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Reversible Motor
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Honeywell 52” LED Ceiling Fan 50614

Honeywell is a well-known and popular company that has been a household name for years. With their headquarters located in Morris Plains of New Jersey, this company has been winning trust of its customers with its undeniably smooth performing fans, thermostats, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lights, and so much more. So, let’s talk about what makes this Honeywell Indoor Ceiling Fan one of our top-rated ceiling fan. It is a ceiling fan that comes with an industrial feature to it. Let’s check out Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614 Review with all its features, pros and cons.

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614 Review for 2020

Honeywell 52″ LED Ceiling Fan is a fan that is suitable for almost all kinds of roof designs. Whether it be standard rood, low ceiling, or even sloped roof. This fan can be installed anywhere, which is what makes this one of unique products we have ever reviewed. Now that we have talked about design features of Honeywell 52 Inch Ceiling Fan let’s talk about technical aspects of it. Edison bulbs that come included with it are of E26/B10 LED bulbs. Ast the total lifespan of these bulbs are 25,000 hours. Most companies don’t include dimmable bulbs, but Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan comes with LED bulbs that are dimmable. With this amazing feature, this ceiling fan with lights has become one of most popular and sufficient fans. Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan comes with reversible motors so that you can use it even in winter as well as summer.

Honeywell 50614 Ceiling Fan features

Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan is a multi-purpose fan. By that, I mean, this ceiling fan comes with industrial body design. You can use this fan for industrial or commercial purposes as well, and not only for home use. Although fan is to be used for indoor use only, it can serve a lot of purposes. blades are of rustic modern design that gives off the feel of wood. The motor is well finished with a bronze plate, making it look amazing hanging from the ceiling. 5 blades of this Honeywell 52″ LED Ceiling Fan are dual finished with rough pine and chestnut color. The entire design and finish of the ceiling fan give it a look of modern-day along with a warm touch to it.

With technology, fans have advanced as well, and you do not have to spend extra money from your pocket by investing in buying ceiling lights to light up your room and give it extra touch of glamour it has been lacking. You can do this with Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan, as the name might have already suggested to you – this fan comes with three Edison bulbs of E26/B10 category. You might be thinking, can these LED bulbs match up to the quality of a single bulb that you can buy externally from another store? Well, let me assure you of that – It sure can! led bulbs run for a total of 25000 hours, which is more than what an average LED bulb will provide you. Also, lights are dimmable, so in case you are a person who likes it calmly and not too bright, this fan is going to be the right choice for you and your family.

In case you have no idea what tri-mount compatible is, let me explain it in short for you. Many people come with different kinds of interior. Some may have high roof ceilings, come with low hanging ceilings, or come with an angled ceiling. For every ceiling, there comes a particular mounting for a fan. Not all fans are compatible with every kind of ceiling, but surprisingly Honeywell Led Ceiling Fan is compatible. With its standard mount with a downrod, you can use it to stall in places that have a high ceiling, with angled mount, you can install a fan in your attic or some other place with a sloping roof.  

Having a ceiling fan that makes a lot of noise can be very annoying and irritating to ears. Sleeping under a constant humdrum of fans can give you from mild headaches to a severe migraine. It is something that you must avoid. Also, having a baby at home, that needs peace to fall asleep, so that you can get some sleep too, requires a noiseless fan. Therefore, manufacturers of Honeywell 50614 Ceiling Fans have come up with a motor that is very much noiseless. Now, you do not have to worry about waking up with a creaking noise of a fan and throbbing pain in your head, or your baby crying. This fan, despite its size, is very well-behaved.

With change in seasons, from summer to winter, you need something that will provide you that optimum temperature thought-out year. And what can be better than Honeywell 50614 Ceiling Fans as it comes with a reversible motor? A reversible motor can help change direction of air movement. On summer days, you can enjoy normal cooling of the fan in its downdraft mode. But did you know that you can use this Honeywell 50614 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan even in its updraft mode in winter? In this mode, this fan will expel cool air from your home and leave you with a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

No one likes getting up from the comfort of their fan to switch the fan on and off, to dim lights off, or even turn it off. The comfort of a cozy bed or couch has some kind of magnets in it, which does not allow you to leave. But what if I tell you, that you can be as lazy as you want if you buy Honeywell 52 Inch Ceiling Fan. Yes, you heard me, right! This fan comes with a remote control that lets you control the fan from a distance. It comes with 3-speed settings that you can change and manipulate as per your wish. Also, you can control lights with the help of this remote control. You can dim lights of Honeywell 52″ Indrustial Ceiling Fan, or you can even make it go bright.

With technology, people have started demanding more and more even from basic gadgets like a ceiling fan. Keeping keen interest in their customers in mind, and providing them with the best up-to-date item is their sole promise. Therefore, you will not be surprised to know that Honeywell 52 Inch Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan comes Alexa compatible. You can even voice control this fan and ask it to turn on and off, no need to even mess with remote control. What more can you hope for?

The manufacturer of this Honeywell 52 Inch Ceiling Fan has made sure that quality of materials used in this fan is also up to mark and meets customer’s satisfaction level. They have used A grade metal as well as steel for its increased durability.

Honeywell 52" Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
23.1 x 14.8 x 9.3 inches
Product Weight
20.4 pounds
Power Source
Electric, AC
Blade Size
52 Inches
Item Model Number
Matte Black
Material Type
Warranty period
1 Year
Bulb Type
Edison LED
Industrial Cage Light
Country Rustic
Number of Blades
Lightkit Included
Remote Control





How to setup Alexa Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614?

You can’t set up Alexa for Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614.

Does the remote come with this Honeywell 50614 Ceiling Fan? What is the total height?

Yes remote is included with Honeywell 50614 Ceiling Fan. The total height from the ceiling is 14 inches.

Is Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan only for indoor use?

Yes, Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan is only for indoor use.

Can I install a Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan on a low ceiling roof?

Yes, with help of its flush-mount installation, you can install Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan on a low
ceiling roof.

What is the measurement of the flush mount of Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan to the bottom end of light?

The measurement of the flush mount of Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan to the bottom end of light is around
11 inches.

Do I need to buy an extra light installation kit for this Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan?

No, you do not have to buy an extra light installation kit for this Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan.

Bottom Line

Wrapping up Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614 Review, it is one of the Best LED Ceiling Fan is a charming contemporary industrial roof fan that has a 52-inch sharp edge blade range making it ideal for bigger zones. Novel 5 arm branch lighting matched with rich shade of dynamic pitch sharp edges offers a smooth look making this one of Best LED Ceiling Fan and an eye-getting point of convergence. Brushed bronze complete profoundly complements dark, sharp edges, bringing home a rich charm. Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan is certain to light up your zone, offering a contemporary look leaving you in wonder. Downrod comes 6 Inches long and 0.75 inches wide, making it suitable with 52 Inch lead wire, should you wish to get a more extended downrod.  S

 Honeywell Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan has a very rustic look to it, with lights that are dimmable, making it a must-have. With Alexa voice control and remote control, the company has surely gone up a notch when it comes to considering the comfort of its customers.

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