Honeywell Belmar 52 inch Ceiling Fan 50199 – Gives comfort in no time!

Finding a ceiling fan which can keep your spacious garden-side deck cozy is not an easy task. But this is not impossible if you manage to find an outdoor ceiling fan like the Honeywell Belmar 52 inch indoor/outdoor low profile ceiling fan. It is a large ceiling fan, moves much air to create a breeze in your open veranda or patio. This ceiling fan can be your companion in both summer days and winter days in the truest sense. The ceiling fan is reversible and also energy efficient. It hugs the ceiling of your space, and therefore you need not worry about how much space it takes for hanging. Let’s see what we loved the most and what we don’t in this in-depth Honeywell 50199 ceiling fan review.

Honeywell is world-wide well-known for making efficient ceiling fans. And it’s 52″ Honeywell Belmar Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling fan attracted us for testing and to know about it altogether. No wonder that the Honeywell brand has this good image among the customers as the Belmar 52 inch promises a lot. The 5-blade ceiling fan is perfect for any medium to large space, be it your living room, master bedroom, patio or office. The design of Honeywell Belmar also is utterly eye-catching, and it suits every space while bringing out the beauty.

Honeywell 50199 Ceiling Fan Review of 2023

1. Pull Chain Control

Honeywell 52 inch ceiling fan has the pull chain control system. There are certain advantages of having a pull chain in your ceiling fan. This pull chain control allows you to turn on or turn off the ceiling fan without you having to reach out for those switchboards or remotes every time. It also makes a tremendous price difference compared to those remote-controlled ones.

2. Reversible Motor

Honeywell Belmar Fan is a perfect choice if you are planning to hang it on your back deck or patio and we will tell you why. The ceiling fan comes with a powerful reversible motor. It allows you to run the ceiling fan in the summer to keep your room cool and also, to make your room warm during the winter times.

The reversible motor in the Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan thus proves to be the good reason why you should buy it. As it also spreads the heat and breeze evenly in your space, this motor works very well suiting for the whole year. We hung this ceiling fan on our back porch and were delighted to see its performance in both the ways.

3. Mounting Options

Here comes the most exciting feature of the Honeywell 50199 Ceiling Fan, which is its mounting options. If your deck is generous enough to afford to hang a downrod ceiling fan, then that is great. But what if the ceiling of your deck or patio is a low hanging one? Or say, angled? There is a reason why everyone trusts the Honeywell Belmar 52″ so much. This ceiling fan has 3 mounting options, downrod, surface mount and angled. The ceiling of our deck was slightly angled, and we did not face even the slightest problem hanging this fan on the deck.

4. Airflow and Its Efficiency

In any given ceiling fan, the higher its airflow is, the more air it moves. The Honeywell wood ceiling fan is large enough with a diameter of 52 inches to serve you in a large room and spread air uniformly throughout your room or space. So it is nothing but natural that designed for open areas like patio or deck, this ceiling fan is capable of moving much air. The airflow for it is 5070 cubic feet per minute, and airflow efficiency or the amount of air it moves per watt is 89 cubic feet per minute.

Thus, this 5-blade ceiling fan can quickly deliver sufficient airflow with changing the room temperature effectively than the other typical ceiling fans.

5. Speed Settings

Honeywell ceiling fan 52 inch has 3-speed settings which are high, medium and low. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, this ceiling fan is capable of moving a lot of air, so it is quite natural that the highest speed setting is nothing less than the stormy feel. Our whole veranda area was being covered by that air which the Honeywell Belmar indoor/outdoor ceiling fan-produced. The medium and low-speed settings were also in accordance with the expected performance.

Unlike many other fans, these speed settings enable us to experience different variations in the airflow as per our moods and requirements.

6. Quiet Performance

Despite being such a large ceiling fan and moving so much air per watt, the Honeywell Belmar 50199 ceiling fan never produces few irritating noises like most of the other large fans do. Due to a heavy and solid structure of it, we assumed that this fan would create sounds while running. But the Honeywell 52 inch ceiling fan outshone our assumption once it started running.

What even surprises the customers is that there is no chance for any wobbling or vigorous shaking of the fan even at its highest settings. This feature will help people to have a comfortable stay under the fan and relax peacefully.

7. Damp-rated Ceiling Fan

This black ceiling fan comes with 5 blades, each of which are ETL damp-rated. It means that you can hang the ceiling fan on any covered area like deck, porch, patio or veranda and the fan blades are designed in such a way that they can overcome the dampness or humidity of that said space without catching rust or getting damaged.

Due to its unique design and damp-rated certification, the blades of this ceiling fan have a prolonged life span without any damage. Though we would suggest you not to hang the ceiling fans in entirely open areas as there is a high chance that direct raining may affect the product.

8. Unique Design and Warranty

The Honeywell 52 ceiling fan is aesthetically designed to suit and complement the ambience of any space. It is not only good to look at, but the oil-rubbed bronze colour of Honeywell Belmar is guaranteed to be in perfect tune with all kinds of rooms and spaces, regardless of any specific style.

Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan denies being bound within the boundary of being called “electronic appliances” and deserves to be treated as beautiful home decor as well. With its unique design, this fan can fit for larger spaces of up to 18×18 square feet area. Also, this fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure its customers with confidence.


Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer : Honeywell
  • Model : 50199
  • Product Dimensions : 11.54 x 13.31 x 23.66 inches
  • Finish : Oil Rubbed
  • Air Flow Capacity : 5070 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Assembled Diameter : 52 inches
  • Material : Metal / Wood Product
  • Wattage : 56.4 watts
  • Warranty Description : Limited lifetime
  • Controller Type : Pull Chain


Can this Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan be used outdoors in a pergola like it says?

The Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan is damp-rated but not wet rated. So it is advised not to use it in a pergola as it may fall victim to the damages caused by rain directly hitting the fan.

Is this Honeywell Belmar oil rubbed fan energy star certified?

No, this Honeywell Belmar oil rubbed ceiling fan is not energy star certified.

Can this Honeywell 50199 52 Inch ceiling fan be flush mounted to the ceiling?

Yes, as mentioned in the above review, this Honeywell 50199 52 inch ceiling fan has a triple mount system including flush mount system.

What are the dimensions of the Honeywell 50199 indoor/outdoor ceiling fan?

The dimensions of the Honeywell Belmar 52-inch indoor/outdoor ceiling fan are 11.54×13.31×23.66 inches (L×W×H).


Honeywell has been a place of trust to customers for many years now. So we always expect the best when we talk about the Honeywell ceiling fans. Honeywell Belmar is also not an exception as far as quality is concerned. This 52-inch ceiling fan comes with three different mount systems, and it is big enough to move plenty of air for your large veranda area. You can also control the speed of this Honeywell living room ceiling fan by merely switching to three different speed settings.

The Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan draws its power from its AC motor and performs an ultra-quiet operation, ensuring the comfort of your ears. We did not find much to complain about this in our Honeywell 50199 ceiling fan review, so it is a definite green signal from our side. Honeywell passed all quality measures with decent grades, and you should not wait anymore to get a Honeywell Belmar 52″ indoor outdoor ceiling fan!

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