Honeywell 50195 Ceiling Fan – 54” Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Honeywell Rio Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan 50195

The primary function of a ceiling fan is to keep a specific area well ventilated and let trapped air circulate in such a way that it can make us feel extremely comfortable in any given weather conditions. Though it seems relatively easy to shop for a Best ceiling fan for home, there are some important considerations. Some of them are size of room, blade size, motor capacity, etc., which plays a major role in the ceiling fan buying process. Apart from all other technical details, the most important criteria which influence the buying process most is proportion between size of room and blade size. Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Review will help you to choose best Ceiling fan with Lights, here is complete buying guide.

Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Review 2023

Whenever we hear the name Honeywell, the first thing that comes to my mind is energy efficient. Honeywell Rio 50195 ceiling fan is known for keeping your place comfortable and well ventilated for all year long. Comprises of extremely efficient and powerful reversible motor, operating it becomes a year-long affair, rather than only meant for summer months. With 54 inch powerful blades, average airflow of this particular Honeywell Ceiling Fan And Light Remote Control is around 5736 CFM, and all credit goes to 15-degree blade pitch. With a smart and sleek flushed nickel finish fan body, matte black blades look super classic and go with all types of contemporary and minimalist room décor as well. an additional remote access device also makes use-interference of this ceiling fan easy and extremely hassle-free. Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Review will clarify all your doubts about this amazing ceiling fan for home.


  • 3-speed re reversible motor
  • Sleek and trendy brush nickel finish with a matte black blade
  • ideal blade pitch is 15 degree
  • Remote control included for easy controlling
  • In-built light fixture
  • Versatile mounting support
  • Limited lifetime warranty

1. 3-Speed reversible motor

Best Honeywell Ceiling Fan comes with a reversible motor which ventilates room by circulating the right amount of cold air during summer months, it is also capable of circulating relative hot air during winter seasons as well to keep room comfortable. Along with a powerful motor, 3-different speed setting also enables users to choose airflow settings according to their specific needs and requirements.

2. Sleek and Trendy Brushed Nickel finish with matte black blades

This high performance, heavy-duty ceiling fans from Honeywell, is also known for its design. Sleek design in such a manner that they will go with any types of room décor, both traditional and contemporary. The Honeywell Rio Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan we are reviewing here consists of a sleek and stylish roundish fan body in glossy brushed nickel finish. matte black finish goes pretty well nickel finish and balances out all shine. Though overall design seems mostly inspired by contemporary genre of design, and it will look equally good with classic and minimalist room décor as well.

3. 15-degree blade pitch

Along with size of blade and capacity of motor, another important technical term that somewhat determines airflow along with other two criteria is blade pitch. Blade pitch can be defined as angle, in which blades of a fan are attached to the fan’s body. a particular angle determines the efficiency of that fan. more blade pitch, more air will be circulated space. In this Honeywell Rio 54” ceiling fan, blade pitch is calculated about 15 degrees, which indicates that this model circulates a great amount of air inside space and makes it well-ventilated.

4. Remote control

Like most of best selling and great quality ceiling fan models, this one from house of Honeywell also comes with an easy to use and hassle-free remote access device along with regular wall-mounted control. a remote access device enables users to operate ceiling fans from almost anywhere within the access range. Small things like adjusting fan speed, light brightness, etc. got easier with inclusion of this remote control.

5. Inbuilt light fixture

Along with keeping your space cool or comfortable depending on weather conditions outside, this Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 can double up as an additional medium of light as well. With frosted white glass cover, light does not feel very harsh on skin as well and spreads a mellow vibe all-over space as well. brightness of LED light can also be adjusted via remote control.

6. Versatile mounting support

There is no point of being extremely strong and sturdy in terms of built and have hundreds of excellent features if mounting mechanisms are not suitable for all sorts of walls and ceilings. Unlike so many best quality fans, this Honeywell Ceiling Fan Light Kit one is equipped with a 3-stage versatile mounting system, which makes it compatible with hanging in any kind of walls and ceilings. With Close mount, Down rod, and angled mounting systems, this Honeywell Rio ceiling fan is suitable for medium size rooms with variable height.

7. Limited lifetime warranty

Like any other great quality ceiling fans, this particular Honeywell 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Remote one also comprises a lifetime warranty on motor only, which acts as a bliss. Whenever a motor shows disruption in functioning, the user only needs to call the manufacturer, and with their excellent technical will take the situation under control.



  • Brand : HONEYWELL
  • Product Dimension : 9.7 X 11.5 X 24.7 Inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 5736 Cfm
  • Product Weight : 18.45 Pounds
  • Power Output : 120 Volts
  • Wattage : 53 Wattage
  • Blade Pitch : 15-degree
  • Blade Diameter : 54 Inch
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime Warranty



You can get a Honeywell Rio 54-inch Ceiling Fan gas control valve in rio rancho nm at online stores like Amazon.


You control two ceiling fans from one remote if the fans have the same transmitter.


To conclude this Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Review, it has to be mentioned that it is one of best models one can find in the market with such an attractive price range. With one of the highest airflow capacities, this Best Honeywell Ceiling Fan can easily be accommodated to any medium to large size bedrooms or guest rooms, office spaces, etc. Due to versatile mounting options, height of rooms are also not a big concern as well. Some people may find it a little bit of a problem, as blades are not reversible like other ceiling fan models. Still, matte black finish is smart and elegant, and blades are undoubtedly one of most efficient ones present in the market at this point.


Honeywell 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Remote is one of the Best ceiling fan available in the market. Honeywell Rio Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fa great quality and heavy-duty ceiling fans, for both indoor and outdoor purposes, which are both cost and energy-efficient. Along with numerous interesting features, Honeywell ceilings fans are sleek and extremely stylish in terms of outlook and, with various design options, suit every sort of room décor as well.


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