Best Rated Small Ceiling Fans in 2020 – Ideal for Bathrooms, Hallways & Other Small Areas

Best Rated Small Ceiling Fans in 2020 - Ideal for Bathrooms, Hallways & Other Small Areas

Best Small Ceiling Fans

Ages ago, affluent are used to have some manual structures made of wood and fabrics hanging from the ceiling.  From that manual concept, ceiling fans traveled through time by all means and now generically can be defined as a mechanical unit, which hangs from the ceiling of any space, contains three or more rotating blades to circulate air. These days ceiling fans are mostly running on electricity and controlled by either some wall-mounted old-school control systems or new-age remote access devices.  

Small Ceiling Fan Reviews

The ceilings fans available in the market in different size variants, color options, the price range is uncountable. Nowadays, different manufacturers are producing different variants of the same ceiling fan models to make a choice a bit tougher. At this moment, in this article, we have shortlisted some of the best ceiling fan models, especially for small-sized rooms, from different price range, which will help you to choose the perfect one for your very own space. Here are some of the Best Small Ceiling Fan Reviews you must read before buying the right one for you.

Top 10 Best Small Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Lighting 7224300 Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7224300 Quince 24-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan image

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED, pull chain control

Hunter 59301 Indoor White Aker 36 inch pull chain control Ceiling Fan image

Prominence Home 41530-01 Hero 28" Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 4153001 Hero 28-inches Hugger Small Glossy White Ceiling Fan image

The Quince 7224300 lighting ceiling fan is supposed to be the First inclusion in our list mentioned above of best ceiling fans for small rooms. A perfect choice of rooms between 80 sq. Ft to 100 sq. Ft in size, this 24-inch six-bladed fan is smart, efficient and highly effective all year round. Equipped with a powerful and industrial-grade 153/9 mm reversible motor made of silicone steel and along with two capacitors, this ceiling fan also possesses three-significant speed levels (low/ medium/high) for providing the utmost comfort to the user all year along. 

The blades are also asymmetric in style and fashion to enhance the airflow to some bits as well. Now, in terms of the design, this particular small ceiling fan with lights is entirely different from the generic wood finish or ABS ceiling fans with its rustic gunmetal finish and looks pretty well with almost all types of room décor including both classic and contemporary.

  • Small ceiling fan in the rustic gunmetal finish with 6 blades

  • 3- different speed settings with the reversible motor

  • A 60-watt bulb is included with the light fixture

  • Separate summer and winter mode

The included light fixture with 60-watt light bulb and frosted opal glass also get blend in pretty well with the entire rustic vibes as well. Along with the 3- different speed settings the separate summer and winter modes can also be endoreversible with just a click of a switch. The summer mode lets the fan run in a counter-clockwise motion, creating a chilling effect on the entire room and contrary, in the winter mode, the fan runs in a clockwise motion to escalate the movement of the warm air throughout the room as well. With multiple mounting features, this particular small fan for ceiling can be a perfect choice for spaces like a guest room or walk-in closet or kids’ rooms as well.  





As the manufacturer say that “once you buy a hunter fan, you might say you may become a fan for life”- this eventually becomes the universal truth for the company itself. One of the famous ceiling fans manufacturing company, It is known for developing highly functional and long-lasting ceilings fans in an affordable price range. The Aker-59301 model is no difference at all. With one of the most dedicated and innovative research and development team, Hunter is trying to push their limit by designing and developing the improved quality of ceiling fans all the time. Irrespective of its small size, this particular one is also equipped with state-of-the-art WhisperWind motor, which is meant to provide a seamless and continuous airflow yet without any significant noise output.

  • Minimal looking small ceiling fan with three 36” blades

  • Blade pitched at 13-degree

  • Whisper wind motor-powerful yet silent

  • Reversible function with both downdraft and updraft movement

  • Light fixture is attached

  • Can also be controlled with pull chain

Both the reversible blades and the reversible motor is responsible for the separate downdraft and updraft movement of the ceiling in both summer and winter season respectively. In terms of the design perspective, the white central body embodies minimalism, and the 3 blades come with dual shades; either white or natural oak; to choose from. The minimal looking light fixture is also going well with the entire vibe of the fan. Along with regular wall-mounted control panel, a pull chain is also included in the ceiling fan for more natural and hassle-free controlling sometimes.





It is considered as one of the best small ceiling fans with light in recent times. the Prominence home 41530-01 model is happening to be the next inclusion in our list mentioned above. Again, a great quality ceiling fan for small bedrooms or workspace but in a highly affordable price range. Like the previously mentioned Minka -Aire model, this particular one is also a small and compact hugger fan but with 5 reversible fan blades. Also equipped with a state-of-the-art powerful reversible motor, this small ceiling fan with remote is compatible to run along the year.

  • Small sized ceiling fan with standard 28” blade

  • Reversible motor

  • 3- different speed settings

  • Separate downdraft and updraft motion for summer and winter seasons

  • Light fixture included

  • Can be controlled by both pull chain and remote control

The separate downdraft and updraft modes are meant to circulate cold air and hot air, respectively during summer and winter season to keep the inside of the room comfortable and well ventilated all the time. The outlook of this particular ceiling fan is entirely inspired by the vintage era and the whole whitewash variant adding to the overall look only. Also comprises of an inverted mushroom-shaped light fixture, the opal globe decreases the brightness of the LED and creates a warm hue of light throughout the house. Along with the traditional pull chain on/off feature, this ceiling fan for small bedroom from ProminenceProminence is compatible with almost all universal fan remotes.





The next one in the list of best ceiling fans is again from the famous fan manufacturing company Hunter, hence making it two back to back in the list. This particular Hunter 53237 small ceiling fan looks somewhat similar to the pieces which are being used in the Victorian era as ceiling fans, which doubles up as decorative pieces as well. A completely vintage looking ceiling fan comes in both brushed nickel and Brazilian cherry combination, it reminds the ceiling fan used in palaces during the historical era. 

The chandelier shaped light fixtures are also adding to the entire feel, though attaching them with the fan is entirely optional and depends upon the consumer solely. In terms of technicalities, this 52″ fan is equipped with hunter patented Whisper wind motors ensures a powerful and silent performance for the longest period possible.

  • Vintage looking ceiling fan with chandelier style light fixture

  • 52” blades with three different speed settings and pull chain to control them

  • Whisper wind motor for powerful and silent performance

  • Updraft and downdraft motion

  • Convenient 3-position mounting system

  • Three incandescent types of bulbs are included

The unique hanging system of this particular small space ceiling fan is making the entire process free of any new wobble and vibrations as well. The reversible motor along with four reversible blades possess separate downdraft and updraft motions with three-significant fan speed as well to maintain optimal airflow in both the summer and winter seasons respectively. 

With their 126 years of experience, Hunter is producing best quality ceiling fans and other electronic products till now, and this particular one is one of them. Though we couldn’t resist ourselves from listing it as a small ceiling fan, with 52″ blades and 5049 CFM airflow capacity, it can be a great choice for rooms with oy up to 485 sq. Ft of area.   





If you are someone who is entirely onto the old school vibes in terms of room décor and furnishing and other home improvement materials then this Litex BRC30WW6L small ceiling fan is for you. Like any other high quality small size ceiling fans, this particular one is also comprising of a powerful and reversible motor for a seamless performance all year along. The 6- reversible blade is also designed and developed to ensure airflow throughout the room to keep the atmosphere comfortable and well ventilated. Along with maintaining optimal airflow, the included motor is also well-balanced to keep the fan free of any wobbles and also comparatively way quieter than any other small ceiling fan from the same genre.

  • 30” ceiling fan with all wish washed outer body

  • Opal mushroom light fixture is included

  • 6- consecutive blades

  • 3-different sped mode with reversible motor

But the most interesting feature of this particular small white ceiling fan with light is its complete vintage outlook, and the all-white wash is doing nothing but adding to the whole old-school vibe. To go with the entire rustic vibe, the mushroom light fixture is also an added component and increases the style quotient to many folds. 

The included 6.5-watt LED bulb is also adjustable as per the user’s requirement as well. And finally, to get blend in with the whole seamless look, this particular small ceiling fan with light can only use regular flash mount installation to get hang from the ceiling. The entire whitewash outlook makes any room brighter in seconds, and hence makes this ceiling fan a perfect choice for bedrooms and walk-in closets etc.   





If you are looking for an extremely cheap ceiling fan for your guest room or small office space or for any room or space with an estimated total area of around 100 sq. Ft then this Honeywell ocean breeze ceiling fan can be the perfect choice for you. An incredibly stylish looking ceiling fan, this 50601-01 is posses a contemporary yet vintage-looking vibe with the dual finish outer body. Whereas the central body of the ceiling fan comes in a brushed nickel finish, the blades themselves comprise of two different finishes on each side. Comes with either dark shade satin nickel finish or subtle light oak’ these can be reversed at any point of time in accordance to the requirement of the user only.

  • Contemporary looking small ceiling fan with a vintage feel

  • Generic three-bladed fan

  • Blade span is 30”

  • 3-different adjustable speed

  • Dual finish ceiling fan with brushed nickel body and dark/light shaded blade

  • The light fixture includes two 4.5 watts white globe bulbs (LED)

  • Light can be adjustable up to 20%

The potent yet very much quiet reversible motor is equipped with three different speed modes along with separate downdraft and updraft modes to ensure optimal airflow in both winter and summer seasons. A perfect choice for rooms under 10ft x 10 ft size, this small flush mount ceiling fan can keep the temperature comfortable and the room well ventilated while in function. 

The in-built light fixture, which comes with this small ceiling fan is also included two 4.5 watts LED bulbs which can be adjusted to up to 20% white light which can also act as the alternate lighting solution to your space. Comes with two different mounting systems, this small room ceiling fan with light can be flush mounted in both down rod and angled manner.





Another best ceiling fans of this decade is from one of the leading and most innovative brands in the market of home improvements and electronic products, Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is famous around the globe for manufacturing best quality ceiling fans in trend inspired and fashion-forward designs. 

The 4MC20RB model from the manufacturer portrays the same. One of the smallest ceiling fans available in the market, at this particular point of time, this ceiling fan for small room is rated as one of the best among the lot, all because of its excellent design and great functionality. As it is loaded with so many unique and updated features, you must try it for sure.

  • High-grade torque-induction engine

  • 3-different speed settings

  • The blade pitch is around 12- degrees

  • Power usage: 40 watts

The very first thing about this ceiling fan which attracts the most is its art deco style, small and compact shape in dark Roman Bronze with ABS grade blades. The outlook is very much a combination of classic vintage with a touch of contemporary affluence. Now coming to the technicalities, this particular small ceiling fan is equipped with a premium-grade and powerful 153 x 10 mm torque-induction motor, which is known for a relatively quiet performance for a more extended period. With 3-different speed settings, the 20″ and 12 degrees pitched 4 small blades are there for ensuring optimal airflow through all seasons as well. The blades and the central body of the fan are perfectly well balances which ensure minimum wobble and additional movements while on the operation.





If minimalism is the ultimate thing for you, then there is nothing better than this Minka-Aire F510-WH small ceiling fan in recent time. Though a bit pricier in terms of a small size ceiling fan, this particular one is worth all the penny spent on as it is a great quality product in terms of both built and functionality. Comprises of the generic three 26″ blade and with a 14″ perfect blade pitch, the airflow is optimum and bring a chill feeling to the skin during the hot summer days.

 It is impossible to guess the power of this particular small ceiling by looking at its small and compact size. The complete while color finish also increases the minimalistic quotient of the fan and looks good with almost any type of room and space décor.

  • Small size fan with 26” blades

  • Blade pitch is around 14”

  • Manual switching non-reversible motor

  • Standard wall control with a separate control panel for the light fixture

  • 50-watt halogen bulb is included

The light fixture in this small ceiling fan with light is also comprised of a 50 watts halogen bulb, but the opal glass covering on the front decreases the brightness to a level that will not hurt the eyes of the users. Unlike all other great quality ceiling fans for small bedroom, this Minka-Aire one is comprised of an old-school type wall control panel with separate control switches for the light only. With a non-reversible manual switching motor, this particular small fan exhibits great performance with a 4-significant speed setting as well. 





The next inclusion in the list is again from the house of Minka, the prodigal Minka-Aire F518 flagship ceiling fan, which is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and innovative one our list. Though priced at the extremely higher-end, for all the intricate details the fan consists in terms of both design and functioning, the money spent on it seems worth. Think this fan as a complete one-time investment. A perfect choice for indoor spaces as It is a small and compact hugger fan unit with three standard concave blades.

The blades are connected to central body of the ceiling fan in a 14-degree angle to maintain a continuous and optimal airflow in both the summer and winter seasons. Not only the super-sharp concave blades but the powerful 153 x 15 mm spinner motor also accentuates the fan’s performance and that depicts in the maximum airflow capacity of the ceiling fan, which calculates up to 4600 CFM with only 40 watts of electricity usage.

  • Premium grade fan in a glossier brushed nickel finish and 44” blades

  • Blades are pitched at 14-degree

  • Powerful spinner motor

  • 186 RPM on high speed and 86 RPM on the lowest speed

  • Light fixtures include a 100-watt mini halogen bulb

  • Remote access device included

The entire motor and other internal parts of this particular small ceiling fan are housed in a compact nickel finish, all-metal fan body, which has the total hanging depth of only 10.5″. the inbuilt light fixture is included in the central body of the ceiling fan. It only consists of a 100-watt mini halogen bulb with a round opal glass cover over it to decreases the direct brightness. To go with almost all types of room and home décor, different color variants and finishes like Oil rubbed bronze and all whitewash is also available in the market for the same ceiling fan. Both the fan speed and brightness of the light can easily and conveniently control by the included remote control as well.





The Last in the list mentioned above of Best ceiling fans for small bedrooms are from one of the popular electrical equipment manufacturing company, Emerson. Emerson is known for small size super fans which are loaded with many great features, and the company keeps the individual product budget on the affordable side as well. 

The particular small ceiling fan we are about to discuss here is the CF702ORB Northwind flagship company, which not only looks beautiful but also has one of the greatest features among all the products we discussed in this list. A complete vintage looking ceiling fans for small bedrooms or laundry room, this one consists of five consecutive 29″ blades, which are connected to the central body of the fan in a 22- degree blade pitch.

  • Bronze oil finished small ceiling fan with 29” blade

  • Blade pitch is 22-degree

  • Comprises of 5 individual reversible blades for better airflow

  • Powerful reversible motor

  • Lights can be fixed with the unit

  • Simple wall-control

The included reversible motor is of the same capacity of a 42″ fan motor, thus ensures optimal airflow in both summer and winter. A superfan is such a small and compact size, this one possesses a massive airflow capacity of 3430 CFM, making this small bedroom ceiling fan suitable for little to medium-sized rooms as well. 

The cherry/ walnut finish on the ceiling fan looks great with room décor which has a classic wooden finish on it. Another interesting feature about this fan’s design is that it is adaptable to almost any kind of LED light fixture. It solely depends on the user to whether to use it as an alternative lighting option or not.





A generic and standard ceiling fan used to have the blade size in between 42″ to 56″. Now as the name itself can understand it, a small ceiling fan is something suitable for comparatively smaller spaces such as single dorm room, or office spaces, possibly up to or below 75 sq — feet of area. In order to get fit on such a small space and move freely, the specialized small ceiling fan only has the blade span from 29″ to 36″. 

Previously, ceiling fans are solely considered as seasonal devices, which was mainly used during summer to cool and ventilate the entire room. But nowadays, with so many improving technologies, ceiling fans are not restricted to the summer season only, but they are widely being used during winters as well. Just like in summer, during winter, the ceiling fans use to circulate hot air from the room heater inside the room to keep it warm and comfortable. In the case of small rooms, ceiling fans are essential during summer seasons, as without proper air circulation and ventilation, small-sized rooms can get stuffed up and extremely hot.

There are several different size verities of ceiling fans are available in the market to make the whole fan choosing the process a little bit easier for the consumer. But technically the perfect size of any ceiling fan solely depends on the size of the room only. At this moment we are attaching a size chart of room size to fan size proportion to help you to get the idea a bit more precisely.

Other than the room size and fan size proportion, another more efficient and more precise way to determine the exact fan size for your room is the determination of CFM. CFM or cubic feet per minute is the determination of a fan’s efficiency regarding airflow. 

29” – 36” UP TO OR LESS THAN 75 SQ. FT.
42” - 48” UP TO OT BELOW 175 SQ. FT.
52” – 56” UP TO 350 SQ. FT.

Ceiling fans are more like a necessity these days, and almost every house has at least one installed or many. Buying a ceiling fan is also not that much tricky and complicated and needs only some very few considerations only. Though these days the manufacturers make the ceiling fan buying process way easier by making multiple color and size variations of one single ceiling fan model, still the below-discussed points are necessary as well. These are

  • As the motor is the essential part of any generic ceiling fan, so it is a wise choice to go for a premium quality one as you are investing a lot of money on a mere ceiling fan. The best quality motor ensures maximum functionality of the fan for the longest time possible. 
  • The blade pitch is also an important consideration before investing in a ceiling fan. The blade pitch is the part of the key hardware which maintains the airflow inside a space. The higher the pitch, the fan will circulate more amount of air as well.
  • Always consider the size of your room before buying a ceiling fan. For e.g., if your room is smaller in size, a larger size fan will be a total waste.
  • In today’s time, only a perfectly functioning fan is not enough, and you need to invest in a model that will look good with your entire room décor and will eventually take the whole room vibe together. From vintage to traditional to contemporary, ceiling fans possess most of the intricate designs these days. So, it will always be a tremendous wise choice to go for the one which will increase the room’s style quotient to many folds.
  • Ceilings fans equipped with several speed modes or natural breeze modes are always a better choice to invest in. As these are convenient and can be adjusted by the user’s preference as well.
  • Ceiling fans can also be used as an alternative lighting option in homes, so also consider the fans with in-built light fixtures as well.

Frequent maintenance of any electronic gadgets is an essential step, as they help in the optimal functioning of the machine and also increases its shelf life. The situation here in the case of generic ceiling fans are no different at all. There are a few necessary steps which are all the basic maintenance of the ceiling fan is all about. These are:

In most of the situation’s dust gets accumulated on the edges of the fan blades, making it relatively slower than usual. It avoids these situations dusting and thorough cleaning of the fan once in a while is required. To thoroughly clean up the fan, first, you need to dust off all the loose dirt and clean the fan body with a damp cloth. Naturally drying of the fan is necessary before the next use as well.

Always keep an eye on all the screws and other connecting parts that are keeping the whole fan unit together. Due to excessive usage, a mild vibration may generate from the motor, which eventually results in the loosening of the screws. An occasional tightening of the screws with a screwdriver, keep the fans safe and help it in proper functioning as well.

Frequent lubrication of different joints and motor of the fan with any light oil is always proven helpful to keep the fan on its optimal functioning stage for the longest period of time.

Always looking for any additional movement or wobble in the fan while it is working to check the balance. The central body of the ceiling fan may move sideways while the fan is working if the balance is not proper. Otherwise, in a perfectly balanced fan, the center body has to stay still. Also, examine the blades often to looking for ant unnecessary dents or warped ones.


Where to buy Small Ceiling Fans?

You can get Small Ceiling Fans at Home Depot and Amazon.

What is the smallest size Ceiling Fan?

The smallest size Ceiling Fan ranges from 29" to 36".

Finally, as a conclusion, it can be said that there are so many different types and variations are available in such a regular and straightforward home electrical gadgets. It is very much easy to get spoilt for choices. There can be so many reasons behind going for a new ceiling fan for your home. So, it is always a wise choice to consider all the necessary criteria, like room size, fan size, etc. before going for the perfect one. Due to so many options, the whole buying a whole new fan for your room can be a bit daunting, but the result is so satisfying that it is worth all the long hours spent on the buying process only. 

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