Things To Know Before Buying A Ceiling Fan For Home/ Office

There are many things that you should be aware of when buying a ceiling fan. You cannot just buy any ceiling fan to satisfy your needs. You need to do some groundwork before you opt for any ceiling fan. The prime most thing you should decide before you buy a ceiling fan is where you want to fix your fan. There are different types of ceiling fans available in the market based on their use.

Things To Know Before Buying A Ceiling Fan For Home or Office image
Things To Know Before Buying A Ceiling Fan For Home or Office image

For example, you cannot use an indoor fan for outside purposes and vice versa. Decide which type of ceiling fan you want to buy and check whether it is designed to satisfy your needs.  You have to do some research and check the background of the model while deciding to buy any ceiling fan. Search the models which require less maintenance. It will be easy to use if the instruction for the installation process of the ceiling fan is well defined. 

What To Know About Ceiling Fans

The first thing which you should know about ceiling fans is their types. Mainly the ceiling fans are classified into two different categories. The first one is indoor ceiling fans and another one is outdoor ceiling fans. As per the situation, you have to decide which one to buy. The outdoor ceiling fans are specially designed to tackle windy weather or any other weather elements. They are made up of materials that can sustain even harsh climatic conditions. The indoor is not equipped with any sturdy materials. Although they cannot change when there is lots of moisture in the environment.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

 It has been observed that the products with a more extended warranty period are more durable. Plus, you can use the product freely without worrying about the cost of damage. Check the How To Choose Best Ceiling Fan and It is essential to follow the buying guide if you want to end up with a good product. 

How To Choose Best Ceiling Fan?

To choose the best ceiling fan for your home, you need to know what your expectations are from your ceiling fans, such as the size, design, colour, functionalities, features, lights, control and so much more. In our survey, we found that people usually consider the above factors in deciding which ceiling fan they liked the most and is worth the purchase. But just letting you know about the features is not enough, as we also need to tell you what to look in those features. Therefore, in this guide, we will share with you some of the most important aspects of understanding how to choose the best ceiling fan.


Is your room big or small, your ceiling is at a low height or high? Asking such questions to oneself before starting with buying a ceiling fan can be very beneficial to you. In case you have a large room, go for a ceiling fan that is big as well as comes with 4 to 5 blades, as three blades won’t be enough to provide the entire room with fresh air. Another point to consider would be if your room is at a low height, always go for a flush mount ceiling fan, as they do not hang too low, and are suspended almost attached to the ceiling, giving people below it to move freely in the room

2.Design and Color

Make sure that you consider the interior of your home before going to buy a ceiling fan. The colours and basic aesthetics of your room can make a significant difference in choosing the right ceiling fan. Also, if your room lacks proper lighting, you can go for a ceiling fan with lights. Many manufacturers have come up with ceiling fans that are accompanied with candelabra bulbs. They not only light up your room but also makes it look amazing. Modern homes with low lighting should always go for a ceiling fan with lights. They are also available in metallic colours, which gives a beautiful shine to your room.

3. Control

This is a preeminent aspect, and most people forget about it while buying a ceiling fan. The common mistake that most buyers make is they only go for the looks, and forget about the controls. Nowadays, a ceiling fan can also be controlled by remote controls. So no more getting up from the couch or bed to on or off the fan. The remote control will come equipped with two or three-speed control variation, and in case the fan is made for dual purpose, it will have a button to switch from warm to cool air and vice versa. Always go for a fan that comes with remote control, and a pull chain. Also, if you have lights in the ceiling fan, make sure it has a feature for dimming the lights.

4. Features

Always check how many features the ceiling fan comes equipped with. With technology, innovations, even in ceiling fans, are not a surprise. Nowadays, you can not only use the ceiling fan in summer days to provide fresh air but can also use it to provide you with warm air in winter days. The direction of the blades while rotating changes to provide you with this amazing feature. The blades will rotate clockwise to provide you with warm air, and anti-clockwise to provide you with cold air. So, read the specifications, and make sure your chosen fan serves both purposes.

5. Maintenance

It is a significant point and something that ought not to be neglected. You may feel like, does a ceiling fan even need maintenance?!, but it surely does. Make sure that the fan requires the minimum maintenance as if you are not a person who has a lot of leisure time that can become a headache. Choose a fan with blades that are easy to clean and bulbs that are easy to remove and wipe with a cloth.

6. Warranty

The warranty also plays a vital role in deciding which model to buy and which one to ignore. You should always check for this factor. With the help of a warranty, you can conclude several other factors as well, like durability, reliability, and others. The electrical components are weather-specific that are used in manufacturing ceiling fans. They could get damaged easily if you handled them roughly. In case of damage, if the company is providing a warranty period, it can get covered by the company itself. You do not have to invest extra in such events. Buy the model with a more extended warranty period. It will keep you in a safer zone while using any product.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a ceiling fan can be an effortless task if you know precisely how your fan works, what needs to be cleaned and how frequently it needs cleaning. But most people are lazy and do not wish to read the user manual or even go through the parts in detail. That’s why we decided to include a segment in our article that will give you a brief idea on what a ceiling fan needs, and how you should maintain it.

  • Whenever you clean the motor of the fan, make sure that you have turned off the fan, and let it rest for a while as the engine can be hot, and may burn you. This is more like a warning point rather than a maintenance point.
  • In case you notice the speed of the fan degrading, make sure to check on the blades. Sometimes, due to long periods of not cleaning the ceiling fan, it may result in specks of dust getting decomposed in the blades, and attaching itself to them like a sticky residue. This may cause the blades to become heavy and also lose their speed. Clean the blades with some cleanser, or a wet cloth.
  • On the off chance you start noticing the brightness of your bulbs degrading, it may be due to the fact that the bulbs need to be changed, or it may have become dirty. Use a clean cloth to wipe the bulbs gently, and switch it on to check if the brightness has improved. If there is no change, maybe it is time to change your bulbs.
  • There may be times when you may notice your fan making a noise like a creaking door. This may happen if there is a jam in the motor, or rusting in the blade joints. Use a ladder to climb up to the fan, wipe it clean properly, including both the blades and the motor. Also, try oiling the joints to make them smooth. If the situation persists, call the nearest service centre for help.

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