Guide on balancing a Ceiling Fan

In this article, you are going to find the solution for How do you balance a Ceiling Fan. Ceiling fans are most commonly found in homes these days. They are, however, always not perfect. Even a brand new fan just out of the box might wobble out. A balancing kit is what you need to fix this problem.

Whether you are setting up a new fan from the store or one from a garage sale, there is always a chance that one or more of the blades might be a little out of league than others, and this irritating event can be rectified by balancing the fan.

How do you balance a Ceiling Fan image
How to Balance a Ceiling Fan image

How do you balance a Ceiling Fan?

Balancing a ceiling fan usually involves sticking a small weight on top of one or more fan blades. The weights are pretty inexpensive and come with a plastic clip to place them in whichever blade you want.

Before you start the balancing act of a ceiling fan out of balance, it is better to clean inspect the blades and ensure that the fan is securely mounted. A dirty blade or poorly mounted fans are often, the major causes of a wobbly fan.

How to Balance a Ceiling Fan that Wobbles?

Ceiling fans are extremely sensitive that build up of dust and grime can throw it off balance. While the fan might look clean from above, it may not be a pretty view from the top. Wipe the ceiling fan on both fans with damp or dust cloth, to remove all dust and oils.

Also, inspect of the blades are intact and not warped or bent towards the end. Also, check if they are fastened to the base unit of the fan.

If ceiling fans are often wobbly because they are loosely fastened. Most ceiling fans have a metal bracket that connects the motor to the electrical box in the ceiling. The bracket is fastened using bolts and these may get loosened over time.

To correct this problem, turn off the circuit breaker and double check if you have switched off the right one. Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts and secure the mounting bracket to the electrical box.

If you feel everything looks neat, secure the other parts and turn on the power back. Check if the fan still wobbles. If it doesn’t, then it’s good to go. Otherwise, use a balancing kit.

How to Use Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit?

With a balancing kit, the first thing that you need to determine is at which speed the fan wobbles the most. Once you do this, switch off the fan and wait until it has completely stopped.

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The process of using a balancing kit is pretty easy but it requires some error and trial to get that right.

You need to ensure that the plastic clip is securely fastened to any of the blade’s edge. It should ideally be placed half way between the blade holder and the blade tip. Observe the wobble and turn off the fan.

Repeat this with other blades and identify the one that’s creating the disruption in balance. Now move the clip in and out on the blade with the problem, to determine the right position for placing the balancing weight.

Repeat this multiple times before you zero in on the position where there is maximum wobble. Now place the balancing weight from the balancing kit, by sticking it to the top of the blade. Make sure the weight is aligned with the clip and centered front to back on the blade.

Now switch on the fan and test it. If there is still some wobble on the fan, then repeat the same process above and add some more weight till your ceiling fan balances perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Balancing a ceiling fan might sound like a tedious fare, but following our simple steps mentioned throughout this article makes it easier. Remember a balanced ceiling fan is a quiet fan. While you might feel lazy to do this, you must understand that the ending reward is pretty awesome! For more info on Small Ceiling Fans, do visit our website regularly.

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