Hunter Builder Plus 52 inch Ceiling Fan 53238 – Quiet, Durable, and Wobble Free

Looking out for fans that fit well with the large rooms or areas has always been challenging. You would prefer to go for a product that not only satisfies your aspiration for a gentle and soothing breeze but also gives an immense new look to your ceiling and room. While hunting for such an option, we came across one such model, the Hunter Builder Plus 52 inch ceiling fan. Having installed it, we constantly monitored its conduct for some time, and here we are with our perceptions. This Hunter 52″ ceiling fan beautifully crafted, which locked our vision towards it for a few seconds the first time we saw it. Now we are going to reveal its pros and cons in this Hunter Builder Plus 53238 review based on our true experience.

Working as a prime allure for large-sized rooms, this fan possesses a bronze finish with reversible blades. These blades give robust air circulation, but with their elegant look, they helped us intensify the look of our room by adding to the beauty of the décor. The 3-speed silent motor provided powerful circulating air without letting any noise reach our ears. The major attraction that swept us away was the 3 artistic lights, which consume 60W, encompassed in a marble glass bowl that gave a modern illuminating look to our room. The reversible motor gave a feeling of soft, warm air that gave us comfort for our winters.

Hunter Builder Plus 53238 Review for 2023

1. Airflow

Hunter 52 ceiling fan 53238 has a powerful airflow efficiency with 5049cfm, which implies that it has a higher airflow. The 52″ large swirling blades of the fan swirl the air leaving no corner untouched. For our room size of approx. 450 sq. feet, this was the best suitable fan as we were delighted with the chilling air circulating in the entire room for our summers and cooling the room in no time; likewise, warm air made us cozy in winters.

The 5 blades of the fan aids in spreading the air uniformly, making it a perfect fit for larger areas of 480 sq. feet. At the same time, the fan provides this higher efficiency at just 120 volts of power consumption

2. Incandescent Lights

The 52″ Hunter ceiling fan with a light fan became a perfect fit for our space with its gracefully decorated lights. It presents 3 candelabra bulbs of 60W, each encased in a clear white marble, shaped like a glass bowl. As we switched on the lights, the room sparkled with the glowing luminescence of the lights. The fan offers the flexibility of installation without the light kit as well. We loved installing those lights as it impacted a mini chandelier, giving a magnificent look to our room.

The standard ceiling fans with light usually failed in giving sufficient light. But this ceiling fan has succeeded in providing the right amount of brightness.

3. 3-Speed Whisper Quiet Motor

Having a bad experience with many noisy fans, we searched for a silent fan that could let us enjoy the gentle airflow with peace. And with this 53238 Hunter Ceiling Fan, we were happy to see that it met our expectations. With a triple-speed motor, it was noiseless even at the highest speed. Testing the fan for all the 3 speeds, we found that the fan was quite efficient even with low and medium speeds.

The highest speed gave a chilling experience that made us settle back with the medium speed which was far more than sufficient for our room size.

4. Pull Chain Control

Hunter Builder Plus 52″ ceiling fan provides the pull chains for easy control of the fan. The “on,” “off,” and the speeds can be regulated by just pulling down the chains attached. With a just mere look at the chains, they seemed to be light and not durable. But on operating with those chains, we found that those sleek looking chains are strong enough and durable to resist the pull.

This fan also compatible with remote control and can be conveniently synced with Hunter remote control, but yes, it’s not provided with one. You need to purchase it separately or can sync with it if you have one already.

5. Reversible Blades

This LED ceiling fan is reversible because the dual finish and 13-degree blade pitch provide powerful satisfactory performance. The 5 blades come with a double finish of Harvest Mahogany on one side and Brazilian Cherry. We had our choice to customize the fan, which would best suit our room décor. The additional advantage it brings is that it can be flipped anytime we wish to have a different aura in our room. The reversible blades cater to keep the room warm in winters with the circulation of light soft, warm air.

The versatility of usage of these blades makes the fan ideal for all around the year. Thus this Hunter 53238 fan is most wanted among its customers.

6. Mounting Options

Hunter fan 53238 offers triple mounting options with standard, low, or angled mounting. It took no time and effort to install as it provided all the flexibility we needed to install this product. The 2″ and 3″ downrods make the installation comfortable for both high and low ceiling types. We were happy to see an appropriate model for our room with an 8ft ceiling.

But we analyzed that even for a higher ceiling, more than 9-11ft, this could be the perfect choice as it can also be installed with a longer downrod as the case may be. Thus, no complaints from our side for mounting capabilities.


Specifications of Hunter Builder Plus Ceiling Fan 53238

  • Brand : Hunter Fan
  • Model : 53238
  • Dimensions : 13 x 23 x 9.1 inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 5049 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Cutting Diameter : 52 inches
  • Type of Bulb : Incandescent
  • Switch Style : 3 speed pull chain
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount
  • Finish : New Bronze
  • Shape : Candle
  • Warranty Description : 1 year limited warranty


Can you replace the candelabra bulbs of the Hunter 52 inch ceiling fan 53238 with CFL or led bulbs?

The 3 candelabra bulbs in this Hunter fan 53238 can be replaced easily.

What is the height of the Hunter Builder Plus 53238 ceiling fan?

Hunter fan 52 inch 53238 comes with a height of 18.6 inches when assembled, provided with a 3″ downrod.

Is this Hunter 53238 52 inch ceiling fan compatible with the Hunter universal remote control?

This Hunter 53238 52″ ceiling fan is compatible with the Hunter universal remote control and can easily be synced if you have one.

Can you use a remote with this Hunter Builder Plus 52 inch ceiling fan?

Yes, this Hunter Builder Plus 52″ ceiling fan comes with remote adaptability and can be easily synced with the remote.


The Hunter 53238 Builder Plus 52-inch ceiling fan is the product worth investing in. With all its features and specifications, it overpowers the few flaws it might possess. Having purchased it for our large room gave us entirely satisfactory results to be a perfect fit for about 485 sq. feet area. Being noise and wobble-free, it became an ultimate product for which we would never regret.

Overall, this product houses all the features we longed to have in a perfect fan for our large rooms. So, it demands to be paid with the price, and it gives more than what is to be expected. Yes, we can say that we had quite an adequate level of satisfaction after using this product. This could be one of your best choices if you are looking for a fan with similar features. With all the specifications being closely monitored, we hope our Hunter Builder Plus 53238 Ceiling Fan Review help you figure out the best for your room.

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