Hunter Fan 51059 Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan – Matches any Home Interior Perfectly!

Stylish and efficient low profile ceiling fan for low ceilings is hard to find. If you are searching for a perfect fan for your room and want a fan that not only circulates cool air during the summers but also possesses some extra features, then we have made your job easier. We’ve bought and tested the Hunter Ceiling Fan 51059 Low Profile IV ceiling fan to verify the fan’s goodwill as people who had told us when they recommended this fan to us. When the fan got delivered to us for the purpose of testing, we fell for it at first glance itself for its unique design in white color. Further you can know from this detailed Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan review.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Low Profile IV comes with 5-blades, making it ideal for rooms having ceiling height less than 9 feet. It is tranquil while running, unlike the other fans that always bother your good night-slumber. It is controlled by a pull chain with which the speed and power of the fan can be managed. If a light kit attached, then the pull chain also has a separate button to control the light to avoid confusion. There are three-speed settings available in the fan. Its powerful reversible motor has two modes which make it useful in summers as well as in winters to help circulate cool and warm air around the room.

Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan Review (Key Features)

1. Design and Whisperwind Motor

Hunter 51059 42″ Low Profile IV 5-blade ceiling fan with metal built body looks incredibly stylish when attached in a flush-mount position and is available in two colours, white and bronze. Its 42-inch size makes it ideal for a small room. It has 5 metallic blades and has room for attaching a light kit to it.

Hunter Low Profile IV ceiling fan 51059 is a low profile fan suitable for low ceiling rooms with less than 9 feet in height. It enhances the decor of any small size room with an adequate flow of air circulating the whole room, which many other standard old fashioned fans fail to deliver. The whisperwind motor will enhance to deliver the ultra powerful airflow with tranquil performance.

2. Pull Chain Control

Getting up and going to the switchboard to control speed or switching on or off the fan isn’t something that most of the people like. To solve this problem, Hunter low profile ceiling fan 51059 pull chain control has 3-speed settings that you can adjust according to your requirement. The pull chain control through which you can easily manage speed settings and power modes of the Hunter Fan 51059 Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan makes it more convenient to use.

The pull chain also controls light if you have attached an extra light kit to it. They are clearly labelled on the chain so that users don’t face any confusion.

3. First-rate Reversible Motor

This metal ceiling fan’s speciality is that it is extremely quiet while running. It has a 120V reversible and powerful motor which produces zero-level sound while running. This fan doesn’t produce any wobbling sound even though it is a flush mount fan. The motor is highly efficient at every speed setting. Hunter ceiling fan 50159 also has a reverse rotation feature offering two modes, updraft and downdraft.

In the updraft mode, the fan motor allows blades to rotate in the opposite direction, making it useful during winters to circulate warm air around the room. In contrast, the downdraft mode makes it useful in summers to give out a cool breeze.

4. Decent Airflow and Warranty

Lack of proper airflow is the most common problem among most of the low profile flush mount fans, but Hunter Low Profile IV white ceiling fan offers a decent airflow that reaches to every corner of your room. Even without a downrod, it circulates air perfectly at every speed setting without any issue at all. It delivers approximately 2902 CFM of airflow around the room.

Hunter ceiling fan 50159 is built for long-lasting usage without giving any complications to the user. From its design to its motor, everything passes twice through the quality checkup tests. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want a stylish and long-lasting ceiling fan for a small room. This metal ceiling fan comes with a 1 year limited warranty entrusting its customers with the fan’s durability.

5. Truly Flush Mount

Finding a perfect flush mount fan is a tough job as many fans claim to be a flush mount, but their look is not so palpable in that position. They look tacky when they are hung from a low height ceiling, but this 42′ ceiling fan which comes in 5-blades is not like all. It is genuinely flush-mount and comes without a downrod looking extremely clean and fascinating while mounted to the ceiling.

Its incredible advantage is that it runs without any wobbling and sound. Unlike other fans built for low ceilings, it doesn’t scare you a bit as it completely hugs the ceiling.



  • Manufacturer : Hunter Fan
  • Model : 51059
  • Product Dimensions : 7.2 x 19.5 x 12.4 inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 2902 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Size : 42″
  • Shape: Circular
  • Finish : White
  • Voltage : 120 V
  • Wattage : 57.4 watts
  • Item Weight : 13 pounds
  • Warranty Description : 1 year limited warranty


Can this Hunter 51059 42 inch ceiling can be wired to a light switch?

Yes, this Hunter 51059 42-inch ceiling fan can be wired to a light switch.

Can you purchase replacement blades?

Yes, replacement blades can be purchased for the Hunter 42 inch ceiling fan 51059, but it is advised to buy Hunter fan blades only.

Does this Hunter 51059 IV 5-blade ceiling fan come with an extension bar to lower it from a slanted ceiling?

No, this Hunter 51059 IV 5-blade ceiling fan does not come with any extension bar to lower it from a slanted ceiling.

Can a light be attached to this Hunter Fan Company Hunter 51059 Transitional 42″ Ceiling Fan?

No, we don’t think that a light can be attached to this Hunter Fan Company 51059 Transitional 42” Ceiling Fan.

Can I use Hunter Fan traditional ceiling fan 51059 outdoors?

No, the Hunter 51059 Lowprofile ceiling fan isn’t suitable to be used outdoors as it is built for small-sized rooms only.


In the end, we would like to give you our view on Hunter Fan Company’s 51059 Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan. Keeping all the fantastic features it possesses in mind, and we may neglect some of its drawbacks. It is challenging to find a good fan for a small room which offers all the essential features along with some uniqueness. That is why this fan is a perfect choice.

From enhancing the room decor to its decent airflow capacity to its multi-purposes, it didn’t let us down anywhere. It is the best among all the fans in this price range. We recommend you to check the Hunter 51059 Ceiling Fan review above before buying. Try it to give your room a new and beautiful appearance.

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