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Emerson, CF144LWW Review 2020

Everytime switching on/ off and increasing/ decreasing speed by moving near to wall control is hesitate. Controlling a ceiling fan with remote is easy and comfortable. To enjoy the airflow on the body by sitting in one place, Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan comes with six-speed remote control feature. Not only remote control the Emerson Fans comes with sixty-watt mini candelabra bulbs to make it attractive. Emerson Ceiling Fans Reviews explains clearly about Emerson Curva Sky 44 Ceiling Fan. All the Features, Specifications understand clearly by reading the entire article given here. If you read the entire review, you don’t need to refer Emerson Curva Sky Manual.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF144WW

Emerson Ceiling Fan is different with its festive features. Not only indoors, you can also install your Emerson fan at wet outdoors. The large amount of airflow capacity nearly 4217 CFM produced by the Emerson CF144WW Ceiling Fan. Easy change of speed is possible by the Emerson Ceiling Fan Remote. There is no need for installation of the remote control in your Emerson Ceiling Fans. No downrod available to attach your ceiling fan to the ceiling. Two bulbs also present in the Emerson Ceiling Fans which are Halogen type.

The input power required for the Emerson Curva Fan is very low compared to other ceiling fans. Room with a ceiling fan and room without a ceiling fan has no difference in the power usage. So, installing Emerson CF144WW Ceiling Fan provide benefit for you with its cooling airflow. The motor with high rotating feature adds the better performance for your Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan. The ceiling fan also consists reverse function of the motor which provides warm air while rotating.


  • Six-Speed LED Remote Control & Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Integrated Light Fixture
  • Powerful Motor
  • Three Weather Resistance Blades
  • Warranty

You can change the speed of your Emerson Curva Ceiling Fan by sitting at one place with the help of remote control. Six different speed settings present on the Emerson Ceiling Fan Remote so you can easily increase or decrease the speed according to your requirement.

The Emerson Curva Fan works in indoors as well as at wet outdoors. So, you can use it at any place. The Emerson 44 Curva Sky Ceiling Fan also not effective by rain so you can install it in indoor/ outdoor without hesitation.

Two 50-watt mini candelabra, base halogen bulbs make the Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan attractive and visibility facility. If you don’t like these bulbs in your Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan, you can easily remove it with the help of removable no-light plate. Emerson Ceiling Fans with Lights is the attractive feature for the Emerson CF144WW.

The 153x18mm direct driven motor provides the high performance of its working. With the rotation of motors, the warm air also produced which is better suitable in winter. The two modes can perform with the help of motor present in the Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan. The two modes are

  1. Winter Mode: With the reverse action of the motor the Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan eliminates the cool air from the surroundings. So you can feel warm in the winter by using the fan. So, to change the different modes, you have to do only one thing that is switching from one mode to another mode by using the switch.
  2. Summer Mode: The direct driven Motor makes the room cool with the rotation of blades which provides more cooling air than other ceiling fans. The energy required to provide air also very less. So the Emerson Curva Ceiling Fan treated as Best Ceiling Fan.

Three blades provide the efficient airflow if you install it in indoor/ outdoor. Ther is no reversed blades are present in the Emerson CF144WW. But the three blades gives a large amount of air which sufficient from middle rooms to small rooms. Gloss White ABS Plastic All Weather finished blades look attractive and provide high performance.

You can get the lifetime warranty for the motor and the one-year warranty for the Emerson Ceiling Fans parts by the Emerson 44 Curva Sky company. You can return your Ceiling Fan for a free repair to the original purchaser if you get any damage at the time of warranty. The whole responsibility is taken by the company in the warranty period. You are responsible for damage if you misuse your Emerson Ceiling Fan.


Specification Name Value
Curva Sky 44 Wet
Item model number
Product Dimensions
23.3 x 44 x 44 inches
Item Weight
20.8 pounds
Appliance White
120 volts
18 watts

Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan Model CF144WW Reviews

The Emerson Curva Fan Reviews make you understand the usage of Ceiling Fan in indoors and outdoors. The best place to know about all the details of Emerson Ceiling Fan Parts, Features, Specifications is Emerson CF144WW Review. Price, Pros, and Cons also mentioned in the article to make you know more about Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan. Once if you read this article, you will buy the Emerson Ceiling Fans CF144WW without referring Emerson Curva Sky Manual.

Dimensions of Emerson Curva sky Ceiling fan

The Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling fan weight is 19 pounds which is very low and install on ceiling easily. There is no difference between length, width, height all have equal dimensions as 44 inches. Visit our site www.smallceilingfans.com to know about all the ceiling fangs With the dimensions of height, weight, width one can freely install Emerson Curva sky ceiling Fan without any hesitation. 3 blades with 44 inches are present to provide a great airflow efficiency while rotating. The blade pitch provided b the blades near to 12 degrees which provides sufficient airflow within the required area.


  • Integrated LED light fixture
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Remote Control
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • 6-Speed Remote Control provides flexible change of speed while rotating the fan
  • Two 50-watt mini candelabra, base halogen bulbs makes ceiling fan attractive
  • Sufficient Airflow with Three Weather Resistance Blades
  • The Emerson Curva Sky 44 Ceiling Fan can install in indoors and at wet outdoors
  • Perfectly suitable for all weather conditions with its reverse action of motors
  • The white coating makes the Emerson Ceiling fan look beautiful


  • Power usage of light kit is little high
  • No reversed blades present in the Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan


Which way is winter on an Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan?

You need to turn the regulator upwards for winter on an Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan.

Does the Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan remote have a dimmer switch for the light?

Yes, Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan has settings from high to low which are similar to a dimmer switch.

Does Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan light have dimmer capabilities?

Yes Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan has dimmer capabilities.


The Ceiling Fan with vast features makes the people attract towards it. Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan is most wanted ceiling fan which attracts the people with its cost and design. The performance also very high and also install at any place. So, most of the people like to buy this Emerson Curva 44 Ceiling Fan. If you want to know why people mostly like Emerson Ceiling Fans read the whole review then you understand the clear information about it. If you quickly want to buy the Emerson ceiling fan just go to Amazon and order it now.

With the Appealing design and great performance, Emerson Ceiling Fan becomes most familiar with the people. The Emerson Curva Fan consists High cooling efficiency with its features and with different specifications. Buy and enjoy your Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan at Amazon.

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