Hunter Fan 59264 Cassius 52 inch Matte Black – Gives a classic touch to your space!

Even to this day, no modern or stylish fancy ceiling fan has succeeded in living up to the esteem and trust that those classic and solid fans still hold in the minds of people. If you are tired of fancy fans along with all their complicated functions and just want a sturdy ceiling fan to hang from the ceilings of your home, then the Hunter 59264 52-inch Cassius Ceiling Fan is right there to meet your demands. Hunter has always been a name where you can put your trust in, so this 59264 fan is well expected to live up to that legacy.

Hunter 52-inch Cassius is a classic 3 bladed ceiling fan designed to serve you long without any complications. It has a reversible motor to work in both winter and summer times. Hunter 59264 Cassius does have a pull chain control, and it has downrod attachments, given in the package. Even though the Hunter is a brand that needs no verification, we set out to test the Cassius 52-inch to reassure our readers of its supreme quality. By appearance, the Hunter Cassius will make you reminisce the good old days for sure, as we did while working on this Hunter 59264 Ceiling Fan review.

Hunter 59264 Ceiling Fan Review 2023

1. Rustic design

Hunter 59264 Contemporary Cassius ceiling fan leaves a strong impression on its customers’ minds with its eye-catching design, which has a rustic flavor mixed within it. Its grey walnut stripe crisp blades make your home go stylish and modern in a blink of an eye. The Cassius 52-inch blends in beautifully with the aesthetics of the ambiance of your room. Hunter 59264 has proved that a traditional ceiling fan can walk hand-in-hand with trendy looks.

2. Reversible motor

59264 Hunter Ceiling Fan has a reversible 3-speed WhisperWind motor, unlike most traditional fans. The direction in which the Hunter 52-inch ceiling fan generally spins compels the air to come downwards to bring a downdraft into existence. The motor can be directly held responsible for this until you change its settings. Again, the motor works in reverse and spins in the opposite direction. So that air moves upwards and creates a warm void underneath this ceiling fan itself

Thus, this 3 blade ceiling fan is widely praised for its motor flexibility, which helps you cope with seasonal changes. It has been seen that the temperature of the room can be altered up to 10 degrees, thanks to the Hunter 59264 52-inch ceiling fan.

3. Pull chain control

Pull chain control is another prominent feature that keeps up traditional fans’ essence in this rustic ceiling fan. Let us explain how you can have the edge over remote controlled fancy quiet ceiling fans with the Hunter Cassius ceiling fan in your home. Firstly, the pull chains are way less costly than any remote controls, which is a significant plus. Secondly, you can never lose the key to control your fan’s speed, which is a burning problem in those with remotes. Thirdly, you can change its chains easily if at all it gets damaged. 

With so many advantages of the pull chain system, the Hunter Contemporary Cassius ceiling fan naturally becomes a favorite choice for anyone.

4. Adjustable height

Depending on the height of your room or space ceiling, the height of this matte black fan can be adjusted to suit your needs. If you have a low ceiling, you can go for its 3-inch downrod attachment, which would keep your Hunter Cassius ceiling fan hanging much above your head. If you have a standard heightened ceiling, you can then go for the 5-inch downrod attachment given with it to ensure that your Hunter Cassius 52-inch fan does not hang too high to provide air across the room properly.

Both the downrods are included in your purchased package of Hunter. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that your minimum ceiling height should be 8 feet and maximum, 11 feet, to hang this patio ceiling fan. The maximum angle permitted is 34 degrees in the case of sloped ceilings.

5. Airflow

When it comes to providing air in your deck or room like bedroom, living room or others, this quiet ceiling fan does not compromise. It moves a lot of air to keep your space cool and lets you relax. Airflow for this Hunter 59264 52-inch ceiling fan is 3631 cubic feet per minute (CFM) in the highest speed settings and 2648 cubic feet per minute in the lowest speed settings, sufficient for a 3 blade ceiling fan in service.

The amount of airflow it produces per watt or the airflow efficiency, is 98 cubic feet per minute. This is more than enough to expect from a small ceiling fan. Hence, it is always given a priority whenever anyone wants a small yet effective fan.

6. Lifetime warranty

With the stable and sturdy structure of a ceiling fan, the motor should also serve the purpose of saving some money for the user. If a ceiling fan keeps needing its parts to be regularly changed, or if its maintenance cost is too high, then there is absolutely no point having that ceiling fan in your house.

The 59264 Hunter fan makes sure no such problems arise for the customer after he/she purchases it. It has a lifelong motor warranty, so you can rest assured that the Hunter Cassius 52 inch has got your back.

7. Damp-rated

This indoor outdoor ceiling fan is an ETL damp-rated ceiling fan so that it can cope up with the moisture outside at your gazebo or patio. This ceiling fan can also be a perfect match if you want to hang it on your garage ceilings or in the bathroom.

Hunter Cassius 52″ promises not to lose its charming look even when this ceiling fan is exposed directly to the dampness of the weather as well as the scorching heat of the sun. But avoid using this ceiling fan in open spaces like pergolas that may affect the ceiling fan’s blades heavily and adversely.


Specifications of Hunter 59264 Contemporary Ceiling Fan

  • Brand : Hunter Fan Company
  • Model : 59264
  • Product Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 15 inches
  • Color : Matte Black
  • Finish : Matte
  • Air Flow Capacity : 2648 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Size : 52″
  • Wattage : 64.1 watts
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Special Features : Pull Chain
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount
  • Warranty Description : Lifetime


Is Hunter 59264 Cassius ceiling fan compatible with 220V?

Unfortunately, no. Hunter ceiling fan 59264 is compatible with 120V only.

What rod does Hunter 59264 fan come with?

Hunter fan 59264 comes with 5-inch and 3-inch downrods.

Are the Hunter 52 inch ceiling fan blades easily removable?

Yes. These blades are joined with the ceiling fan body with screws and if you wish to remove its blades, try removing the screws.

How much does Hunter 59264 52″ Ceiling Fan weigh?

Hunter 59264 52″ living room ceiling fan weighs around 14.52 pounds.


It was our absolute pleasure to get to test the Hunter Cassius 52-inch indoor and outdoor ceiling fan. We were not disappointed and also could not find much that could be causing troubles to users. Its sleek and contemporary design attracted many eyes towards it. Besides, the sturdy and solid frame of the Hunter Cassius added more to its charm.

This quiet ceiling fan is 64 watts, and it is compatible with 120V voltage. Its reversible motor stood the test and proved to be capable of altering your room temperature around 10 degrees. To sum it up this Hunter 59264 Ceiling Fan review, it also stood our water vapor test, which we carried on for ten consecutive days, and even after all that, the Hunter showed no sign of deterioration. The blades made up of stainless steel, so it does not catch rust easily. Hunter Cassius is energy star certified, and we indeed were happy with its performance.

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