Honeywell Palm Island Ceiling Fan 52 Inch – Compatible with Universal Remotes

Anyone would choose a fan that would replace over 20 fans in its powerful airflow and efficient performance. The Honeywell Palm Island ceiling fan is considered one such fan that could replace 20 other fans. This is the best tropical ceiling fan that values your money. The 52-inch ceiling fan got its great palm leaf blades that add a more elegant and natural look to any home’s interior. When concerned with fans’ usage with respect to the different areas, many fans are confined to either indoor or outdoor. But, this Honeywell 52 ceiling fan isn’t restricted to such boundaries, as it can be used for outdoors and indoors.

Honeywell Palm Island 52 inch ceiling fan comes in a whole package of a motor, canopy, 4-inch downrod, 5-palm leaf blades, and a pull-chain. It is made to be user-friendly with its remote control compatibility and tri-mount facility that befits according to the home-ceiling. We found that the Honeywell tropical fans impressed their users by circulating powerful airflow in indoor or outdoor areas. This made us curious as to experience the functions this fan provides directly. We were delighted with this bronze ceiling fan from our testing regarding its design, whisper performance, airflow delivery, and reversible motor. As a damp-rated ceiling fan, it seemed to resist the dampness in outdoor spaces rather effectively. We found some drawbacks as well which you can check out in the below Honeywell Palm Island 52 inch Ceiling Fan review.

Honeywell Palm Island 52 inch Ceiling Fan Review 2023 (Features)

1. Design and Performance

The Honeywell 50207 ceiling fan attracts with its elegant palm leaf blades that promise a fine-angled structure. These 5-palm leaf blades with 13-degree pitch achieve a tropical look and are much prettier in metallic bronze-color with the bronze-matte finish. These blades are light-weighted, made of high-quality ABS plastic, and are weather-proof. This 52′ ceiling fan performs beyond our expectation by circulating powerful airflow and releasing humid air making the room super-cool.

This indoor outdoor ceiling fan assures wobble-free performance by moving adequately without causing friction in-between the blades. The tropical style fan is meant to produce massive airflow of 3516CFM. It could withstand the Humidity while placed in open-air because it is ETL tested and accepted with national standards. It is certainly not rainfall resistant as it is designed as a damp-rated ceiling fan but not as wet rated.

2. Controlling System

Honeywell Tropical ceiling fan with palm leaf blades comes with traditional pull chains that make it easy to operate the fan. The user-friendly remote control can be purchased separately whereas, any Honeywell universal remote is compatible with switching ON/OFF the fan and changing its four speeds. We realized that remote control is working very well from any part of the room.

Vintage look and control of this modern ceiling fan is now possible with the pull chains that come with this fan. This control system eliminates any hefty task of searching remote or frequently approaching the switchboard.

3. Reversible Motor

In recent innovations regarding the ceiling fans and their motor execution, the Honeywell 52′ ceiling fan is a step ahead. As this ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor that allows warm air in winter and cool air in summer. Once we reverse the running of fan by using fan reverse switch, the blades produce warm air to make us sustain cold in winter. 

When the reverse switch is down, the downward airflow produces chill effects, and while the switch is up, the upward airflow produces hot air. So, you can enjoy any weather remaining on your comfortable couch. Its seasonal performance would help anyone to remain immune to sudden climate changes.

4. Area Coverage

This quiet ceiling fan achieves the customer’s preferential needs and their satisfaction through its well-built design. This fan is adaptable in any medium to large-sized rooms where the average room size is preferred to be 12- 18ft. This product’s dimensions have been set up to fill the entire room space with cool air. Honeywell has widened its product utility to use it in indoor areas like a living room, dining room, common areas, or outside areas like porches or covered patios.

Being an outdoor and indoor fan, its area of spreading the airflow is pretty much large. Hence, anyone can be benefited from this fan concerning airflow efficiency.

5. Tri-Mount Ability

Many people would face issues with mounting the fan that suits their ceiling. But, the Honeywell Palm Island 50207 ceiling fan can be easily installed in any home ceiling setup with its tri-mount features. The tropical ceiling fan fulfills the best of your interest by providing three different mountings- standard, angled, or close mount. Smaller downrods are recommended for ceilings under 8ft, and longer downrods can be attached with taller ceilings.

The angle style mounting helps in installing the fan for angled ceilings or vaulted ceilings.Whereas, close mounting is applicable for low profile ceilings. A proper setup would deliver air sufficiently. It is essential to know that efficient airflow can be achieved only when the fan is fixed in right position, and the Honeywell Palm Island 52 in. ceiling fan comes with various mounting options for its fixation


Specifications of Honeywell 52 inch Ceiling Fan

  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Item model number : 50207
  • Product Dimensions : 12.32 x 13.31 x 23.66 inches
  • Air Flow Capacity : 3516 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Size : 52 inches
  • Color : Bronze
  • Material : ABS Plastic
  • Wattage : 67.8 watts
  • Warranty Description : Limited lifetime
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount


What are the Honeywell Palm Island 50207 fan blades made of?

The Honeywell Palm Island 50207 fan blades are made of high-quality ABS plastic.

Is this Honeywell Palm Island 52″ fan 220 volt?

No, the Honeywell Palm Island 52′ fan is 120 volts.

Is this Honeywell 50207 ceiling fan set up with a remote control receiver already installed?

The Honeywell Palm Island 52 ceiling fan doesn’t come with a remote control. But, you can purchase any Honeywell universal remote as that can work with this ceiling fan.


The Honeywell company has presented its users with a complete and attractive product- the Honeywell Palm Island 50207 living room ceiling fan, which satisfies the customers by giving them an efficient performance. We loved its design as it is a unique, robust model which overcomes other problematic and limited purpose ceiling fans. Though the bronze 50207 Honeywell fan comes with a limited warranty, its manufacturer has assured a 100% warranty for their customer satisfaction in its performance. Its quality design, proper handling, and usage would make it last longer.

This quietest ceiling fan’s compatibility to pull chain and remote control for easy operations makes it a user-friendly top-ranking ceiling fan. It has satisfied us with its high-end performance irrespective of climate, area, or size of the room. The indoor/outdoor ceiling fan’s broader utility shows its versatility while maintaining its users’ satisfaction. We believe that this Honeywell Palm Island 52 inch Ceiling Fan review would help you choose the best one that is worth being on your bill.

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