Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan 42” – Perfect for Small and Medium Rooms!

Harbor Breeze Armitage 42-In White Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

If you ask anyone about time, when ceiling fans or structures somewhat similar to a fan, were started to be used, the answer will be indefinite. Because there is no particular time or year, indicating that one can say that it is inventory year of a ceiling fan. Previously ceiling fans were only considered useful during summer months, as it helps to cool down and ventilate enclosed spaces to make it comfortable to stay in. But in today’s time, with technological advancements and with invention of reverse motor systems, generic ceiling fans come pretty handily during winter seasons too.

Harbor Breeze Armitage 42 Review 2023

After considering all features and advantages of Harbor Breeze Armitage 42 Review. it can be easily concluded that this ceiling fan can be a perfect addition to any room if space and budget is a primary concern. Though it comes extremely affordable in terms of price, A Harbor Breeze Armitage Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with 42” to 56” blades attached to them are considered as standard sized ceiling fans. As without proper ventilation and optimal air circulation inside space, they can become pretty suffocated and extremely hot within a minimal time.


  • 4- reversible blades.
  • Ideal for small to medium rooms.
  • 3-different speed settings.
  • A unique and advanced reverse motor is included.
  • Sleek and stylish outlook.
  • Hassle-free controlling.
  • Exciting warranty.

1. 4-Reversible blades

Efficiency and functionality of any ceiling fan entirely depend on the number of blades it comes with. This Harbor Breeze Armitage ceiling fan, comprises 4 significant ceiling blades, which makes it equally capable of using all around air. Not only blades are powerful and efficient, but users can also change a significant Pivot of blades as well according to the needs of a particular season. As blades are reversible and come with two different finishes, users can interchange between them, as per their requirements.

2. Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms

Fans come with a blade size between 42” to 56”, is considered as the perfect choice to be fitted in rooms which are sized between 75 Square feet to 100 square feet. This Harbor Breeze fan is equipped with 42” blades, which makes it perfect accompaniment in small size bedrooms, guest rooms, kid’s space, office rooms, dorms, etc. equal proportion between size of room and blade size is one of the primary considerations one should keep in mind before going for any ceiling fan. An ample amount of air circulation solely depends on this particular feature.

3. 3- different speed settings

Along with powerful blades and motors, this Harbor Breeze flush mount ceiling fan is composed of three different speed settings as well, which enables the user to operate the fan as per their personal need and seasonal requirements. Along with a regular wall-mounted speed control knob, speed can also be controlled with a set of wires hanging from the fan itself.

4. Unique and advanced reverse motor is included

Along with powerful and perfectly aligned blades, another important feature that determines efficiency of ceiling fan is motor. Where most old school’s fans only circulate in anti-clockwise motion, which enables heavy and cold air to flow through the room for proper ventilation and release suffocation. However, this Best Harbor Breeze Armitage Fan is equipped with a reversible motor, which enables the fan to move in a clockwise motion, which circulates comparatively warm air during cold seasons along with generic anti-clockwise movement. This feature makes this ceiling fan compatible to function all year long.

5. Sleek and stylish outlook

Ceiling fans are undoubtedly one of the signature elements of any room décor. This Harbor Breeze Armitage flush mount ceiling fan is coming in an all-white color and is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs. A perfect example of classiness and minimalistic beauty, this white Harbour breeze fan can be a great addition to almost every kind of room décor where minimalism is key. added globe-shaped light fixture also acts as an added advantage and enables ceiling fans to illuminate through the room as well. 6.5-watt LED bulb is enclosed in a matted and etched glass, which makes light comparatively softer and mellow.

6. Hassle-free Controlling

Like any other flush-mounted ceiling fan, this Harbor Breeze 42 Armitage White Ceiling Fan is also composed of a wall-mounted control panel with speed selection knob, which enables the user to toggle between different speed settings. Along with a conventional control knob, a remote-control device is low included with this fan, which not only enables the user to choose between different speed settings but also helps to toggle between motor mode and to on/off light as well.

7. Exciting warranty

Along with so many interesting features, this Harbor Breeze Indoor Ceiling Fan also comes with a limited yet lifetime warranty on motor and blades, which is a peace of mind. With efficient post-buying assistance from manufacturer’s end and frequent maintenance, their average shelf-life is calculated to 20 to 30 years and even more.



  • Product Dimension : 17.6 X 10.60 X 8.3 Inches
  • Number Of Blades : 4
  • Blades Diameter : 42 Inches
  • Airflow : 1185 Cfm
  • Maximum Electricity Usage : 45 Watts
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime Warranty



Unscrew the light housing from the Harbor Breeze Armitage Fan to remove it.


Follow the steps below to change the light bulb in the Harbor Breeze Armitage Fan-

1. Remove the glass globe.
2. Remove the used up bulb and let it cool.
3. Screw in the new bulb and fix the globe back.


Harbor Breeze Armitage 42-inch flush mount ceiling fan is considered one of variants not only in its genre but among the entire ceiling fan market, in terms of build and functionality. Comprising a powerful and reversible motor, this Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is a perfect accompaniment in both summer and winter. Respectively, inside space to keep it well ventilated and comfortable to stay in. Though boasts 1185 CFM airflow on maximum speed, this Harbor Breeze Armitage ceiling fan is extremely energy efficient hence does not use up a lot when functioning for a few hours continuously. Hope you like this Harbor Breeze Armitage 42 Review, make a wise choice by inversting on this Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan.

Harbor Breeze Armitage 42-inches White Indoor Flush Mount 4 Blade Ceiling Fan image

Features of this Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan are somewhat equivalent to any expensive ceiling fan model present in the market at this point. Other than this, Harbor Breeze also comprises several other ceiling fans models, with different blade sizes and motor capacity.


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