Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan 44 inch 59246 : Modern Dempsey Ceiling Fan with Classic Look!


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Ease of installation
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Hunter 59246 Indoor Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter 44-inch ceiling fan is designed in a fresh, beautiful white color that can easily fit flawlessly with your modern interior home décor. It is also available in many different finishes and colors. These clean and beautiful finishing choices work mutually with elevated contrast of positions within the whole design to give out a view that will make space look inspired and current. You can have total control with completely-dimmed LED bulbs, whereas low-profile housing and blade span with dimensions of 44-inch is perfect for low ceiling or small rooms. Want to know more about this budget-friendly Ceiling Fan, then you must go through this Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan review.

Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan Review for 2020

Hunter 44 inch ceiling fan with light is a 4-blade fan that is designed for indoor purposes. Particularly if you are searching for Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan for rooms that are having low ceilings, this is a perfect option. This Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light has an included lighting kit that is present inside a created white glass bowl. It also included a universal handheld remote control in operating both light and fan.

Hunter 44 Inch Ceiling Fan Featurs

 Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Control’s exclusive WhisperWind motor abolishes unwanted humming and buzzing sound; as a result, it maintains quiet indoors. The motor integrated into this ceiling fan is reversible so that it can change updraft modes in winters to downdraft mode in summer just with the click of a button. This directional feature is very handy in regions that have intense seasonal changes throughout the year.

 hunter ceiling fan light kit is included with a universal handy remote control that can be used for operating both lighting kit and fan. It is effortless and simple to use this remote with which you can even control 3-speeds of fan. It is considered the best hunter ceiling fan remote because a common man can also operate this remote control from any place in the room conveniently and easily without any confusion.

 This Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan has an elegant and clean finishing with different angles to give an inspiring view to surroundings. It also has LED fully dimmable lights; therefore, provide you with full lighting control according to your needs. This Best Low Profile ceiling fan is designed optimally for maximum airflow, thus delivering an average airflow of 2997 CFM. Hunter ceiling fans are available and designed in a wide variety of designs and patterns to match with your interior décor and keep a similar appearance in all spaces of a living room.

It is designed especially for low-profile fits to ceiling, making it perfect usage in rooms with below 9-inch low ceiling. It has a 13-degree optimized blade to make sure peak performance and excellent airflow. This Remote ceiling fan is designed to use only indoors, and you have three choices for positioning mounting systems that are low, standard, or angled mounting. Hunter ceiling fans can be placed in a bedroom, family room, living room, and other indoor areas.

Hunter 59246 Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light Specs

Specification Name Value
Hunter Dempsey
Product name
Ceiling fan
Item weight
21 pounds
Product dimensions
44*44*11.2 inches
44 inches
Power source
indoor only
Bulb’s type
59.6 watts
120 volts
Special characteristics
Variable speed
Included accessories
4 blades, 1 handheld remote, 1 ceiling fan, 1 Integrated LED light kit
Assembled diameter
44 inches
Batteries included





How to program remote for Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan?

Change the frequency of your remote to your desired frequency to program it for Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan.

How to balance a Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan?

 To balance a Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan, tighten screws on the mounting bracket, outlet box and down rod. Also make sure all blades have the same distance from the ceiling.

How to install Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan?

Follow the steps below to install a Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan-

  1. Start by Installing the ceiling plate and hang the fan after assembling.
  2. Make all wire connections carefully to avoid any electrical mishaps.
  3. Install the Canopy and the fan blades into it.
  4. Install the switch housing
How many light bulbs does this Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan take?

2 light bulbs come with Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan.

How do you remove light cover for Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan?

Light fixtures cannot be detached for a Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan.

Bottom Line

If you wish to have cool air without noise, then a Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan is the best choice. This Hunter 44 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light has a WhisperWind motor, which can produce ultra-powerful air very quietly. WhisperWind reversible motor helps alter fan’s direction depending on season. Hunter ceiling fans are perfect for low ceiling rooms. With remote control, you can even handle completely dimmable LED lights which are placed inside a crated white glass bowl. Overall its design is fantastic and perfect for smaller places. Hope you find this Hunter Dempsey 44 inch Ceiling Fan review helpful to get better understanding of its performance and all.

Hunter Dempsey 44 inch ceiling fan comes with a WhisperWind powerful motor. As it comes with a dimmable LED lights and handheld remote control, you can easily operate it from anywhere. This Reversible motor to alter directions of a fan which is ideal for low ceilings. One of most powerful yet quiet ceiling fans available in budget. Its brass finishing- accompanies interior décor available in different designs and patterns.

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