ceiling homes that endure the pain of bending while walking under a fan can make the most out of Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Light.

Hunter Fan 59243 Dempsey Review 2023

1. Modern Look Ceiling Fan

The ‘brushed nickel finish’ Dempsey ceiling fan flawlessly fits like a glove to any home’s interior. Its soft-matte finish look and high complex edge angles through the structure is quite attractive and keeps room with positive energy. The color is impartial so that it doesn’t affect your room’s interior.

It has 4-sharp blades featuring a 13-degree pitch to make sure resistless movement and high-speed performance. The white light glass spreads a peaceful ambiance with its dark wooden fan blades. Moreover, it aptly suits a low profile ceiling living room where the ceiling is less than 9 inches in height. The Dempsey fan is 44 inch and weighs 1 pound that produces airflow with a capacity of 2591 CFM delivering ultra-powerful airflow. It is even ideal for a bedroom, kitchen, and lounge.

2. WhisperWind Motor

Anyone would doubt a whisper wind motor feature because any fan would create noise due to the friction that happens. But, this Hunter Dempsey 44″ ceiling fan with light sounds very low, almost like a whisper. It is designed with a whisper wind motor to overcome the clunky old ceiling clattering fans without sacrificing its efficient performance. This modern ceiling fan gives an ultra-powerful airflow.

It is wobble-free and frictionless as it was designed to refrain from making any noise. While we were operating it, we hardly noticed that the fan is on as there is no noise but the efficient breeze it gave us is more than we could ask for. It delivers optimal airflow and keeps the room cool always. Its noise-free feature satisfies our expectations of the best, so good peaceful sleep is assured. People can get benefited by placing this modern fan at their office places without worrying about getting uncomfortable during their business hours.

3. Multi-Speed Reversible Fan Motor

The ultra-powerful airflow of this Compact ceiling fan will keep the room cool quickly. In Winter Seasons The Hunter Fan 59243 is designed keeping in mind the efficient performance it has to deliver to satisfy the users in any weather condition; featuring a multi-speed reversible fan motor.

The Hunter 44 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light keeps you warm by its reversible ability which produces warm air and helps you enjoy the winter. Just remove the glass and press reverse switch to the opposite direction to change the direction flow or through the remote. This 44-inch ceiling fan’s reversible motor allows changing the draft modes- updraft in winter and downdraft in summer. So, there is no sweat in summer and no blankets needed in winter. It has three-speed settings controlled by a remote system.

4. Universal Handheld Remote Control

Here comes the best part of the Hunter Ceiling Fan. People who are idle to go and switch ON the fan or light, remote befriends you. The hand-held remote is working through the receiver and can be placed in the wall so that we can get it easily without searching every time. The remote controls come with an ON/ OFF button, fan’s three-speed as well as to make light dim/ bright.

You can easily control this modern ceiling fan and light without getting up from the sofa or bed. We believe that proper installation and clarity over operating would avoid these problems. Even if there persists such issues, customer service is always there who are more than ready to help.

5. LED Light Kit

Its LED light kit has 120 volts powered LED bulbs connecting to the socket. The white light with glass closed over the Hunter Dempsey 44″‘ ceiling fan light leaves the entire room space with an elegant look and good ambiance. Of course, it is a two-in-one benefit. The light effects can be turned on according to our need. It can be switched on/off and can be dimmed or brightened by remote control.

The Safe-Exit program gives you a 30-sec light after turning lights-off, Isn’t it cool? You can adjust its brightness according to your need, making sure the light won’t disturb you. A high-efficient LED bulbs are notable for their durability.

6. Low Profile Interior Designed Homes

It is specially designed for low profile ceiling houses where the ordinary buzzing fans with awful downrods affect the home decor. A low ceiling with less than 9-feet would be perfectly suitable with the Hunter 59243 Dempsey 44″ Fan. A small room is ideal for Dempsey as its small rods could make airflow efficiently and spread light throughout the compact-sized room.

Though the Hunter Ceiling fan is light and small, its performance is relatively high with its unique features. It is primarily designed for indoor spaces with a compact area and low ceilings to make families enjoy a better home experience.

7. Long-Lasting

Witha year-long experience in the manufacturing of fans makes us have complete trust over the product and its highly efficient performance. With the user’s honest Hunter Fan 59243 Dempsey Review and performing quality, we can believe its durability. The Hunter ceiling fan comes with a lifetime warranty, you can reach them anytime for technical support. This Hunter Dempsey fan is perfect for low ceiling homes at its affordable price.


Hunter Dempsey 44 Ceiling Fan With Light Specs

  • Brand: Hunter
  • Model: 59243
  • Dimensions : 44 x 44 x 11 inches
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 battery required
  • Air Flow Capacity: 2591 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium
  • Size : 44″
  • Wattage: 60.5 watts
  • Luminous Flux: 800 Lumen
  • Warranty Description: Lifetime


What is the exact height of the Hunter Fan 59243 from the ceiling to the bottom of the light?

The Hunter Black Ceiling Fan 59243 measures 12.5′ from the ceiling to the bottom of the light. At lowest point of the fan blade measures 8.5′.

How bright is this Hunter 59243 Ceiling Fan?

The 120v high-efficient LED bulbs produce luminous flex of 800 lumens that fills any compact room wholly and brightly.

Is Hunter 59243 Dempsey fan brushed nickel or brass antique?

This Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan With Light is made of the brushed metallic nickel finish.

How wide are the Hunter 44′ ceiling fan blades?

The dimension is 44 x 44 x 11 inches, Although the manufacturer did not provide the blades’ exact measurement, according to us the blades may not exceed 6′ width.

How far does this Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan with the light extend from the ceiling?

The Hunter Fan Model 59243 with light extends 11 inches from the ceiling.


This is all about Hunter Fan 59243 Dempsey Review, hope you find it helpful. This fan is completely justifiable for its unique features at an affordable price. The Hunter Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan is elegant in looks and matches your modern interior. From our testing, we would say it is worth purchasing for its dual benefits -powerful air-flowing fan and high efficient light. The hunter fan assists you with its adaptability and user-friendly applications like remote control and reversible motor. You don’t need to suffer anymore with your buzzing fan remaining sleepless. We are delighted with its quality performance.

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