Hunter Crestfield LED Ceiling Fan 42 inch – Gives the Vintage Look to your Interior!

If you have a house with a low ceiling, and finding a ceiling fan which would suit the built-up of your house may be quite tricky. You might have spent days after days looking for the perfect fan which would not hang low from the ceiling. We knew this might be our turn to interfere in making this task easier for you, and we found you a solution which is the Hunter Crestfield 42 inch LED low profile ceiling fan. The moment the fan got delivered, we were eager to know its performance level in terms of airflow and other functionalities. Hence we decided to test it to provide the genuine Hunter Crestfield 42 inch Ceiling Fan review.

Hunter Crestfield Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan has a diameter of 42 inches and has integrated LED lights with glass covers. This ceiling fan for low profile is a compact, yet stylish looking fan which has the potential of illuminating your room. At the same time, it endeavours to give you a relaxing and peaceful environment. Hunter Crestfield 42-inch ceiling fan has attached dangling LED lights with glass covers, and the lights are dimmable. It is reversible and comes with a pull-chain control.

Hunter Crestfield 42 inch Ceiling Fan Review for 2023

1. Airflow and Energy Consumption

The Crestfield Hunter LED ceiling fan has an airflow of 2645 cfm. The higher the cfm, the more air that fan is capable of moving. The airflow of this Hunter crestfield 42 in. indoor ceiling fan with light is notable as it reaches every corner of the room it is installed. For this kid room ceiling fan, the average energy cost for a year is around 10$, for average usage of 6.5 hours a day. It is incredibly low compared to some other standard ceiling fans.

The ceiling fan moves air uniformly throughout a standard-sized bedroom, dining room or living room. Also, the Hunter Crestfield LED ceiling fan has 5 blades, which works as an enhancer in the airflow and cooperates in evenly spreading the air so that your room remains cool throughout the day. The airflow efficiency is 73 cubic feet per minute for 1 watt, while the fan consumes 120 volts with 36 wattage, making it an affordable and efficient standard ceiling fan for your room.

2. LED Lights

As mentioned earlier, the Hunter Crestfield fan 42 inch comes along with attached LED bulbs. The bulbs hang from the middle of the ceiling fan itself, and they remain covered by glass covers. Before delving deep into the feature, we must know that the fan looks very elegant with these bulbs, attracting anyone with the dangling looks.

The bulbs have a luminous flux of 600 lumens, and the power is of 7 watts. The bulbs have a temperature of 3000 k which is pretty bright to light up your whole room and also comfortable to the eyes. You can adjust the brightness of these bulbs as they can be dimmed as per our mood.

3. Pull Chain Control

The fans with pull chain control give us a vintage feel, and this reversible ceiling fan provides its customer to get the vintage feel. Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light comes with a pull chain control, unlike many other standard ceiling fans where remote is used to control them.

If you are worried that this pull chain control system may not be as convenient as the remote, then be assured as the pull chain control works smoothly. You can pull the chains to change the speed of your Hunter Crestfield ceiling fan and also, to turn on or off the lights. There are two separate chains to control the speed of the fan and the lights.

4. Speed Settings

The Hunter Noble Bronze Ceiling Fan has 3-speed settings. The highest speed amazes anyone as it delivers a higher airflow giving chilly air that can even give goosebumps. It is highly recommended to use this highest degree of speed unless it is summer. The other two speed settings are more than enough to produce sufficient airflow for a moderate temperature.

This fan is eligible for small to medium-sized rooms, so it is aptly suitable for such spaces in delivering efficient airflow. This ceiling fan for low ceilings can serve perfectly for spaces of up to 250 square feet. The blades of this fan provide a 13 degree blade pitch for the optimal airflow.

5. Low Ceiling

If you ask why exactly you should buy the Hunter 42 inch ceiling fan for your rooms, then the answer would be its suitability for low profile ceilings. As discussed above, if you have low ceilings in your rooms, say about 9 feet, then should you go for those fans which have downrods? Definitely, not anymore.

Now, you are free from putting extra effort into installing the downrods. As you can now opt for a surface mounted ceiling fan like the Hunter Ceiling Fan, which takes about 15 inches from the ceiling surface to be hung. So needless to say that this Hunter Crestfield LED ceiling fan is space-efficient and does not hang low from the ceiling.

6. Whisper Quiet and Wobble-free

Since the good old days, every standard fan delivers airflow with a whirring sound which is unbearable after a certain period. Although many fans specify themselves to be noise-free, most of them are just confined to just advertisements and not in reality. But this fan has proven to be noise-free during its operation. Also, the fan does wobble, unlike most typical fans.

The Hunter Crestfield Low Profile Ceiling Fan does not only deliver a generous amount of airflow but also makes sure to not cause the slightest trouble to the ears of its users. It is well renowned for its whisper-quiet performance. Even when at its highest speed it delivers incredible airflow without a whirring sound or wobbling, unlike most of the other regular ceiling fans.

7. Reversible

This 5 blades Hunter Ceiling Fan is also renowned for its reversible feature. What does it mean if it is reversible? Well, it simply means you can use the fan to cool down your rooms in the summer days and also, you can use the fan to bring the cozy warmth in your room in the cold winter days.

The blades are reversible, enabling us to change their direction as they can be set to the downdraft mode in summer and the fan would rotate anticlockwise. And again, an updraft mode in winter so the fan rotates in a clockwise direction. This way, the fan can prove to be versatile in nature in satisfying the needs of the users all around the year.

8. Great Design and Warranty

Last but not least, the fan’s popularity is also influenced by its design. People usually give preference for fans which add beauty to their interiors. Its beautiful yet simple elegant look matches perfectly for the ambience of any room’s interior. The blades have different colours on two sides to indicate the downdraft and updraft settings of the blades. These blades and the fan’ body not only give grandeur look but also they come in a compact body easy to fit at any place.

Unlike many other standard fans the Hunter Crestfield 42’ ceiling fan gives its customers of 1-year limited warranty ensuring them that there is compromising in terms of the quality performance.


Specifications of Hunter Crestfield Ceiling Fan

  • Manufacturer : Hunter
  • Model : 52153
  • Dimensions : 42 x 42 x 15.08 inches
  • Shape : Circular
  • Size : 42″
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Material : Metal
  • Cutting Diameter : 42 inches
  • Controller Type : Pull Chain
  • Warranty : 1 year limited warranty
  • Plug Profile : Flush Mount


What colour are the blades of this Hunter 42 ceiling fan?

The blades are of metallic black and grey colour for the noble bronze Hunter 42 ceiling fan.

Are the glass shades open at the bottom for this 52153 Hunter flush mount ceiling fan with light?

Yes. The glass shades are open at the bottom, which gives you a brighter atmosphere in the room due to LED lights

What is the overall height of the Hunter 52153 42 inch ceiling fan?

The overall height of the Hunter 52153 42 inch ceiling fan is approximately 15 inch.

Is this Hunter Crestfield Ceiling Fan a flush mount fan?

Yes, the Hunter Crestfield Ceiling Fan is a flush mount, and surface mount fan.

Does Hunter 52153 Crestfield Ceiling Fan have a downrod attachment option?

No. The Hunter 52153 Crestfield Ceiling Fan does not have a downrod attachment. It is a surface mount ceiling fan.


In order to find a suitable ceiling fan for low ceiling rooms, we turned to the Hunter Crestfield 52153 low profile LED ceiling fan. The ceiling fan draws power from its AC motor and performs a whisper-quiet operation. It does not have downrods which makes the Hunter Crestfield fan 42″ an extremely compact looking and surface hugging ceiling fan. It is wobble-free, and the reversible fan blades do a good job in moving air in both summer and winter. The LED bulbs are of 7-watt power and are bright enough as we did not find it hard to read newspapers in that light. In the final verdict of Hunter Crestfield 42 inch Ceiling Fan review, this bedroom ceiling fan is worth every penny you spend on it as we were delighted with its overall performance, keeping in mind its affordability.

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