High-quality Industrial Ceiling Fans of 2020 that are ideal for any commercial space

High-quality Industrial Ceiling Fans of 2020 that are ideal for any commercial space

Top Rated Commercial Ceiling Fans Reviews

Ordinary ceiling fans are not an ideal fit for large commercial spaces. For such places, you require a Best Industrial ceiling fan which can circulate sizeable amount of air for the larger areas. Places like warehouses, factories and office space have high ceilings. The industrial style ceiling fans, with its large blade span, offers a higher spin rate to distribute the air throughout the room. They have larger blades span, and the blades are made of metal or hard ABS plastic which features long-lasting and high performance. This Industrial fans cannot be used for residential purposes as they have a very high spin rate and should be installed at a minimum height of 10 feet from the ground. Industrial fans are also known as heat fans as they can be switched to spin in the reverse direction to circulate the hot air from the ceiling to the floor. 

Here we have best industrial ceiling fans Reviews which are suitable for large industrial areas. By the end of the article, you get to know all the basic information required for the best large commercial ceiling fans and how to select the right one. What are you wating for explire big air fan reviews to choose one. 

9 Best Industrial Ceiling Fan Reviews 2020

All of us is aware of what a regular ceiling fan is! A ceiling fan something hangs from our ceiling in the center point of our house, small to medium in size, usually have a three to four rotator blades, which rotates fast when connected to the electricity and gives us air. But the question is what is large commercial ceiling fans? Now Big Industrial ceiling fans or high-volume-low-speed Fan are huge in size, specifically more than 7 feet in diameter and meant for distributed a large amount of air at a moderately low rotational speed to a relatively large space. 

Typically, the applications for high-volume-low-speed fans divided into two broad classifications—industrial usage and commercial. In industrial applications, installation and maintenance of air conditioning is often cost-prohibitive or impractical. In order to reduce that cost, large fans were installed in spaces like warehouses, barns, distribution centers and hangers to prevent heat stress and also to increase worker comfort, which in turn leads to increase the productivity of both workers and livestock. Industrial ceiling fans are also used in commercial spaces, where air conditioning system in more commonly seen, but increased air movement from huge ceiling fans can help to spread the comfortable air to a large area and thus decrease the cost of some large numbers of air conditioning machines, running 24 hours to keep the area comfortable. Typical commercial applications of these ceiling fans include shopping malls, office buildings, schools, churches, airport terminal buildings, fitness centers and schools etc.

The first invention of commercial outdoor fans, dated back to the late 1990s, when William Fairbank, a professor at the University of California at Riverside, and Walter K. Boyd first patented the design of large ceiling fans specially made for agricultural usage. During its first years the benefits of industrial fans are only restricted to agricultural farms, especially in the dairy industry.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 5061401 52-inches Indoor Rustic Barnwood Blades Matte Black Ceiling Fan image

Westinghouse 7861400 Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three Blade Indoor Brushed Nickel Steel Blades Ceiling Fan image

Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja 72inches Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan image

The First one, the list of top 10 industrial ceiling fan, is the Honeywell manufactured Commercial ceiling fan which is known to add a rustic vibe space. This particular model provides a hushed, noise-free operation for the ease and comfort of the user. The magnificent and powerful 3 speed-reversible motor is known for durability and convenience. There are two distinctive downdraft mode and updraft mode for optimal airflow for all around the year, this in turn also helps to control the temperature of the space with ease.

  • Reversible Motor

  • Quiet

  • Light Fixture

  • Remote Control

Dual-finish reversible blades, which are present in the ceiling fan, can style up space within seconds. This industrial ceiling fan with light comes with a different finish blade which can be chosen according to the need and choice of the user. This small industrial fan also has a three-tiered mount option which ensures dynamic hanging abilities. This Fan can be mounted both with a down rod (standard), angled-mount (sloped) and flush-mount (4” down rod included with purchase).





The next one on the list of Top 10 best industrial ceiling fans is from the house of Westinghouse. This particular fan model is created in mind the mechanical appeal of modern time. It is 56” large industrial-grade ceiling fan, appropriate for spaces like a warehouse, large work areas, industrial setups, factories etc. The Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan is equipped with five different speed selection settings to increase control of the user over the airflow, based on the temperature. 

  • 5-speed wall control

  • Wall Control

  • Durable

  • Easy to install

This is a standard three-blade fan with brushed nickel finish. This finish ensures a rust-free smooth operation for a prolonged period. The wall control is equipped with is a large industrial control switchboard which is chiefly meant for bigger areas. So you are going to get another wall control if you planned to used that on your home as well because the one switchboard it comes with will not look goof with home environment.





The Casa velocity ceiling fan is an industrial style ceiling fan with a blade span of 72 inches and a blade pitch of 16 degrees. This contemporary style industrial ceiling fan gives a fascinating look at all the modern homes. The Fan is equipped with a motor of brushed nickel finish and a dimension of 188 x 25 mm. This industrial outdoor ceiling fan is UL listed and suitable for damp locations but cannot be used in humid areas with saltwater exposure. A 6” down rod is included with the Fan. For optimal airflow, this industrial outdoor fans is better to set up the Fan at the height of 10 feet from the floor.

  • Brushed nickel finish

  • Steel blades

  • 72” blade span

  • UL listed for damp locations

  • Wall control

The Casa velocity small industrial ceiling fan is capable of providing an airflow of 8357.2 cubic feet per minute and features an airflow efficiency of 113 cubic feet per minute per watt. The maximum electricity usage by this Fan is 73.68 watts, excluding the lights. You can control the Fan easily with the wall control unit which is provided with the Fan. 





The Honeywell Phelix ceiling fan is a industrial Style ceiling fan made of chrome body and suited for indoor use. This Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light consists of three blades of ABS plastic which can deliver very good air circulation throughout the room. The Honeywell Phelix ceiling fan is well suited for larger indoor areas with a room size of 20 ft x 20 ft or larger. The Honeywell industrial ceiling fan light consists of three LED spotlights which can deliver good brightness to the room.

  • 3 black ABS blades

  • Dimmable light

  • Dual mounting capability

  • Reversible motor

  • Pull chain provided

Also, the light can be dimmed if you need so. Being dual mount compatible, you can either hang this industrial style ceiling fan on the ceiling using down the rod or on angled ceilings using angle bracket which has to be purchased separately. A 4” down rod is provided with the Fan. The reversible motor with triple speed can be switched to spin in reverse direction during winter to obtain warm air from the ceiling. This Fan can also be operated with the pull chain which is provided with it. The Honeywell big commercial fans has a limited lifetime warranty.





The Big Air 72 in. Indoor Metallic Industrial Fan comes with a unique design that complements both casual settings such as shops and barns and sophisticated spaces like the office or living room. It is an indoor fan with large diameter blades, which are meant to deliver a relatively cool air circulation and can be used in both summer and winter season to cool any area effectively. Yes, this living room ceiling fans includes a 6-speed remote to provide the ultimate convenience to the customer.

  • Reversible Fan

  • Energy Efficient

  • Remote Controlled Operation

 It has a significant 9 blade designed for high volume air movement. It rotates in the reversible direction as well to change according to seasonal needs and also comes with a multipurpose remote-control head, by which one or more fans can be simultaneously controlled. It is energy efficient and has a convenient wall holder for remote storage. This outdoor industrial ceiling fan is capable of saving up to 65% more efficient than traditional AC fan motors.





The Big Air 88 inch industrial Style Ceiling fan comes with a brushed nickel finish and are suitable for residential as well as industrial areas. It has large diameter blades so that it can provide cooler air to more coverage area. The speed can be varied from six different levels using remote control. Its remote control is compatible to be used with other fans as well. The Big Air modern industrial ceiling fan is damp-rated and can be used in covered outdoor patios and porches.

  • 9 blades

  • Reversible

  • 6 speed

  • Remote controlled

  • Brushed nickel finish

  • Damp rated

  • Energy star certification

 This Industrial Ceiling Fan has 9 blades for circulating a greater volume of air. During winter, if you need warm air circulation, you can switch it to rotate in a reversible direction to deliver the trapped warm from the ceiling downwards. The fan motor is energy star rated and is very efficient with 65% more efficiency compared to other traditional ceiling fans, thus saving your energy costs. A 6-inch standard size down rod and remote control with wall holder is included in the package. A warranty of one year backs the Big Air industrial style ceiling fan. 





If you are looking for a powerful and sturdy industrial ceiling fan with light, then the Hyperikon ceiling fan is the best choice. It is equipped with a motor with a power rating of 38 watts for 2060 CFM. The Hyperikon Small Industrial Ceiling Fan offers an airflow efficiency of 54 CFM/W with a spin rate of 189 rpm. The Hyperikon ceiling fan is built of sleek iron body and has five ABS blades and is long-lasting with good performance. A remote control is provided with this Fan so that you can control it from anywhere. Using the remote, you can change the fan speed, switch on or off the fan lights, set the timer and change the fan spin to reverse direction.

  • 54 CFM/W airflow efficiency

  • 189 rpm spin rate

  • Five ABS blades

  • Remote control

  • Six variable speed

  • COB diode technology

  • Two way rotation

The Fan consists of integrated LED with cutting edge integrated COB Diode Technology so that you do not have to replace the bulbs. With these LED bulbs, the room gets illuminated with natural white light of 1020 lm. The Fan is capable of two-way rotation and the direction of spinning can be changed depending on the seasonal variations. The Hyperikon industrial ceiling fan with light has an unlimited warranty of 5 years.





The Emerson ceiling fan is designed with airfoil blades which offer greater air circulation with minimal drag. With a barbeque black finish, this Emerson ceiling fan offers a stylish look to the room. There are three blades with a blade span of 60 inches which are made of chemical resistant polypropylene. The Fan has only single speed, and so you do not have the option to change the speed of the Fan.

  • Barbeque black finish

  • Contoured blades

  • 60 inches blade span

  • 120 volts bulb

  • 6” down rod

  • Non reversible

  • Single speed

The Emerson modern industrial ceiling fan is not reversible and can only be used to obtain cool air to the room. For better airflow, it is recommended to install the blades at the height of at least 10 feet from the floor. This modern industrial ceiling fan comes with a light which uses 120 V and provides the required brightness to the room. You can hang the fan on the ceiling using the 6” down rod which is provided with the Fan.





The Last one in the list if from the house of Ciata. This is an industrial ceiling fan for indoor purposes with 56” diameter. This appliance is an excellent choice for industrial and commercial spaces as well. This model is developed with a great design, with a white finish so it can fit all types of locations and spaces. The product comprises of a five-speed wall control unit for better control over the machine. This particular one is a perfect choice for workshops, large workspaces and living areas, including high ceiling rooms.

  • Airflow Efficiency

  • 5 Speed Wall Control

  • Ball hanger installation system

 It is always recommended to hang it at least 10 feet above the floor for safety measures. The appliance comes with a voltage power of 120 V and the wattage power of 60 W, which will make it more competent and dynamic. As this industrial Fan is made of steel, it will make it last for a long time so that it can serve your needs. This model also comes with a 5-speed wall control system. 





All these big ceiling fans work on a specific principle that cool rotating air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer in the area, which surrounds the body and escalates evaporation to produce a cooling effect. Ceiling fans meant to produce a column of air as they rotate. This column of air flows down and out along the floor. This is called a horizontal floor jet. This deep wall of horizontal moving air is both relative diameter of a fan and to the speed of a fan, but in a lesser degree. Once the floor jet reaches its maximum potential, it flows outward until it meets a side wall or other vertical hard surface.

Inorder to select the best industrial ceiling fans, you have to make sure that it meets all the major features explained below.

Check the UL listing of the Fan- whether it is UL dry rated, UL damp rated or UL wet rated. The UL dry rated Commercial fans can be used for indoor areas where there is no humidity or moisture. The UL damp rated industrial ceiling fans can be used in indoors or covered outdoors as it can accommodate limited levels of humidity. The UL wet rated industrial fan consist of weather-resistant blades and motor housings and can be used in outdoor areas such as car porches. 

Not all fans are suitable for every room. You have to select the right one depending on the size of the room or the coverage area required. So check for the coverage area the large industrial ceiling fans can provide and select accordingly. You can calculate the square footage by multiplying the length and the width of the room.

The industrial ceiling fan with lights may consist of either LED, halogen or fluorescent bulbs. The LED lights are the energy-efficient ones with an average lifespan of around 50,000 hours. The halogen bulbs have an average lifespan of 1500 hours and consume more energy than the LED or fluorescent light sources. The fluorescent bulbs consume lesser energy than the halogen light sources and more than the LED bulbs and has an average lifespan of 10000 hours.

These large industrial fan can be controlled with remote control, pull chains or wall control. The remote control offers you more convenience as you can control it from anywhere the room. Not all fans remote control compatible. So check for the remote control compatibility of the fans.

Fans with DC motors offer higher torque and uses lesser energy than the AC fan motors. The motor determines the airflow efficiency of the Fan. So select the Commercial ceiling fans with powerful dc motors which can deliver greater airflow efficiency.

The most trusted consumer brands of industrial Style ceiling fans are of Honeywell, Emerson and Hunter. 

The Honeywell produces a high power ceiling fan with good customer reviews. It is suitable for large indoor spaces. Honeywell offers dual mount compatibility for its big commercial fans. Also, reversible airflow feature of the Honeywell ceiling fans is a benefit during winters to circulate warm air in the room.

The Emerson Commercial ceiling fan which comes with airfoil blades, offers excellent air circulation with more extensive coverage and is the best industrial ceiling fan. It can provide air circulation to an area of 3500 sq. Feet when placed at the height of 20 feet from the ground.

The Hunter HVLS industrial fans offer more air circulation as compared to other industrial fans. The Hunter ceiling fans use 50% less energy and are energy efficient with its efficient motors. The airfoil blades reduce the drag and offer better air circulation. With plenty of features, surely the Hunter is one of the best brands for commercial outdoor fans.

You can get to know the size of the ceiling fan by considering various factors explained as follows. 

Based on room size

  1. Consider the length of the longest wall of the room to determine the right sized ceiling fan.

If the wall size is 12 feets, then you can select the industrial ceiling fan of 36 inches.

If the wall size is in the range of 12 to 15 feet, then you require a fan of 40 to 48 inches for the room.

For walls greater than 15 feet, the fan size required is 52 inches wide or higher.

  1. Calculate the square footage of the room by measuring the length and breadth of the room and then multiply it.

If the room size is less than 75 sq. ft, you require a ceiling fan of 36 inches

If the room size is in the range of 75 to 144 sq. ft, the ceiling fan size should be of 36 to 42 inches.

If the room is larger with a square footage of 225 sq. feet, then the ceiling fan with a blade span of 50 to 52 inches is the right fit.


  1. If there are any obstacles such as light, beams etc, then the fan tip should be at least two feet away from those obstacles.
  2. The fan should be placed 5 to 7 feet from the ceiling.
  3. The fan should be at the height of 10 to 24 feet from the floor. 


Where to buy large Industrial Ceiling Fans?

 Industrial Ceiling Fans are available on stores like Amazon, Alibaba, and Gaxiaofan.com. Prefer Amazon for good warranty and low price compared to others.

Do the lights and cage come with the Industrial Ceiling Fan?

Yes, lights and a cage come with the Industrial Ceiling fan.

What are the three mounting options of Industrial Ceiling Fans?

The below three are the mounting options of Industrial Ceiling Fans-

  • Close-to-Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling Fans with Downrods
  • Hugger Ceiling Fans
How do you reverse the motor of Industrial Ceiling Fan for winter months?

Reverse it clockwise so the blades of the fan pull the cool air upwards to reverse the motor of the Industrial Ceiling Fan for winter months.

The industrial ceiling fans offer excellent air circulation to circulate large volumes of air and are the perfect choice for office and factories. At last it can be said that commercial outdoor fans are not meant for creating a speedy airflow in the area, just only meant to keep air moving in that space to avoid suffocation and excess heat generation. Always keep in mind about the area and size of the space before choosing a large industrial ceiling fan, as they need a lot of space to rotate. 

There are thousands of different models available in the market. Always search, compare the different models with the same features in the same price range before investing in the perfect one as per your need. Until then, Happy shopping!

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