Simple Tips To Clean Ceiling Fan 2022

Have you ever seen a house without a ceiling fan? I am sure the answer is no. A ceiling fan is one of the essential appliances that you use at home. In the 2000s, it would have been an uncommon sight to see a ceiling fan with light. However, nowadays, every house has at least one ceiling fan with light to decorate their home.

How To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades image
How To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades image

How To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades?

All the buying a ceiling fan with light or no light is very affordable, but maintaining a ceiling fan and keeping it in its brand new condition can be a daunting task for many. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best ways to clean ceiling fan blades. The first method to clean ceiling fan blades will require a lot of manual effort and also a ladder. 

Step 1: The first step will begin with recognizing the setting at which your ceiling fan is operating. The movement of a ceiling fan can be either clockwise or counterclockwise. When a ceiling fan is rotating clockwise, it is keeping the room warm, whereas, when a ceiling fan is rotating counterclockwise, it is keeping the room cool. 

Step 2: Now that you know the direction of movement of the blades, you need to get yourself an old pillowcase. Shake it outside to remove it from any dust particles. Now pull the pillowcase over the blade gently. Slowly use your hand to wipe the blade in a to and fro motion. Make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on it. 

Step 3: Slowly get down from the ladder along with the pillowcase and take it outside. Jerk the pillowcase firmly to get rid of all the dust particles trapped inside it. 

Step 4: Repeat the above step for the rest of the blades. 

Step 5: In case you have a ceiling fan with lights, check if the bulbs need to be replaced. If they do, remove the old bulbs gently, wipe the area with a clean cloth, and replace it with a new bulb. 

Step 6: As soon as you are done with the blades and the light, you can move on to cleaning the motor and the Pull Chain. Use a clean cloth with some cleaning agent. Spray the cleaning agent on the cloth and use it to wipe the motor and the pull chain.

How To Clean Ceiling Fan Without Ladder

On the off chance that you are a person who does not own a ladder, or does not want to bother himself with a ladder, you don’t have to be disappointed, as you can know the Best Way To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades even without the help of a ladder. 

All you have to do is get yourself a fan duster, which is readily available in any online shopping portal like Amazon. You will notice that the fan Duster comes with a long poll-like structure with a Duster at one end. Stand below the fan, and raise the fan duster over your head, and direct the fluffy end towards the blade. Move it in a to and fro motion and clean the blades. In case, the dust particles on the blade are very sticky and are not removed efficiently, you can dip the duster into a soapy solution, and then try to clean the blades with it.

Best Way To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

Our advice on the best way to clean the ceiling fan blades will be by using a ladder. With the help of the ladder, you are closer to the blades, have access to cleaning the motor as well as light, and can also spot the dust particles easily. You can use a cloth or a pillowcase to clean the blades, with the right amount of pressure. 

While using a fan duster, most people love the way how easy it is to be used. But that shouldn’t be the right way as you have no idea about how much pressure you are exerting on the blade. This may result in either damaging the blade or may leave scratch marks on it, which will permanently disfigure your Best ceiling fan.

Tips To Clean Ceiling Fan

Now that you know some of the best ways of cleaning a ceiling fan and its blade, you must have realized how easy it can be. But did you know it can become more comfortable if you knew some of the Tips To Clean Ceiling Fan and Read on to find out more.

  1. On the off chance that your ceiling fan is not too dirty and seems to have only some dry dust particles on it, instead of going for a ladder and a pillowcase, use a fan Duster. It will be quicker and easier. 
  2. In case your ceiling fan is very dirty, try to wash it with a solution made of vinegar. Vinegar can help dissolve the sticky dust particles very quickly and easily. 
  3. If you don’t have a vinegar solution at home or wish to use a soapy solution, you need to be very careful while selecting the solution. Never go for a cleaning solution that is very sticky and is difficult to remove. Because even after drying, the dust particles may get stuck to the solution on the blades again. So always choose a solution that is quick-drying and non-sticky. 
  4. If you want to dry your fan blades quickly, you can switch it on and let it rotate. The blowing air will quickly dry your blades. A fair word of warning, never switches on your fan, if the motor is wet.

There goes our best way to clean a ceiling fan tips and tricks, its blades, light and motor. Always beware of switching your fan on with its engine or motor wet, as it may result in a short circuit. Always go for a durable ceiling fan, and also easy to maintain.

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