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Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Review 2020

Ceiling Fans are the important things in our daily life. Without the ceiling fans at home, a man cannot stay in their home. Ceiling Fans become one of the parts of our daily life. But most of the Ceiling fans do not support to work during rainy or snowy days which is more irritating to the people. Getting cool air with ceiling fan not sufficient in the home. So, a ceiling fan which provides warm air in the winter and works during rainy or snowy days is required for the perfect home. To provide those facilities and make your home look perfect Harbor developed a ceiling fan named as Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan which fulfills all the requirements of your home. So, Don’t wait, read the Harbor Breeze Merrimack Review and clarify your doubts then buy. You get all the details of Features and Specifications of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan here.

Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze

Best Ceiling fan which perfect for bedrooms with its stylish design is Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. The finishing design of blades adds attractive look for the Harbor Ceiling Fan. To provide visibility, illumination of light is attached to the 52 in Merrimack Harbor Breeze Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan. Globe light kit with Seeded glass is included to provide light illumination perfectly in the room. Three-speed settings are available to change the speed of the ceiling fan. To change the speed, remote access is installed in the ceiling fan.

Three speed reversible AC Motor provides sufficient airflow in the room and also it provides warm air with its reverse action. The Merrimack Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan also Energy Certified which is a proof that the ceiling fan consumes less energy while rotating. The ceiling fan perfectly suits any place to install either it is indoor or outdoor. Harbor Ceiling Fan Merrimack also able to work on rainy or snowy days. Higher airflow efficiency provided by the ceiling fan near to 5,188 CFM which reach a large area of the room.


  • 5 Weatherproof Blades
  • 3-Speed Reversible AC Motor
  • Stylish Design
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Light Kit & Remote Access
  • Location of Installation
  • Warranty

Either it is rainy or summer the blades attached to the ceiling fan can work with Harbor Breeze Merrimack Remote. If the weather is wet then also the blades work efficiently to provide high airflow performance. The air spread easily to the large space of the surroundings to provide a comfortable living environment. The antique bronze finish applied to the blades of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan makes the fan to look great with beautifully-aged appearance.

An AC Motor with three different reversible speed provides high airflow efficiency. The airflow capacity produced by the Harbor Merrimack 52-in Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan is 5,188-CFM which is very high compared to other Ceiling Fans. The motor also able to produce warm air with its reverse action. Many people do not use their ceiling fans in winter as they get cool air from the fan. But with Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan, you can also get warm air in your room. To get these benefits, all you have to do is just change the switching present on the ceiling fan. With the help of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote, you can change the speed easily from anywhere in your room.

With its pleasant features and an attractive design, the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan looks stylish. It is one of the different collection from Harbor which makes your home more beautiful. An attractive finishing design of blades with Antique Bronze adds extra beauty to the ceiling fan. As the Harbor Merrimack Ceiling Fan looks more attractive, many people prefer it to fix at bedroom and patio.

The Harbor Breeze Fans got Energy star certification as they are taking less energy while rotating. Not only energy certified it also got many certifications like UL Safety Listing, CSA Certification, Certified Frustration-Free and ETL certification. As the Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52 in Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan got these many certifications, it is treated as Best Ceiling Fan. So, Don’t wait to think. Go and buy at Amazon.

The light illuminated by the bulbs which are present in the Harbor Breeze Fan is sufficient in the normal room. You can also use your Harbor Ceiling Fan without the light kit. So, not only a Harbor Breeze Fan Remote Access its Light kit also provides flexibility with its removal action. The light kit is shaded by the glass which provides attractive coloring in the room.

By sitting at one place, you can change the speed of your Harbor Merrimack 52 in Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan. The fan consists remote access through which you can increase or decrease the speed of your fan. Harbor Breeze Remote provides flexible usage of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with its action.

You can install your fan at indoor or outdoor without feeling tense because the ceiling fan resists from the rainy environment. You can also enjoy the powerful airflow by installing your fan outside which covers the large area. Stay Tune with our site www.smallceilingfans.com for more info on best ceiling fans.

Unlike other Ceiling fans, the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts and accessories consist lifetime warranty. You can get a free repair at any time as the warranty is the lifetime. The warranty is except for Light as it is very delicate and made of glass item. The manufacturer takes the whole responsibility for the period of warranty. But in the case of misuse or accidents or improper installation, the warranty is not permitted. In this situation, the whole responsibility belongs to the customer. So, please take care of your ceiling fan. As an instruction switch for your fans whenever you no need of them.


Specification Name Value
Harbor Breeze
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
52 x 10 x 52 inches
Item Weight
24.2 pounds
1 Lithium ion batteries required
58 watts

Harbor Breeze Merrimack Reviews

You are at the right place. You can know all the clear information here. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews are the best place to know any information about your ceiling fan. Different features, Specifications included in the article which helps you to clear your doubts before buying. I am sure that once if you read the article Harbor Breeze Merrimack Manual is not necessary. All the Pros, Cons and warranty information are mentioned in this article detailly.

Dimensions of Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fans

6 inches downrod available in the kit to make the connection between ceiling fan and ceiling. If you want long downrod, you can also use 12, 18, 24, 36, and 48 inches downrods while installing. If you don’t need downrod, you can also install your Harbor Breeze 52 Merrimack Outdoor Ceiling Fan directly to the ceiling with the help of canopy attachment. The Weight of the Harbor Breeze Merrimack 52 in Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan is 24.2 pounds which are easy to install on the ceiling. You should maintain 7 feet distance from the ground to your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans while installing. With 10.2 inches height of your Harbor Breeze Merrimack Fan, you can easily install at any place. 30 inches distance should maintain for your Harbor Breeze Fans from any obstruction.


  • Light Kit
  • Energy Efficient
  • 3-speed reversible AC motor
  • Durable


  • With remote access you can change the speed from anywhere of your room
  • Antique bronze finish blades provide high efficiency of airflow
  • Powerful 3-speed variable quiet motor technology gives great airflow capacity
  • You can install it anywhere either indoor or outdoor


  • Little bulb issues included in the Harbor Ceiling Fan

Bottom Line

An updated design with vast features included in the Harbor Merrimack Ceiling Fan which provides great facilities in the home. The fan can easily install anywhere, and the speed also changes easily with the help of remote control. Before buy go through the above review to get clarity about your ceiling fan. I hope the review helps you to understand the full details about Harbor Ceiling fan. I highly recommended that to buy any ceiling fan at Amazon. Because it is the best place for you to get qualitative ceiling fans.

The stylish and Attractive look of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan adding fans day by day. Harbor consist more Fans with its updated design and high performance. Best Ceiling Fan with Many Award Winning Certifications.

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