Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan with Light 50512-01 – Keeps your space bright and cool!

A ceiling fan is what cools both soul and mind. It is an essential part of your interiors, and the procedure of purchasing one can be complicated. You might not know what works well and what doesn’t in terms of features and quality. The market offers a range of products with several attributes. A popular product that has become a well-established household choice for maximum users is the Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Waterproof Ceiling Fan. Every fan in the market offers many features, but this Honeywell fan is the best ceiling fan because of its quality delivery in every aspect. To know whether it suits your requirement, check out this in-depth Honeywell Belmar 52 inch Ceiling Fan review.

Truth be told, we were attracted to this fan hearing all recommendations and its popularity. Waiting no more, we brought this fan immediately to test all of its functional features. This fan swept us with its dark bronze color that goes perfectly well with all types of walls. We can assure you that the Honeywell Belmar 50512-01 ceiling fan covers all the essential attributes that one might look for while looking for a ceiling fan. It is an easy-to-fit fan as it can be installed at any corner or room of your beautiful home. It comes with excellent weather-resistant blades and has a quiet and reversible motor. Well, that’s a lot at such an affordable price!

Honeywell Belmar 52 inch Ceiling Fan Review 2023

1. Design

Honeywell 52″ ceiling fan has been designed with good quality material for its body and blades, keeping in mind the essential fulfillment of the requirements and giving maximum comfort to its users. This ceiling fan fits like a glove to any interiors and adds beauty, attracting people. Lightweight body with dimensions, LxWxH -11.54 x 13.31 x 23.66 inches and just 17 pounds can be a merit for easy installation. For the sake of provisioning comfort outdoors, this ceiling fan comes with water resistance as it is damp-rated, where one can easily install it in their patios, garages, or porches.

This patio ceiling fan is durable and can be used all through the year. For effective control, it comes in a vintage mode of pull chain operation. One can control the on and off functions as well as the reversible motor of it. It comes with 5 dark-bronze finish blades renowned for producing an optimal airflow for evenly distributing sufficient air to persons in a space. Coming with a light factor is like a cherry on top of everything

2. Mode of operation

This patio or gazebo ceiling fan has a robust motor for giving a never before experience in relaxing under a ceiling fan. As mentioned earlier, we can control this fan with a pull chain for managing speed levels as per our requirements. As part of our trial, we were amazed at this fan’s performance at all levels. We got sufficient airflow at just 1 and 2 options; we couldn’t dare to go for further level as the amount of air produced at 1,2 levels is more than enough. Even at all these various levels, we didn’t face any issues.

It is conveniently quiet and has a reversible motor. Now that makes this fan a versatile product. For summers, we can make it run as usual in an anticlockwise direction for producing a cool breeze, and in winters, we can change its direction clockwise for experiencing a warm airflow. Its motor runs on AC mode and works well with a swift in its operation. Yet, it just consumes very little electricity as per review provided by many customers on Honeywell Belmar 52 inch Ceiling Fan. As in our case, we got 56.4 watts, surprising us with its energy efficiency.

3. Airflow

Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan provides its users with 3-speed settings that are very convenient and suit different weather intensities. These blades are confined to give air and add to the fan’s and space’s beauty with their wooden texture. We can assure you that airflow produced by this fan circulates the whole room without missing a spot. It is a highly effective product with an airflow efficiency of 65 cubic feet per minute per watt; thus, it is an impressive fan.

Since it’s a large fan with 5 blades of ABS plastic known for higher durability, it can give sufficient airflow irrespective of the number of people in the space where it is fixed. For increased speeds, one can alter and adjust them with its integrated pull chain system. What amazed us more was this fan comes with Zero Wobble that too at high speeds. In most standard fans, when they come with longer downrods, they give out huge wobbles scaring anyone to sit under it. But this garage ceiling fan would not cause wobble, and any person sitting under it will feel a comfortable breeze.

4. Mounting System

This water proof ceiling fan comes with excellent hanging abilities, and it can be mounted as per the requirement and desire of its user. Unlike most ceiling fans, which can be mounted only in one posting, this fan can be mounted in 3 variant positions. No more hassle and tension to install your fan in your spaces. As said, it’s 3 positions for mounting are namely, downrod, angle mount, and flush mount. With the help of these 3 positions, one can quickly fix this best ceiling fan with light indoors and outdoors.

For higher ceilings, downrod mounting is the right option to go with to enjoy more comfort. In the case of sloped ceilings, it is better to opt for angle mounting to get uninterrupted airflow. Finally, flush mounting is suitable for low ceilings where it looks like it hugs your ceiling. A 4-inch downrod is included in its package with purchase. The three mounting options make it more desirable and recommendable. It can be swiftly mounted to any of the three types without any issues at all.

5. Integrated LED Lights

Honeywell 50512-01 ceiling fan comes with an attached frosted LED light fixture. It appears to be in a bowl shape and catches every eye with this feature. This light fixture consists of 2 E26 base, A-15 bulbs, to offer lighting for the areas this ceiling fan is attached. Let us say that it provides a pretty, bright light, which is ideal for any large room. The illumination provided is soft and energy efficient, eliminating the need for extra light bulbs in your rooms.

This bulb offers radiant light, and other light sources might not be required when it is in use. It has a voltage of 120V, which could be replaced as it is readily available in the market. These bulbs don’t overload and create an exceptionally calm and cooling environment around the area this fan is installed. Thus, this gazebo ceiling covers your illumination needs too! What more could you ask for?! It also comes with a conversion cap to avoid the light fixture if you do not need it.


Specifications of Honeywell 50512-01 Ceiling Fan

  • Manufacturer : Honeywell Ceiling Fans
  • Model : 50512-01
  • Product Dimensions : 52 x 52 x 15.12 inches
  • Size : 52-Inch
  • Color : Dark Bronze
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Plug Profile : Downrod Mount, Flush Mount
  • Type of Bulb : LED
  • Warranty Description : Manufacturer limited lifetime
  • Material : Steel


Does Honeywell Belmar 50512-01 ceiling fan come with a remote?

Honeywell Belmar 50512-01 ceiling fan does not come with a remote. It, instead, comes with a pull chain for operation.

Can you wire the Honeywell Belmar outdoor fan and the light to separate switches?

Yes. Honeywell Belmar 50512-01 porch ceiling fan and the light can be wired to separate switches with two hot wires and one standard white wire.

What is the size of this Honeywell 50512-01 52 inch ceiling fan?

Honeywell 50512-01 52 inch ceiling fan’s dimensions are (length x width x height): 52 inches x 52 inches x 15.12 inches.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Honeywell 52 inch ceiling fan, an excellent choice for those looking for a ceiling fan used for larger rooms and outdoor spaces as well as a bright LED fixture. It offers a robust, quiet, and reversible motor that can effectively perform well for longer years. This fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty from its manufacturer, and thus, it is a highly durable fan. It works well for all climates due to weather-resistant blades that are competitive and create negligible noise.

Adjustable three speeds offer extraordinary performance abilities and appreciable airflow for every corner and nook of the space. This Black blade ceiling fan has tri-mount compatibility, which is adjustable and can be varied to different heights. It has an LED light for illuminating the surroundings and can be operated with a pull chain’s help. This fan fulfills all the requirements of its customers and highly recommended from our side. We loved how swiftly it functioned, which made it our ideal choice in this price range.

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