Honeywell 50504-01 Royal Palm Ceiling Fan – High Quality Fan with Hand-carved Blades

A ceiling fan can be the center of attraction in any room, so it is essential to have the best and most efficient one. In that case, the Honeywell 50504-01 Royal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan is a conversation stealer. What makes this 52-inch ceiling fan interesting is its exotic look. The blades of this fan are carved out of wood in the shape of leaves. This fan comes with a light kit that complements its brass finished blades. This tropical ceiling fan can be operated by a remote and with the two pull chains that go with it.

This Honeywell Royal Palm ceiling fan easily blends with your d├ęcor, giving it a striking look, and doesn’t leave any sound behind. This fan has great air circulating capacity and is super quiet. With the Honeywell ceiling fan, all you can think of is how exceptional and pretty it is. If you are looking for a fan that will keep you cool on sunny days and warm on wintery nights, then this one’s for you. Here’s what we found out after testing this 52-inch Royal Palm ceiling fan that you might find interesting! Find out what we like and what we don’t in this Honeywell Royal Palm 52 inch Ceiling Fan review.

Honeywell Royal Palm 52 inch Ceiling Fan Review 2023 (Features)

1. Unique Design And Warranty

With a 52 x 52 x 15.56 inches dimension, this aged brass ceiling fan weighs about 20.8 pounds. This Honeywell 50504-01 Royal Palm ceiling fan got a bronze finish and Tuscan sand glass branch light. The lights in middle of the fan give it a beautiful flowery look.

There are 5 blades, and each blade is hand-carved basswood in the shape of a leaf with a 12-degree blade pitch. This exquisitely designed 52-inch ceiling fan comes with two pull chains to control it. This fan’s unique design makes it an instant standout and attracts maximum attention at just a first glance. This impressive fan comes with a manufacturer limited warranty to ensure customers with security.

2. Performance Of The Reversible Motor

It is quite usual for ordinary fans to make noise, and it is needless to say that fans with reversible motors are no exception. But this Honeywell 52-inch ceiling fan carries a motor that is reversible and noise-free. Fans generally are confined to give comfort on hot and warm days. But this steel ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor, which can also be useful on cold and snowy days.

The reversible motor lets this fan run in reverse to allow warm air to circulate throughout the space. This quiet ceiling fan has t3-speed options, which will give you maximum comfort every day without disturbing your peace of mind.

3. Remote Control Adaptable

The ceiling fan makes it a smooth experience with its remote control features. Although the package does not provide any remote, you can efficiently operate the fan with any Honeywell ceiling fan remote or even with any universal remote. Best part about remote-controlled fans is there is no need to move from our places to the fans and control them. 

Apart from that, this 52″ ceiling fan comes with two pull chains to operate without a remote’s need. One of the pull chains is used to control its speed, whereas its another one to control lights. The usage of remote and pull chain can make this fan easily operative for anyone.

4. Efficient Light Kit

One essential feature of ceiling fans or any other electrical products that often makes them a good buy is less energy consumption. This tropical ceiling fan might seem very fancy and expensive for its luxurious outlook, and it consumes very little energy. It comes with a light kit that is set in the middle of this leaf ceiling fan.

This beautiful fan comes with a Tuscan sand finish glass branch lighting along with 4 E26/A15 bulbs. Best part of the light kit is that one can easily remove the lights whenever you want as they don’t come with a rigid, fixed light cap like any other fan with lights. 

5. Tri-Mount Compatible

Honeywell 50504 01 Royal Palm Ceiling Fan offers another prominent feature, and that is it has 3 different mounting options. Close mount, downrod, or angle- you can install it in whichever way you want or according to your feasibility. No matter which mounting option you choose, it is super-fast and easy to install if the detailed instruction manual is followed correctly that comes with its packaging.

This fan comes with a 4-inch downrod. In a standard installation, the measurement from its ceiling to fan is 12.36 inches, from ceiling to bottom of its blades is 11.15 inches and from ceiling to bottom of the light fixture is 18.51 inches.

6. Reach Of Airflow

The fan’s air movement measure concerning the room’s size is critical to consider when looking for a ceiling fan. Hence, most people’s choice is this Honeywell 52″ ceiling fan. Because this Honeywell 52 ceiling fan is very lightweight and can be installed in any medium to large rooms in accordance with the air movement, it gives excellent performance in rooms up to 350 to 400 square feet

This ceiling fan can be an excellent fit for living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms. Its striking features make it an instant charmer. This downrod ceiling fan has a high-speed motor that makes the air circulation around the room a smooth affair, without leaving any corner.


Specifications of Honeywell 50504-01 Leaf Ceiling Fan

  • Manufacturer : Honeywell
  • Item model number : 50504-01
  • Product Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 15.56 inches
  • Size : 52″
  • Color : Aged Brass
  • Style : Aged Brass 4 Light
  • Wattage : 30 watts
  • Voltage : 20 volts
  • Warranty Description : Manufacturer limited lifetime.
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • Plug Profile: Downroad Mount
  • Material: Steel


Does this Honeywell 50504-01 ceiling fan have a remote control included?

No, this Honeywell 50504-01 ceiling fan does not come with remote control. But it can be operated by one. You can buy the Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50504-01 remotes separately.

Do you have to use Honeywell 50504-01 52″ ceiling Fan with light, or can it be just a fan?

You can use this Honeywell 50504-01 52″ ceiling fan with light or without it. The fan doesn’t come with a fixed light cap that would have covered the area of light so that you can use it easily without lights too.

Will a 24 inch down rod work for this Honeywell 52″ Royal Palm ceiling fan?

Yes, this Honeywell 52″ Royal Palm ceiling fan can be installed with a 24-inch downrod.

What is the maximum angle to mount the 50504-01 Honeywell Royal Palm fan?

The maximum angle to mount the 50504-01 Honeywell Royal Palm fan is approximately 45 degrees


As we conclude this Honeywell Royal Palm 52 inch Ceiling Fan review, we think that this ceiling fan with its reversible motor is a valuable buy as it can be used throughout the year. This fan with light can be installed easily as a bedroom or dining room ceiling fan giving the space a unique view with its stunning features. And it might seem a bit expensive-looking, but as a 52-inch ceiling fan, it comes at quite a reasonable price.

Considering all the features and comfort this Honeywell 52-in Ceiling fan gives, it can be easily said as this is the best and one of the top ceiling fans with a light fixture. Lastly, it’s quiet, energy-efficient features keep up to its promises and surely won’t disappoint. Hence, we would highly recommend this fan for anyone out there looking for an efficient one.

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