Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan 59242 52″ Low-Profile – Fits your modern home flawlessly!

In recent days, ceiling fans don’t just perform one function but are multipurpose. One of such ceiling fans we are going to look into is the Hunter Dempsey 52 inches Ceiling Fan with LED light and can be controlled with a remote. For the sake of testing and knowing its performance and abilities, we’ve recently bought the fan. It can be a perfect appliance for your house because of its powerful cooling effect, artistic appearance, and reducing energy cost. It is a contemporary fan, as it comes in the fresh white color. The Hunter low profile ceiling fan with light will match flawlessly with your home’s modern style. Read this complete Hunter Dempsey 52 inch Ceiling Fan review to know our real-time experience.

Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan comes with a fully dimmable light, LED highly effective bulbs. This ceiling fan has blades of 52 inches which help keep larger rooms cool. As we’ve seen, it looks great in large living areas, large bedrooms, dining rooms, and also studios. It gives added advantages without giving the room a cluttered look. Innovation in the ceiling fan has given those old fans a new classy look and makes a room feel remarkable. Truth to be told we were beyond satisfied after trying this fan and unhesitantly we recommend you the Hunter low profile ceiling fan 52 inch for your homes.

Hunter Dempsey 52 inch Ceiling Fan Review 2023

1. Design and Airflow

Hunter Dempsey 52 low profile ceiling fan is structured in a contemporary style, and its new white body boasts out an attractive look. It contains 4 blades. Size of the blade is 52 inches contributing for the increased delivery of the airflow to every nook and corner of the room. Minimum height of the ceiling should be 8 feet for this fan. The Dempsey fan comes with LED lights which are cased in white glass. Its LED light kit is energy efficient and has a dimmer function to it, these bulbs in the ceiling fan have a longer lifespan. It has a voltage of 120V, a wattage of 66.2W, and the bulb’s luminous flux is 800 lumens.

This remote controlled ceiling fan has a good airflow of 2854 cubic feet per minute which is excellent for cooling larger rooms. It also has an attribute which is the 13-degree blade pitch that ensures the perfect and top performance of airflow in the room. Another aspect of the fan is its reversible motor, wherein the fan rotates in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction, respectively. For summers, cool air is produced, and for winters warm air is delivered.

2. Remote Control

This modern ceiling fan with light comes with a remote control device for easy operation of the fan. This remote helps in regulating the speed and light functions of your fan. Its remote control is effortless to pair with the fan with simple steps. At the back end of the remote device, open the socket up by removing its screw to the transmitter assembly and then install the battery into it. Remote will automatically get paired to the ceiling fan.

There are fan speed buttons on this device which are denoted as 1, 2, 3, and a light symbol button to switch on/off the light. The Hunter 52 inch ceiling fan with remote has a reversing function switch attached to the fan which moves in two directions which are called updraft and downdraft to change its pathway of the airflow. As stated earlier, the Updraft direction (clockwise rotation) generates an indirect flow; it is practically used during the winter season to move warm air downwards. The second direction is known as the downdraft (anticlockwise), which generates a direct flow, this function is used during the summer season when you need maximum cool air to flow inside a room.

3. Multi-Speed Reversible Motor

The in-built Multi-speed reversible motor which changes the airflow as required is the key feature of the Hunter Dempsey 52′ Low Profile. It provides powerful airflow with quiet performance. It manages to give the two directions of airflow; downdraft during summers and updraft during winter seasons with no issues. This motor helps in cost-cutting of energy supply. This fan is well suited for areas/rooms where the fan is needed to be running for most of the day.

This fan can change its airflow with the help of the 3 different speed options, irrespective of the room, whether small, medium, or large. Dempsey indoor ceiling fan has a Whisperwind motor that provides a whisper-quiet performance so you will get your desired airflow in the room without any noise. This bedroom ceiling fan’s blades give a proportionate airflow movement. It’s always recommended to purchase a ceiling fan which helps in saving energy during different seasons in a year. And, thus, this is the ideal fan for using throughout the year without worrying about energy consumption.

4. Warranty

Hunter ceiling fan with remote comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. To obtain its warranty service, the purchaser must show a sales receipt as proof. If the motor fails during operation because of a defect in the making, the Hunter will provide you with a replacement of the fan without any charge. Suppose any part of the Hunter ceiling fan detects faults within one year from its date of purchase because of defects in the material. In that case, the manufacturer will deliver a replacement part without any charge.

LED light kit (except the glass units) which is provided with the ceiling fan has a three-year limited warranty from its date of buying. Also, the fan’s warranty does not give a guarantee for light bulbs, remote control battery, or damage due to any inappropriate installation, misuse, abuse, not installed according to the given instructions, incorrect repair, and maintenance, etc. These aspects regarding the warranty service can differ from place to place. The Hunter provides all these essential factors related to the warranty service in the user manual.

5. Room Size

Hunter 59242 Dempsey low profile fresh white ceiling fan with light & remote, 52″ boasts a contemporary look adding that extra spark to the room. This metal ceiling fan that comes in an elegant white color body gives a distinctive and soothing look for any room. It looks fantastic in any medium/large room. One of its principal aspects is to increase the airflow, but it also removes surrounding heat. Since this fan acts as a suitable light fixture too and saves in attaching a new separate light fixture, if the room has open windows, then this fan surely will provide you with fresh airflow which is a few more degrees cooler.

The Hunter 52 ceiling fan is best used indoors. It is exceptionally constructed for low profile houses, which fit’s to the ceiling, makes it an ideal product for rooms with low ceilings which are lower than 9 feet.



  • Manufacturer : Hunter Fan
  • Model : 59242
  • Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 12.27 inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 2854 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Size : 52″
  • Special Features : Remote Control
  • Plug Profile : Flush Mount
  • Warranty Description : Lifetime
  • Material : Metal


Does this Hunter 59242 Dempsey 52″ ceiling fan have a replaceable light bulb?

Yes, the Hunter 59242 Dempsey 52″ ceiling fan comes with 2 replaceable LED light bulbs.

Can a downrod be used with Hunter 59242 ceiling fan?

No, the Hunter 59242 is a low profile ceiling fan. There is no way to add a downrod to it.

What is the height of this Hunter Dempsey Low profile ceiling fan once installed?

Height of the Hunter Dempsey Low Profile Ceiling fan is about 13 to 14 inches once installed.

Can the light on the Hunter 59242 fan work like a typical wall switch light?

Yes. You can attach the wire of the house to the ceiling fan and detach the fan from its remote control.

Is the Hunter ceiling fan 59242 quite?

Yes, the Hunter ceiling fan 59242 is very quiet during its function. It has a unique whisper wind motor which gives a subtle performance.

Wrapping it up

Hunter Dempsey 52″ Ceiling fan is a classic fan, as it gave a gorgeous look to our home’s space. Highly efficient LED bulbs and whisper wind motor are the eye-catching features for us as they helped us have an excellent performance of low profile Hunter ceiling fan and also helped us in saving energy cost. This 52-inch blade ceiling fan is well suited for large rooms. Hunter also provides a limited lifetime warranty of the product. A word of advice, before purchasing a ceiling fan for your space make sure you do well-versed research on that product you will be buying and also don’t blindly believe all the claims manufacturers make. Hope this Hunter Dempsey 52 inch Ceiling Fan review helped you in taking the right decision. This Hunter Dempsey fan is now for sale on Amazon and its price is under $200.

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