10 Great-looking Hunter Ceiling Fans of 2020 – Balances both Traditional and Modern Styles

10 Great-looking Hunter Ceiling Fans of 2020 - Balances both Traditional and Modern Styles

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans

Before buying any ceiling fan, one should check the quality and price. Both are main criteria while buying a ceiling fan. If a Ceiling fan available with these factors it leads the market with its productions. Such Type of Ceiling Fans which are ruling the market over 125 years with their quality and performance is Hunter Ceiling Fans.

Hunter Fans maintain the perfect balance between quality and price. They are the best-rated Ceiling Fans in the market. They last long years with their durability. The Ceiling Fans designed by the Hunter Fan Company are very efficient. You can easily save the current bills by using Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fans and indoor ceiling fans.

Hunter Fan Parts are made of qualitative materials, so the Ceiling Fans stay long years in your home. Different models with different styles and designs attract the people more and most suitable for all type of interior designs.

Most of the Hunter Fans are Energy Certified, means they provide a high amount of airflow with great rotation and saves energy and uses less power to rotate properly. Read the Hunter Ceiling Fans reviews to get clarity on them. All the details like features, specifications are included in the below article to make you comfortable before buying the ceiling fan.

Best Hunter Fans Reviews

Most of the people get confused which ceiling fan is better to buy. Which ceiling fan stays long years in the home. So, to clarify these doubts, it is better to refer reviews. All the Hunter Fan Reviews gave here to provide you clarity. You can choose your best ceiling fan by reading the article provided here. You can find pros, cons and warranty details after reading the article mentioned here. So, don’t wait. Go through the review get the clarity.

10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans for Sale

Hunter is the best in class ceiling fans with plenty of features and designed to last long. Owning an air conditioner is expensive and also it increases the utility costs drastically. The Hunter ceiling fans offers wind chill effect during summer so as to keep you comfortable with cool air circulation in the room. All the Hunter fans are energy star rated with super energy efficiency thus helping you to cut your electricity costs.

Even during winter, the Hunter Indoor /Outdoor fans are of great benefit as you switch the fan to updraft mode to obtain warm air circulation in the room. No matter whatever is the seasonal climate, this Hunter Fans offer cool air or warm air depending on the mode you select – updraft mode for warm air during winter and downdraft mode for cooler air circulation during summers. 

In this article, we have reviewed about the best Hunter ceiling fan and also provided the necessary information regarding the installation and the features, so that you get to know more about it. 

Hunter 59264 Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59264 Indoor Outdoor Cassius 52 inch Black Ceiling Fan image
  • Energy star rated
  • Reversible motor
  • Easy to install

Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 52 inch New Bronze Indoor Ceiling Fan image
  • WhisperWind motor
  • Three-speed settings
  • Easy installation

Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan

Hunter 51059 42 inches Indoor Low Profile IV White Ceiling Fan image
  • Easy installation
  • Three Speed Motor
  • Efficient

The Cassius Hunter 59264 ceiling fan comes with multiple position mounting compatibility so that you can install this fan either in standard, low or angled mounting. it is the fan with good Hunter ceiling fan reviews from the customers and good Amazon rating. The Whisper Wind motor delivers wind chill effect to the room together with low noise performance. As this Hunter 52 inch ceiling fan has got very good energy efficiency and is Energy star rated.

  • Whisper wind motor

  • Energy star rated

  • Three blade system

  • Reversible motor

  • Lifetime motor warranty

  • Pull chain included

This hunter outdoor ceiling fans has limited lifetime warranty for its motor. The Hunter fan motor is reversible and you can use it either in downdraft mode to get cool air or updraft mode to get warm air as per the change in weather. A pull chain is also included for easier controlling of the Hunter Indoor ceiling fan. It has three blade system which can deliver optimum air circulation.




  • Easy to install
  • Optimum performance
  • Modern look


  • Little noisy

Easy installation is possible with the Hunter Fan 53091. So, you can easily install attach and detach your ceiling fan without any hesitation. The stylish design appears on the Ceiling fan with its finishing design. You can easily save your current bills by using Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan.

Because this hunter ceiling fans with lights uses very less power while rotating.  5, 110 cubic feet of air movement can produce by the 53091 Hunter Fan which can cover maximum area of the surroundings. Reversible Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades are available in the Hunter Fan Model 53091 which provides a high amount of airflow while rotating.

  • LED Bulbs

  • Easy installation

  • Three-position mounting system

  • Whisper Quiet Performance

You can enjoy the light illumination along with the airflow which is provided by the Hunter 53091 Fan. If you don’t want to attach light fixture for your Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091 Ceiling Fan, you can easily remove the light fixture from your ceiling fan. In three different ways, you can change the airflow according to your requirement with three-speed settings.

You get cool air with the whisper wind motor present in the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan. Noise pollution does not generate with the Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan as it is a quiet ceiling fan. Three mounting system is possible with the Hunter Fan 53091. You can follow Hunter 53091 Manual while installing.




  • Three-speed settings to change the speed of the ceiling fan
  • You can easily save current bills
  • Quiet Ceiling Fan with powerful WhisperWind motor
  • Different Mounting Systems applicable for easy installation
  • Cover maximum area


  • No remote access available

Do you want a Top Rated ceiling fan for low ceiling with  8-foot or low 7-foot ceiling? Hunter Ceiling Fan 51059 fulfill your requirement as it is specially designed for small rooms. You can easily get hunter ceiling fans in Amazon Ceiling Fans with high features. You can easily save your bills by using Hunter Low Profile Iv Ceiling Fan.

An efficient airflow of 2, 902 CFM provided by the Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan which easily spread in the rooms and reaches every corner of the room. You can change the three different speeds of the ceiling fan to get different airflows according to your choice. To produce a high amount of airflow without noise Whisper wind motor present in the Ceiling Fan to give required airflow.

  • WhisperWind motor

  • Speed adjustments

  • Efficient

Five white blades attached to the Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan which rotates fastly to produce great airflow in the room. The blades are coated with the white finishing to make the Ceiling fan look beautiful. Easy installation is possible with the Hunter Ceiling Fan 51059, so you can easily install your ceiling fan on your ceiling with the help of hunter fans manual.

The airflow provided by the Ceiling fan reaches up to 100 sq. Feet area which is suitable for low ceilings. Very safe ceiling fan which gives relaxed stay in the home if you use Hunter Low Profile Iv Ceiling Fan. One three inches down rod also come along with the CeilinG fan Kit.




  • The high amount of airflow up to 2, 902 CFM provided by the ceiling fan
  • The quiet performance with a three-speed motor
  • The airflow reaches up to 100sq. Feet area of the room
  • 42 inches blade provide high airflow
  • Easy installation is possible with the Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan


  • Not suitable for high ceilings

Low profile ceiling fans which is best suitable for low ceilings. The Hunter 53237 Ceiling Fan runs very silently to produce a high amount of airflow. Whisper wind motor present in the Hunter Fan 53237 which runs silently by reducing noise pollution in the room. So, you can enjoy the ceiling fan airflow with relaxing without any noise in the room.

Either it is summer or winter the movement of airflow can easily change with a single action of the switch. So, you can enjoy the airflow in every season without switching off your ceiling fan. The Hunter flush mount ceiling fan 53237 is best suitable to install in indoors. It may affect and not work properly if you install it in outdoors.

  • Three Fan Speeds

  • 3 position mounting system

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to install

Standard, low or angled mounting you can install with any mounting options according to your ceiling. Flush Mounting installation is perfect for Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan. You can switch on/ off your Ceiling Fan with the help of pull chain. With the same pull chain action, you can change the speed of the Ceiling fan either it is increasing or decreasing.

Three-light fitter with Swirled Marble glass, Three 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs come along with the Hunter 53237 Ceiling Fan which adds an attractive look and high light focus in the room. The price of the Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan also affordable for all people.




  • Whisper wind motor allows silent rotation of the ceiling fan
  • Environmental friendly with the quiet ceiling fan
  • Uses only in indoors not outdoors
  • Pull chain control to control the Ceiling Fan
  • High light illumination with the three 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs


  • Not Energy Certified
  • No remote Access is available for the ceiling fan

Hunter Indoor low-profile ceiling fan is one of the most powerful low-profile ceiling fans in the market. The Whisper wind motor of this Best Selling Hunter fan is ultra-powerful motor and provides powerful wind without making any noise. The main advantage of Hunter low profile ceiling fan is its dual way motor rotation. Its reversible motor rotation allows us to change the rotation. This feature is very helpful in winter season, thus we can updraft the wind to reduce the cool air circulating around us.

  • Low-profile ceiling fan

  • Ultra quiet in high speed

  • Reversible motor rotation

  • Five blade design

  • 13-degree blade angle

  • Pull chain facility

The five blade is very helpful to work the fan very effectively. Each blade has a 13-degree angle to take out its peak performance. For quick and easy controlling, it has pull chain facility to switch On/Off and speed control. The Hunter builder indoor low profile ceiling fan has limited lifetime warranty for its motor.




  • Ultra quiet low-profile ceiling fan
  • Dual motor rotation
  • 5 blades
  • 3 bulb holder option
  • Lifetime motor warranty


  • Little expensive

The Hunter sea wind ceiling fan is ETL listed to be used for both indoor and outdoor area such as car porches, patios and sun rooms. It has five matte plastic blades with a blade pitch of 13 degrees which offers good air circulation with less noise. This Hunter indoor/ outdoor ceiling fan is incorporated with reversible motor which can be switched from downdraft mode updraft mode as per the seasonal variations.

  • Whisper Wind motor

  • 5 blade assembly

  • ETL damp rated for indoor and outdoor use

  • 13 degrees blade pitch

  • Reversible motor

  • Pull chains

  • Lifetime motor warranty

By setting the 5 blade hunter ceiling fans in downdraft mode during summer, the Hunter Low Profile ceiling fan circulates the cool air to the room so as to create wind chill effect. During winter, when you would like to have warm air circulation, you can switch the fan to updraft mode so as to get warm air flow in the room. Being equipped with Whisper Wind motor, the fan features silent operation with very good air circulation.




  • Peak performance
  • Less energy consumption
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor area


  • Remote control is not included

The Hunter Crestfield 42-inch low profile ceiling fan is one of the best 42-inch ceiling fan in the market. This Hunter’s Crestfiled is also comes with dual direction motor which allow you to switch on the fan on the reversible direction, on winter. Thus, you can reduce the amount of cool air around. This low-profile ceiling fan has low energy consumption. The Hunter ceiling fan light kit consists of an LED light kit to lower the energy consumption. The main reason behind using LED light bulb is, it has brighter light output as compared to traditional bulb.

  • Low profile ceiling fan

  • Reversible motor

  • Low energy consumption

  • Five blade design

  • LED light kit

The whole unit is made-up of high-quality durable material. The Crestfiled Hunter ceiling fan blade arms system are of snow white/ light oak reversible blades. The Hunter ceiling fan is equipped with Whisperwind motor which offers an efficient air circulation with the whisper-quiet performance thus providing you a silent breezy air throughout the room.




  • Durable unit
  • Brighter LED light kit
  • Life time motor warranty
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive as compared to others

The Hunter indoor low-profile ceiling fan is one of the most top selling low profile ceiling fan in the market. Its ultra-powerful motor provides ultra-powerful wind. With its advanced technology the Hunter low profile fan is whisper quiet in working. The main advantage of this 4 blade hunter ceiling fan is its unique reversible rotation. This reversible function in very helpful for downdraft and updraft the airflow. Thus, we can updraft the wind during the winter season. The hunter ceiling fan blade arm is of five-blade design helps to increase the efficiency. Each blade has a 13-degree pinch angle to optimize the peak performance.

  • Ultra-powerful motor

  • Whisper quiet working

  • Reversible motor rotation

  • Five blades for peak performance

The Hunter 53069 ceiling fan is the best Hunter indoor ceiling fan which can provide you all the comfort at your home with good air flow. Inroder to make it easier for you to control the fan and regulate the speed settings a pull chin is also included with this Hunter Indoor ceiling fan. The manufacturers offers limited lifetime warranty for its motor.




  • Dual rotation
  • Greater energy efficient
  • Much helpful on winter too


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

If you are looking for Ceiling Fans For Low Ceilings, Hunter 42 Low Profile Ceiling Fan is best suitable for your ceilings. The quiet action performed with the Whisper wind motor present in the Hunter Builder Low Profile 42 ceiling fan. You can use your Hunter Ceiling Fans With Lights or without lights as per your choice.

Three 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs come along with Hunter Ceiling Fans Kit if you want to attach it to your ceiling fan. Three-light fitter with Toffee glasses is covered on the bulbs to increase the brightness of the Ceiling Fan Light. You can add extra beauty your rooms with Unique Ceiling Fans designed by the Hunter Ceiling fans.

  • Reversible motor

  • WhisperWind motor

  • Variable Speed

  • Light Kit

With 42-inch blades available in the Ceiling Fan kit provides high airflow with their rotation in the room. You can install your Ceiling fan in indoors. Pull chain control come with the Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan 42 to control your ceiling fan according to your choice.

Reversible airflow provided by the reversible motor which is present in the Hunter Builder Low Profile 42 ceiling fan. You no need to worry about Commercial Ceiling Fans you can find all the features in Large Ceiling Fans provided by the Hunter Fan company. The fan also durable as Hunter ceiling fan parts are qualitative.




  • Stylish look with the beautiful finishing
  • You can install your ceiling fan with lights or without lights
  • Flexible to use your ceiling fan in your home
  • Environmental friendly with noise reduction in surroundings
  • Trustable CeilinG fan to use in your home without any hesitation


  • Not Energy Star Certified

The best Ceiling fan which suitable for covered porches, patios, and sunrooms. The Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne is ETL Damp-rated which is very safe to use in the home. Standard, low or angled mounting possible with the Hunter Fan 59135 so you can choose the suitable installation required for your ceiling. Reversible motor present in the Hunter Key Biscayne 59135 which provide reversible airflow in th room.

Through the reversible airflow, you can get warm as the motor eliminates cold drafts near the ceiling fan. Your fan rotates from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter with a single action of switch present on the ceiling fan.

  • Light Kit

  • WhisperWind motor

  • Whisper Quiet Performance

Quick and easy control possible with the pull chain attachment presents the Hunter 59135 Ceiling Fan. You can switch on / off and increase/ decrease the speed of ceiling fan with the help of pull chain. Up/ Downlight attachment is possible on the  hunter designer series ceiling fan 59135.  Two 14W Standard Medium Base CFL bulbs included in the Hunter Key Biscayne 59135 Kit which automatically changes according to the room environment.

Cased White glass also comes along with the hunter ceiling fan light kit. Charming look added to the Ceiling fan with its Weathered zinc finish. To get clarity about the Hunter Ceiling Fans read the Hunter Fan 59135 Review before buying it.




  • You can easily control your ceiling fan with the pull chain
  • Up/ Down Two 14W Standard Medium Base CFL bulbs for light illumination
  • Best choice to use in covered porches, patios, and sunrooms
  • ETL Damp-rated which accept to install according to your choice
  • Weathered zinc finish and lantern style hunter ceiling fan light kit adds extra beauty to the room


  • No remote Access
  • It is not Energy Star certified

Hunter Ceiling Fans are the rulers in the ceiling fans market. They design high and durable ceiling fans with quality. The ceiling Fans made by the Hunter Fan Company provides high performance. There are different models available in the hunter ceiling fans. Control of Hunter Fans also easier in many ways. As Hunter ceiling fans with remote also available for some ceiling fans made of Hunter Fan company.

Not only a remote control Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kit also available for many Hunter Indoor /Outdoor Fans. You can easily replace hunter fans parts as per your requirement. Hunter Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts also available in the Amazon if you want to buy. You can also get Hunter Flush Mount Ceiling Fans if you want to but for your ceilings.

Installing a Hunter ceiling fan can be performed easily by following the instructions given below.

  1. Read carefully the instruction manual provided with the Hunter ceiling fan.
  2. Switch off the power from circuit breaker
  3. Install the ceiling bracket and thread the wires through the center of the ceiling bracket
  4. Attach the gromets to the blades
  5. Raise the motor assembly and connect the square hanger with the ceiling bracket
  6. Secure the motor with screws.
  7. Connect the wire connectors as per the colour code
  8. Now assemble the blades and secure them with blade iron screws
  9. Mount the light bulb to the the light socket and connect the pull chains
  10. Thread the pull chains by raising the glass bowl
  11. Mount the cover plate

To select the best Hunter ceiling fan, there are several features which you have to consider as explained below

The motor determines the performance and air flow efficiency of the Hunter ceiling fan. Select the fan with high quality motor. The DC motors are comparatively more efficient with quiet performance so that there is no distracting sound generated from the fan while you sleep.

Fan blades are available is different designs such as rectangular shaped, traditional shaped oak colored blades and the like. The blade angle and the number of blades should be taken into consideration for sure. Traditional fans comes with three blades, but Hunter fans are available with more number of blades. The increase in number of blades ensures quieter air circulation but it is not an advantage when considering the air circulation. The increase in number of blades creates drag and reduces the efficiency.

Blade span indicates the diameter of the circle the fan makes while rotating. Depending on the size of the room, you have to select the blade span.

For smaller rooms with area less than 80 sq. feet, you can select the fan with 24 to 42” blade span.

For rooms with an area of 100 to 150 sq. feet, the fan with a blade span of 44 to 50” will be the right one.

For rooms with area of 150 to 300 sq. feet, you can select the Hunter ceiling fan with blade span of 52 to 60”

For larger rooms greater than 300 sq. feet, you can select fan with a blade span of 62” or more.

The CFM indicates the amount of air flow the fan an circulate per minute so as to produce the wind chill effect. The more the CFM, higher is the cooling effect. It is better to select the Hinter ceiling fan with a CFM of 6000 to 7000 for better outcome.

It is always better to select the fans with energy start rating as it helps to cut down the energy requirement by 20% or more. The average power requirement of a ceiling fan is 70 watts. So you can select the fans of wattage 70 watts or lesser if you need to save on your electricity bills.


Where to buy Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Hunter ceiling fans are readily available at Lowes.com, Amazon, Home Depot and many other stores. Amazon is preferable as it gives best deals.

Which is better for ceiling fans- Hunter or Hampton Bay?

When compared to Hampton Bay, Hunter offers a more suitable budget and higher ceiling fan quality models.

What shape of lightbulbs in Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Incandescent light bulbs are used in Hunter Ceiling Fans.

How to install Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Hunter ceiling fans come with an instruction manual. Follow the steps below to install it-

  1. Make sure to secure the junction box and the hanging bracket together.
  2. Through the opening of the bracket, pull the wires.
  3. Place the ball into the bracket and secure the canopy screws into the bracket.
  4. Align these screws into the canopy slots.
  5. Turn the canopy in a clockwise direction to secure it.
  6. The easy lock blades will assist in locking them into the blade arms.
  7. Make sure to tighten it further to the threaded rod.
What size light bulb for Hunter Ceiling Fans?

An 18 Watt compact fluorescent bulb is usually used for Hunter Ceiling Fans.

How long do Hunter Ceiling Fans last?

Hunter Ceiling Fans lasts for nearly 8 to 15 years.

How do I identify my Hunter Ceiling Fans?

You can find the model number of a Hunter Ceiling Fans on the installation manual, outside the box and on the fan itself.

How much does Hunter Ceiling Fan weight?

On an average, Hunter Ceiling Fan weighs around 40 lb.

The Hunter ceiling fans are more energy efficient with good air circulation and is the best ceiling fan suited for your home. Finally, you know about every difference included in the Hunter Ceiling Fans. So, choose your best ceiling fan according to your requirement. Kitchen Ceiling Fans and Kids Ceiling Fans are also available in the Hunter Ceiling Fans. Whatever you want to know about the Ceiling fan, you can find in the article. You can find all the top listed hunter ceiling fans on this page. I highly recommended if you want the best ceiling fan with qualitative parts buys your Ceiling Fan at Amazon.

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