Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Ceiling Fan – Gives the whisper-quiet performance!



Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan Review 2020

Is your Ceiling Fan looking old? Don’t worry, and You get a stylish and high-efficiency airflow provider to solve your problems here. The only answer to your questions is Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan. It provides efficient airflow of up to 125 sq. Ft. to 250 sq.Ft room. This Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan fits all your requirements. It is best suitable for your indoor locations. The New Bronze finishing design makes the ceiling fan looking beautiful.

This Hunter Fan 53091 comes with festive features; you will feel the fantastic airflow. No need to worry about the price, the price also affordable to all people. Refer Hunter 53091 Manual about installation tips and trick to use it. 

Hunter 53091 Transitional 52 Inch Ceiling Fan for Sale

The 12-degree blade pitch provides the airflow in every corner of the room. The blades can also move in the reverse direction with the help of the reversible motor. As the blades move in the reverse direction, the Hunter Fan 53091produce warm air in the winter. This Modern ceiling fan looks beautiful with its new bronze finishing design.

The lights are present at the bottom of the ceiling fan make the fan look more attractive. Canopy attached to the Ceiling fan, to fix the fan with the ceiling. Dust armor blades provide the resistance of dust to keep the room looking great. You can use three different mounting systems to install your 53091 Hunter Ceiling Fan as per your requirement. The ceiling fans can install only in indoors, it is not suitable for outdoor places. Pull Chain makes the ceiling fan on/ off and also provides the change of speeds.

Hunter Builder Deluxe traditional indoor ceiling fan FEATURES

A direct-drive motor present in the Hunter Fan Model 53091. The motor consist of dimensions like 172 X 12 mm, which is very powerful and provides great rotation of blades. While rotating, the motor doesn’t make any sound. As the motor does not make any sound, it is considered one of the best quiet ceiling fans and environmentally friendly. 

  1. Summer Mode: When the cool air touches the body, we get to relax in summer. The 53091 Hunter Fan rotates in counterclockwise to produces cool and pleasant air.
  2. Winter Mode: You can easily change the Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan mode to get warm air in the winter. You can switch your Small Ceiling Fan to winter mode, eliminating the cold spots and drafts from the room. So, the room becomes very warm in winter.

This Best Modern Ceiling Fan with killing looks has two 60-Watt Candelabra Incandescent Bulbs with a bowl-shaped Toffee glass are inserted in the small Ceiling Fan. Hunter Ceiling Fans With Lights are easily replaceable, you can keep LED or CFL bulbs instead of Candelabra Bulbs. The Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan can work with or without a light kit, which is advantageous for you.

The speed of the Hunter 53091 Transitional 52″ Ceiling Fan can easily adjustable with pull chain help. Not only adjusting the speed, but you can also switch on/ off your Ceiling fan with the pull chain’s help. Increasing or decreasing your fan speed in different situations easy.

The 52 inches Blades of this Best selling ceiling fan provides the great airflow while rotating. As the blades are coated with Brazilian Cherry/ Stained Oak blades, they contain less dust. Dust Armor Coating on blades makes the ceiling look beautiful.

You can install this Best Ceiling Fan With Light in the three-different mounting system, making you comfortable installing it according to your requirement. Different adaptors like Low Ceiling Adaptor, Slope Ceiling adaptor, are available to install at various Ceilings. The three mounting Systems like Flesh Mount, Standard Mounting and Angle Mounting, you can choose according to your room size. 

The Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan provides a 5102 CFM airflow that spreads around 125-250 sq.ft. area of the room. One can freely stay in the room with sufficient airflow. To provide pleasant airflow, the Ceiling Fan required only less amount of power i.e, 67 watts. The maximum airflow efficiency is 67 CFM.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Fan SPECS

Specification Name Value
Builder 52 Bowl Light
Item model number
Product Dimensions
52 x 17.8 x 52 inches
Item Weight
20 pounds
Cherry / Stained Oak
120 volts
64 watts
1 year limited warranty

Dimensions of Hunter 53091 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan weight is 20 pounds that are best suitable to fix at the Ceiling. 17.77 inches light fixed at the bottom it looks the Ceiling Fan more beautiful. The long 10.92 inches Ceiling blades attached to provide efficient airflow while rotating. 9.1 inches height provides better airflow, which is fixed in a small room. The number of blades attached to the Hunter Ceiling Fans is five, which provides high airflow efficiency. 172 mm X 12 mm motor used to make the better working of a ceiling fan.





How do I change the light in my Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan?

Remove the glass dome and replace your bulbs to change light in Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan.

How do I pair my Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan remote?

 Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan does not include a remote to pair it with.

Are the light and fan of Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan on separate chain controls?

Yes, light and fan of Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan are on separate chain controls.

Does Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan include remote control and will it accept LED bulbs?

Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan has an LED light kit but does not come with a remote control.

Does Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan have reverse direction?

 Yes, Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan has a reverse direction.

Bottom Line

The Hunter 53091 is one of the best Ceiling fans, which provides high efficiency of airflow. The installation and usage are very easy as it suitable for every type of ceiling. You can change the speeds of the Hunter Ceiling Fan with pull up chains. I hope you find this Hunter 5 Blade ceiling fan review helps you to choose the Perfect Ceiling fan for home.

The Hunter ceiling fan is affordable by all and provides lifetime warranty of motor. The best ceiling fan with light makes your home look beautiful. You can wire separate switches for lights and fan.

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