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Casablanca 59510 Panama DC 54-inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Review 2020

Beauty and Efficiency both are matter while buying a Ceiling Fan. Many Ceiling Fans Look beautiful, but their airflow efficiency is low. Some Ceiling fans give sufficient airflow, but their design looks ugly. You no need to sacrifice for high airflow efficiency and beautiful look. You can find both the qualities in one Ceiling Fan i.e, Casablanca 59510 Panama DC 54-inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan. This 5-blade ceiling fan not only looks beautiful, it also provides less work of switching different speeds with its remote control facility.

Don’t get any doubt, just go through this Casablanca Model 59510 Review. You can easily understand all the Casablanca Fan 59510 Features and Specifications. By reading this article, you can also know Pros, Cons, and Warranty details of Casablanca Model 59510. All the detailed information of Casablanca Ceiling Fans are provided here clearly. Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manual not necessary if you read this entire review. Read the full review, understand well about Casablanca Panam Ceiling Fan 59510.

Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan Overviews

The Best Ceiling Fans makes you feel better and comfortable while it is rotating in the home. Such type of best ceiling fan is Casablanca Fans 59510. You can feel relax under Casablanca Panama Ceiling Fan. As per the customer reviews, it is said to be best and modern ceiling fan which provides efficient airflow in the room. If you read this Casablanca 59510 Review, you get a clarity why to buy Casablanca Fan Panama 59510. You can find all the features, specifications and detailed information in this article. This review also makes you free from your confusion about Casablanca Panama Fan.


  • Dc Motor
  • DC 6-Speed Handled Remote Control & ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Classic Design & Warranty

The powerful motors present in the Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan provides airflow of 6416 CFM which is quite sufficient in the room. As the motor rotates silently the ceiling fan considered as the quiet ceiling fan. There is also a reversible motor present to provide reverse rotation of blades in different weather conditions. With the help of two motors, the air spread in two modes. They are

  1. Summer Mode: The blades of Casablanca Fan 59510 rotate in the anticlockwise direction which gives cool air in the room. It is best suitable when you feel hot.
  2. Winter Mode: The blades rotate in the clockwise direction and block the cold drafts to give warm air.

By sitting at one place you can change the speed of your Casablanca Ceiling Fan 59510. The remote control is attached to your small ceiling fan through which you can increase or decrease the different fan speeds according to your requirement. Stay Tune For More Updates Of Ceiling Fans To

High-efficiency motor certified by energy star certification which produces high energy while rotating. So, you no need to worry about the efficient airflow as it is energy star certified. Its EU Energy Efficient Label number is 206.

Painted finishing design and snow white color make the Casablanca 59510 Panama DC 54-inch look beautiful. If you want to keep lights you can also install on the ceiling fan. But you have to buy the light kit separately.

Casablanca Fans Warranty is different for parts and motors. Motors consists limited warranty and the parts have one year warranty. If you get any damage in the period of warranty the responsibility is taken by the company. The Casablanca 59510 provides the home service guarantee for 120 days. If you get any problem in these 120 days Casablanca sends professional to provide service or else you can return it for free repair without any cost from original purchaser.


Specification Name Value
Panama DC 54 Remote
Item model number
Product Dimensions
14.4 x 23 x 10.9 inches
Item Weight
19 pounds
Snow White
Product Type
Ceiling Fan
Limited lifetime motor warranty, 120-day in-home service warranty, 1-year parts and electronics warranty excluding glass and bulbs.

Casablanca DC Panama 6 Speed Ceiling Fan Model 59510

Everyone wants power savings in the home. The Casablanca fans take less input power while rotating. The electricity usage for the Casablanca fans is 32.4 watts which are very less compared to other ceiling fans. So, it is considered as the Best Ceiling Fans. Best Price Casablanca 59510 fan is very less which is affordable for all people. The motors present in the Casablanca Model 59510 provides different modes of air which is most comfortable in every season. The motors also provide sufficient airflow of 6,146 CFM in the room.

With the help of Casablanca Fan Remote, you can increase or decrease the speed of the Casablanca Ceiling Fan 59510 by sitting in one place of the room. Casablanca Fans Parts provide efficient airflow to make you relax. Six fan speeds make you comfortable, you can easily switch between different airspeeds as per your requirement. The DC Motor provides efficient energy too. The five blades with 15° Blade Pitch provides air for the large area of the room nearly 150 sq. Ft. to 300 sq. Ft. of room.

Dimensions Of Casablanca 59510 Panama DC 54-inch Ceiling Fan

The overall fan size 54 inches which are best suitable for the ceiling. The weight also very low near to 19 pounds, so anyone can easily install on a ceiling. 10.9 inches height makes the Casablanca DC Panama 6-Speed Ceiling Fan Model 59510 to fix for any ceiling which provides sufficient airflow in the room. Fan blades with 21.5 inches Length and 4.5 inches Width attached to the ceiling fan which rotates with input electricity and provides efficient airflow in the room. A downrod with 3 inches is attached to the ceiling and ceiling fan to fix ceiling fan with a ceiling of the room.


  • Reversible motor
  • Quick Operation
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Star Certified


  • With the help of remote control, you can easily change the speed of the fan
  • 13 degrees blade pitch provides sufficient airflow in the room
  • As ENERGY STAR Certified, it provides high energy services
  • Powerful Dc Motor and Reversible Motor provide two modes of air
  • 3-inch downrod to fix ceiling fan to ceiling
  • It is best suitable for indoor locations


  • Light Kit is not present in the ceiling fan


Does this Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan come with the wall control?

 Yes, Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan does come with a remote control.

How many speeds does this Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan have?

Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan has 3 speed controls.

Bottom Line

Without sacrificing the beauty and performance, you can buy Casablanca 59510 Ceiling Fan. The best ceiling fan with high air delivery in the room is nothing but Casablanca Fan 59510. You can feel relax in any weather conditions, as it works in two modes. The Casablanca Ceiling Fan 59510 is the best competitor for other ceiling fans with its Vast Features and specs. I believe, after reading this review you will get all clarity about Casablanca Fan 59510. I strongly say this is the best review. Casablanca Fans Amazon provides great offers. If you want to buy Casablanca Ceiling Fans, Amazon is the best place.

The Casablanca 59510 Ceiling fan is used by most of the people as the price is affordable by all. The powerful Dc motor and reversible motors provide efficient airflow. Stay Comfort at home with Casablanca Dc Panama 6 Speed Ceiling Fan Model 59510.

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