Honeywell Glen Alden Ceiling Fan 52-inch 50515-01 – Popular for its Tranquility & Quality!

In this modern era, everything is simplified with the growing technological advancements. Simultaneously, the population has been increasing, but the land to live in is shrinking, including the houses we live in. And the necessity to find a fan for the places with low ceilings that are compact is a handful job. But, the Honeywell 50515-01 52 inch ceiling fan is the lifesaver in this case. This ceiling fan is a hugger ceiling fan best fit for low ceiling rooms. When we bought this fan for detailed Honeywell Glen Alden 52-inch Ceiling Fan review, we scrutinized it and evaluated its conduct closely to know its serviceabilities. 

With its flush mounting option, the Honeywell Glen Alden Ceiling Fan made our room cool in extremely hot weather and warm in bitterly cold weather. This ceiling fan comes with a stylish body giving a warm pleasing appearance and uplifting the space in which it is installed. It’s decent and straightforward nickel finish blades pushed this fan to become the center of attraction for large to medium-sized rooms. This brushed nickel ceiling fan gives an aesthetic appearance to the ceiling. The 3-speed reversible motor helped control air circulation as per our requirements letting us enjoy cool summers and warm winters. Owing to the strong pull chains, controlling the fan was no big task. Being whisper quiet, it serves out to be the most preferred choice for everyone. Here, we have come up with its performance and features from our outlook.

Honeywell Glen Alden 52-inch Ceiling Fan Review for 2023

1. Compatible Area

With dimensions, 52 x 52 x 8 inches, Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50515-01 were up to the mark for our low ceiling room of size 400sq. ft. The fan’s 5-large blades make it possible to direct the room’s airflow, covering its overall dimensions. The gentle breeze could be felt achieved by this brushed nickel ceiling fan instantly after turning on the fan.

We figured out that this fan could be an ideal one for an area of 350sq. ft to 450sq. ft. That being said, this can be the best fit for your bedrooms, dining areas, halls, or large areas. To be precise, it is an ultimate choice for medium to large-sized rooms circulating cool chilling air throughout the summers and warm, comfortable air for the winters.

2. Design

Honeywell 52″ Ceiling fan brags a decent yet grandeur design that attracts everyone’s vision. Its combined wooden and brushed nickel finish gives an artistic appearance, enhancing your ceiling but not overpowering it. This piece turned out to be a powerful option for our room, which could be used for halls and lounges without compromising its efficiency and output.

This more superficial cum aesthetic hugger ceiling fan is designed to make it affordable and economical with its elegant appearance. Overall, its design gives a sober yet pleasing appearance to the room, quickly making anyone glance at this Honeywell 52 ceiling fan without a blink of an eye.

3. Motor Performance

The flush mount ceiling fan can conveniently offer you the desired room temperature by simply adjusting its speed settings. It comes with a 3-speed reversible motor that helps to control the fan efficiently. You can easily switch among these 3 available speed options and reverse direction, quickly converting the available temperature into a comfortable and peaceful one.

The blades of this fan are manufactured in such a way that they deliver a versatile function. The blades can swirl to produce warm air in winters, and their regular performance of producing cool air for summers. Irrespective of the speed setting this reversible ceiling fan is set, the motor will give out a complete, efficient performance.

4. Control Ability

52″ Honeywell Glen Alden Brushed Nickel ceiling fan could be easily controlled by accessing its pull chains provided. Regulating the fan speed cannot be more straightforward than this method. These pull chains are relatively simpler to operate the “on,” “off,” and the speed regulations. Talking about these chains’ durability, though made of plastic, they are pretty much stronger enough to sustain a long life.

It doesn’t require much effort to understand this operating process as it does not involve any technicalities. These pull chains measure around 8″ height from ceiling to lowest hanging point, and thus, making them be the ideal option for controlling any rooms of said height. 

5. Product Warranty

With its trustworthy and long term records in fans, the Honeywell brand becomes more efficient when it provides a limited lifetime motor warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty against defects makes it a suitable choice to go for. We did not have any issues with the warranty as it was as we expected. The guarantee with which this quiet ceiling fan comes, one can easily show interest in purchasing this fan and later relax if at all any defects arise. But, from this fan’s looks, we firmly believe that the fan will be free from any defects


Honeywell 50515-01 Ceiling Fan Specifications

  • Manufacturer : Honeywell Ceiling Fans
  • Model : 50515-01
  • Product Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 8 inches
  • Size : 52″
  • Color : Brushed Nickel
  • Material : Steel
  • Number Of Pieces : 1
  • Motor : Reversible
  • Plug Profile: Flush Mount
  • Warranty Description : Manufacturer limited lifetime.


Can a universal remote control be used with this Honeywell Glen Alden 50515-01 ceiling fan?

Yes, a universal remote control can be used easily with this Honeywell Glen Alden 50515-01 ceiling fan.

Is this Honeywell 50515-01 fan for outdoor?

Honeywell 50515-01 fan is not a perfect fit for outdoor purposes. It works efficiently only when installed indoors.

How far is this Honeywell 50515-01 52 inch fan from the ceiling to the bottom frame?

Honeywell 50515-01 52-inch ceiling fan drops to a height of max 8-inch if measured from ceiling to the fan’s base.


Honeywell 50515-01 Glen Alden Ceiling Fan works out the best by cooling up medium to large-sized rooms in no time. This ceiling fan suits best for low ceilings providing a flush mounting option. The wooden tint with nickel finish gives an ancient artistic look to the blades, which being 5 in number aids in circulating air covering entire dimensions of the room.

Honeywell flush mount ceiling fan gives a wonderful experience comforting both summers and winters. With its pocket-friendly nature and reticent performance, you can be sure of having a new contemporary fan in terms of looks as well. So, if you are looking for a product suitable for low ceilings, this could be an ideal fit for your choice. Hope our Honeywell Glen Alden 52-inch Ceiling Fan review helps you make a better decision and resolves all the queries regarding this product.

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