Honeywell Ocean Breeze 30″ Ceiling Fan 50601-01 – Its Classic Style matches any Indoor Space!

Whenever it comes to ceiling fans, the Honeywell has always been the ideal choice for us. Even with the diverse choices available, we always choose this company as their fans are suitable for almost all room sizes, and help to improvise the interiors of the room. The Honeywell ceiling fans 50601-01 ocean breeze contemporary is one such model that comes up, especially for the small-sized rooms with its compactable size which is best suited for confined spaces. The blades of the fan are designed in such a way for an efficient flow of the air and circulating it to spread the aura of luxury and beauty in the entire room.

Having scanned the product while performing the test, deeply after its installation, we are nowhere near the dissatisfaction. And you will know it by the end of our Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50601-01 review. It is more of a compact arrangement suitable for bedrooms, dining or smaller lounges. The 30″ compact ceiling fan with angular blades gave a contemporary look to our room. What differentiates it from other models is the 3-speed quiet motor with two modes, downdraft and updraft, modes. The dual hanging LEDs create a diffused light developing a soft warmth in the room. We had never thought of altering the fan blades as per our preference. But this fan with dual flippable blades made it come true. Yes, owing to the dual finish blades this fan comes with, it was possible to tone it according to our room interiors.

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50601-01 Review of 2023

1. Contemporary Look

The Honeywell ocean breeze 30-inch ceiling fan helps to modernize our space by redefining it and helps in giving it a new outlook. The 3 angular blades make it compact and suitable for smaller areas. This is the best ceiling fan for bedroom, kid’s rooms, study rooms, etc., and it is also acceptable for kitchens, bathrooms and small lounge areas where it gives more of the airflow reach in such spaces.

It incredibly amplifies any little room by adding on to the ceiling and renovating it by giving it a different impression to be visualized by the eyes. Adding a contemporary and at the same time offering an elegant look is possible with the Honeywell Ocean Breeze Ceiling Fan.

2. Frosted LED Lights

The LED lights that are embedded in the Light Oak ceiling fan illuminates the room in which the fan is installed. The smooth, warm effect of the LEDs accompanied by the cool circulating air could be perceived as the elite feature of the recent trend in the ceiling fans. The two E26 / B10 LED bulbs with which the fan comes, can give 2700k color temperature, 80 CRI, 450 lumens and 4.5 watts.

These lights can be dimmed up to 20% in case you wish to adjust the brightness of the lights. Thus, this fan is not only confined to giving relaxing air with its stylish body but also enables to provide illumination to the whole room, adding to the comfort of its users.

3. Dual Finish Blades

The most significant advantage with this small ceiling fan that swept us into confidence and is very rare with any of the other standard fans is the dual finish reversible blades. The flexibility of setting up the blades upside down as per the décor of the room gives you all the comfort to choose the finish that best suits your space.

The black finish on the top and classic wood allure on the bottom helps to add the beauty to the ceiling fan and gives it a whole new look. We tried flipping the blades, and yes, it was a perfect go ahead with switching between the two sides whenever we felt like changing the look of the blades and the fan.

4. Structural Info

This compact satin nickel ceiling fan measures 16.73 x 8.78 x 9.45 inches and weighs 12.07 pounds. With standard mounting it measures 13.66″ from ceiling to bottom of the light. A downrod with 4″ long and 1″ in diameter is available along with extra-long wiring in case it needs to be extended. The fan has dual mounting options, the standard mounting and the angled mounting.

Accounting for it being not too heavy it is easy to install with a downrod for anyone. The ceiling fan is notable for its suitability to any room with its compact size and ensures that it can fit for the ceiling aptly like a glove.

5. Quiet Reversible Motor

One of the significant features this small ceiling fan possesses is that it comes up with a quiet 3–speed reversible motor. It gave a very negligible humming sound at high speed and revolved silently at medium and low speeds during the operation. The optimal airflow can be regulated by switching between the dual control mode; downdraft and updraft.

These modes preferably used to control the level of air circulation in the occupied rooms. Thus, the air circulation can be controlled conveniently to maintain the proper airflow in the room. This dual-mode feature helps in getting a cool breeze in the summer and warm air in the winter.



  • Manufacturer : Honeywell Ceiling Fans
  • Model : 50601-01
  • Product Dimensions : 16.73 x 8.78 x 9.45 inches
  • Size : 30″
  • Color : Brushed Nickel
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Warranty Description : 1 year manufacturer
  • Material : Steel
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount


Do you know the height of the Honeywell 50601-01 ceiling fan?

The Honeywell 50601-01 ceiling fan with standard mounting stretches to a height of approximately 13″ from ceiling to the bottom of lights.

Can this Honeywell ocean breeze 30-inch ceiling fan be installed without the light?

The Honeywell 30-inch ceiling fan comes with integrated lights so it cannot be installed without the lights.

What color are the blades on both sides of Honeywell 50601-01 Ocean Breeze
Contemporary Ceiling Fan?

The Honeywell 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary Ceiling Fan comes with a dual finish on the blades. One side is greyish black, and the other side is enhanced by the grained wooden texture. It can be flipped to any side to complement the room’s interior.

Can the downrod be replaced for one that is longer?

Yes, this Honeywell 30 inch ceiling fan comes with extra-long wiring(54’)that can be adjusted as per the extended downrod requirements.

Does Honeywell 50601-01 LED Frosted ceiling fan have a remote control?

The Honeywell 50601-01 LED Frosted Ceiling Fan does not come with a remote control but can be synced to any of the Honeywell remote control.


The Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary is the product worth investing in. This miniature with reversible dual mounting blades best fits in a smaller space uplifting the overall dimensions of the room. This modern ceiling fan is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. Its brushed nickel finish makes it appealing with the advantage that it is silent to use at various speeds. Its dual air regulating mode helps to keep the room in the way we want it to be. So that the change in climate does not affect us. Neglecting the few cons, this fan instilled with numerous pros. This make it the perfect choice for everyone looking for a compact-sized product. Hope, our Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50601-01 review and specifications help you have a product you are satisfied with.

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