10 Gorgeous Ceiling Fans with Lights – Enjoy the cool air with attractive lighting!

10 Gorgeous Ceiling Fans with Lights - Enjoy the cool air with attractive lighting!

Best Ceiling Fan with Lights

Ceiling fans are used in all households to provide an ample amount of air. They are used in bedrooms, basements and living rooms. Ceiling fans have become a major part of the house. Switching on the ceiling fan during a hot summer day, immediately when you enter the house is one of the greatest pleasures of life. If the room doesn’t have natural light, then you need to turn on the light as well.

Ceiling fans with lights can be considered as the best dual or combo that serves as a functional and decorative piece in your house. There are many brands with different lighting effects. We can choose the best ceiling fan with light with our review. Our review is based on dinging the best ceiling fan using the data from Amazon.

Top 10 Ceiling Fans with Lights Review

Decorating your home can be a great venture for people who have an eye for being creative. Buying décor pieces from outside can be a great starting point. Although most people like to hire an interior decorator to do their task, if you are reading this article, am sure you are not one of them.

Interior decorator may do all the tasks for you from choosing the color of your wallpaper to the lightings and the curtains. But if you are a person like me, you would like to add those finishing touches to your home by yourself. And what else can be the best way to start rather than buying vintage ceiling fan with lights to go for your vintage décor or an antique ceiling fan with lights.

In this article, we are going to make your journey on choosing the best décor for your home possible by highlighting some of the best ceiling fans with directional lights. Ceiling fan with lights have become somewhat of a trend, and why won’t it be? It looks so amazing. Most ceiling fans nowadays come with remote control and voice control to increase the convenience of a user along with LED and halogen lights.

They also come in various styles and number of blades, and it all depends upon what suits your needs the best. Therefore, we have conjured a list of the most versatile ceiling fan with lights that can match any décor, are lightweight, made up of the best material and are also very durable.

Westinghouse Lighting Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan image

Harbor Breeze Mazon Nickel Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze 00724 Mazon 44 in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor 3 Blade Ceiling Fan image

Emerson CF130WW Tilo Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan image

It is one of the Best Selling ceiling fans in amazon. It is one of the cheap ceiling fans with lights at $105.79. It contains two lights and reversible three blades. This is one of the best small ceiling fan with lights for an area of 144 square feet. There are three fan speeds, low – medium and high with an airflow of 4083 CFM for 51 watts.

  • 3 fan speeds

  • Reversible Blades

  • Light Kit

  • Reversible Blades





Amazon’s choice Harbor Breeze Mazon fan is 44 inch long new modern and sleek design stand-alone fan with powerful motor and integrated LED light fixture. This is a perfect match for small or medium room and offices.  The light is 18 watt with Led module suitable for providing ample illumination for rooms. The motor is reversible motor with 3 speed functions and can be controlled by a remote. This is a kind of Ceiling Fans With Lights And Remote Control.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Compact Design

  • 18 watt LED Module

  • Flush Mount installation

The 18 watts LED Ceiling Fan Lights is energy-efficient bulb, and 44-inch Ceiling fan provides 4.5 – 5 CFM airflow great for 100 square feet rooms. The fan comes with wall cradle, and we can operate the fan and light from any point of the room. This modern ceiling fans with lights and remote are a perfect match for low –ceilings and recommends Flush mount installation.





The Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light 7801665 itself is very present-day and smooth with five matte dark cutting edges blade and a matte dark completion. You can even alter the appearance of this Westinghouse Vintage Ceiling Fan with Lights by flipping the blades over to uncover a dark marble surface for a pinch of interest. The Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light 7801665 is a position of safety roof fan, intended for rooms up to 225 square feet with 8-foot roof height.

A Motor with a triple capacitor sets the fan turning at three unique speeds notwithstanding a reversible switch. The capacity to turn around the calm roof fan’s pivot is an effective vitality element that can the amount you spend on paying electricity bills consistently.

  • 52 Inch Blade

  • Large Room

  • Five reversible blades

  • Two Candelabra Bulbs

  • High quality Motor

  • Dual mount installation

Every course has the choice of three rates: high, medium and low. These controls can be worked from a divider mounted control board or by means of a compact remote control, which is sold independently. Indeed, even the Best Ceiling Fan with Directional Lights offer a lifetime guarantee on their engines, and this fan accompanies a two-year guarantee on every single other part.

The Westinghouse Vintage Ceiling Fan with Lights gives wind current of up to 3,589 CFM. It is appraised to work at 63-Watt at fast, without lights, which gives it a wind stream effectiveness rating of 57 CFM/watt. At the pinnacle of the fan is a pearly glass vault that houses two 40-watt lights.





The Fresh White contemporary style Hunter 44 Inch Low Profile Ceiling Fan 59244 has a 44 Inch sharp edge range, an included handheld remote control, included Fresh White or Blonde Oak blade edges and a coordinated downlight. A contemporary Best Ceiling Fan with directional Lights and with mass intrigue, the crisp white Hunter fits impeccably in the present current home.

The excellent, clean completion alternatives cooperate with the high complexity of edges all through the plan to make a look that will keep your space looking present and motivated. Ultimately dimmable LED bulbs give you all-out authority over your lighting, while the 44-inch sharp edge blade length and low-profile lodging are perfect for little rooms or low roofs. Amazon has a full accumulation of Hunter fans, which means you can keep up a reliable look while fitting the size and highlights to each room in your home.

  • Whisper Wind Motor

  • Whisper Quiet

  • Reversible Motor

  • Indoor Use

  • Universal handheld Remote

  • Integrated Light Kit

This Hunter Large Ceiling Fan with Lights fits faultlessly in the present current home. The high complexity of edges all through the structure makes a look that will keep your space looking present and motivated. This Hunter fan comes in different designs to fit each room of your home.

The company also offers a restricted lifetime motor guarantee on all roof fans along with a 1-year warranty on all parts. It can be introduced utilizing the given 2-in or 3-in downrod for low or standard roof statures and on a more extended downrod for higher roofs.





With its unmistakable quality Prominence, Home 42 Inch Low Profile Ceiling Fan 80029-01 is known for its specialization for cooling areas with constrained space, whether they are small or medium size. There are two shading alternatives of this Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Lights; including bronze and silk nickel, the two of which looks greats all alone. On the off chance that you might be stressing that this roof fan can’t be utilized in the room due to the clamor, you don’t need to.

 Its engine works helpfully tranquil. Additionally, the Prominence Home 42 Inch Low Profile Ceiling Fan 80029-01 has the 3 speed-reversible engine that can be utilized for all season. In summer, it drives the chill air off lower the room temperature. Instead, in winter, it pivots the warm air in to diminish the coolness in the room.

  • Low Profile Design

  • Hugger Type

  • Small to Medium Size Room

  • Quiet

  • 3 Speed

  • Flush Mount

Additionally, its opal globe light appended there can likewise be utilized to supplant the regular brilliance or other light; consequently, it can spare a great deal of vitality from utilizing different devices. Also, this Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Lights is extraordinary compared to other roof fans with lights that accompany two units of CRS hugger mounting. You can likewise utilize the draw chains for a quick on/off alteration even though this fan is perfect to use with other remote control as long as it’s for roof fan.





Reasonable for fair sized rooms of 80 square feet, the Westinghouse 24 Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan 7224300 is of veritable quality as it gives wonderful course through the six sharp blades. The 24-inch Ceiling Fan with Lights offers an extraordinary style with a smooth gunmetal completion and opal off-white glass shade making it perfect for a little room.

With a current wind effectiveness of 67 cfm per watt, which is all you need in that little room of yours. The remote control is likewise versatile, so there is each motivation behind why you should consider purchasing this Ceiling Fan with Lights. The Westinghouse 24 Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan 7224300 is an incredible reversible model.

  • 6 Reversible blades

  • 18-degree blade

  • Graphite color

  • 2 Light fixture

  • Downrod

  • Indoor Fan

 If you need a fan that can carry out its responsibility in both hot and cold seasons, this is something you can look at. It did extraordinary with regards to giving cool and warm air. Be it may if you are careful about the shaky quality and the length of the edges, you need to search for another model someplace.

This is a reversible roof fan that works sufficiently at its cost. The fan works at three velocities, and there is a reversible switch that can help course warm air in cooler temperatures. A lifetime guarantee covers the engine, and a 2-year guarantee covers every other part.





This is a tropical ceiling fan that has a high-quality bronze finish with a Tuscan beautiful glass bowl light. The blades are hand-carved in basswood. The pitch of the blade is 12 degree. There are 3 speed adjustments with the reversible motor. It can be used in both winter and summer.

  • Tropical Ceiling Fan

  • Quiet Reversible Motor

  • Energy Efficient

  • Easy installation

Angle mounting, close mounting and down rod mounting are possible with this fan. Its elegant ceiling fan lights are a perfect match for a room of 350- 400 square feet. Medium-large rooms like family rooms, living rooms and bedrooms can have this fan. There are 3 bulbs of 40 watt each to provide ample light to the room.





The Hunter 59385 LED Light Indoor Ceiling Fan also comes with a reversible motor. By reversible we mean that in winter the motor will provide you with warm air, whereas in summer it will give you a continuous flow of cool air. This Ceiling Fan with Adjustable Lights comes with a lighting kit that reduces the amount of normal energy lights will consume.

Thus, they are very power efficient. If you are a person who is tired of changing bulbs regularly, then this product will be the right choice for you as this Ceiling Fan comes with lights that have a longer life span. You won’t have to change the light bulbs more than too often.

  • White Finishing

  • 5 blades

  • Reversible blades

  • Grey Oak color

  • 3 installation choice

  • Indoor Use

The only drawback to this Hunter Ceiling Fan Lights is that it can only be used for indoor use and not for outdoor areas like patios, deck or porches. But despite of having that disadvantage it also comes with great advantage in installing. Due to the fantastic craftsmanship of hunter, you can install this fan on the slanted roof in any angle, along with standard mounting or low profile ceiling mounting. The user is provided with a total of 3 speeds in controlling the fan. You can change it as per your own need. Also, it comes with a pull chain for added comfort and convenience.





Hampton Bay fan with walnut finish on one side and maple finish on the other side is a true compliment for buyers. Opal frosted light fixture is present with dim effect on light. It contains a whisper wind motor to deliver powerful air movement inside the house. We can get the cooling power without noise disturbance with this fan. It is suitable for both summer and winter by changing the draft mode using the reversible motor. It comes with 5 blades with walnut look.

  • Reversible Blades

  • Flush mount installation

  • Quiet Operation

The blade pitch is tilted by 13 degree for optimum air movement and performance. The down rod comes with the height of 2 and 3 inches for fixing the fan at the proper distance from the ceiling and increase air movement. It is preferred for indoor use only. The fan requires a medium- base bulb for light fixture.





Parrot Uncle Ceiling fan is a vintage cage chandelier fan. This is a 2 in 1 fan of length 46 inch. This is a remote-controlled fan with which we can control fan speed and on/off switch of a light. It has 5-speed controls and 5 bulbs and a E26 medium base. This Ceiling fan was tested to be very safe and suitable for everyday usage. The 4 fan blades are retractable and retract after the fan is turned off.

  • Retractable Blades

  • Automatic On/Off

  • Remote Control

  • Easy to install

The blades go inside and come out automatically. Down rods comes along with the fan that are 4 inch and 10 inch long rods. We can increase the height accordingly. This is most suitable for medium to large rooms. It is one of the best ceiling fans with lights.





The least expensive and most straightforward method for cooling in hot nations like the US is by utilization of Ceiling Fan with Lights. Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Lights doesn’t generally lessen the space air temperature however it circles the air inside the room which makes a cooling impact. Utilizing roof fan has loads of advantages and benefits like:

Roof fans don’t decrease the temperature of a room. Nonetheless, the air they flow can make a place feel three to four degrees cooler. By setting the indoor regulator somewhat higher to exploit the fan’s air dissemination, you can set aside 30 to 40 percent on your service bill. Roof fans with the Energy Star mark can enable you to spare significantly more.

The greatest bit of benefit of a ceiling fan with lights is that they bring down the temperature of the room they are in by around four or five degrees, paying little mind to some other conditions. A studio with an open window gets cooler, an enormous room gets cooler, a little room gets cooler, and a home with the AC on gets cooler – for a similar vitality cost, which adds up to just a couple of bucks daily.

At long last, perhaps the best bit of benefit of roof fans is that they can cool inside just as out. Indeed, they are one of the main approaches to help bring down the temperature in an open-air or semi-outside space, similar to a yard, porch, deck, sunroom, or open air kitchen. Similarly, they work inside, open air roof fans course air to cool the skin, and accompany the special reward that the moving air can help drive away bugs.

Roof fans come in a few up-to-date designs. You can look over a wide range of lighting frill that will make a room sparkle. The ceiling fan’s sharp edges add to feel of a room too, and there are a huge number of hues and styles from which to pick. From current looking hardened steel sharp edges to fans with the presence of huge leaves, you can discover a roof fan to supplement the style of any room.

Roof fans at present frequently work from a remote control that enables you to alter the fan speed and turn the lights on or off from the solace of your love seat or bed. A portion that controls acclimations to your fan from your tablet or other cell phone so it doesn’t make a difference if you lose the remote. Some roof fans currently offer Bluetooth-associated speakers so that you can transform your fan into a wellspring of music for a room too.

Ceiling fans are considered as an essential feature of any room. Ceiling fans provide good airflow and elegant look to the house. Some houses require both light and ceiling fan together, and hence Ceiling fans with lights are a good choice. Ceiling fans are of many types. There are cheap ceiling fans with lights, unique ones, small and large ceiling fans, modern and antique ceiling fans, ceiling fans with wooden blades and metal blades, ceiling fans with nickel finish, chrome finish, matte black finish, copper finish and wood finish, ceiling fans suitable for indoor and outdoor, mini or large ceiling fans, ceiling fans with retractable blades, bladeless ceiling fans with lights , fancy ceiling fans with lights and many more.

The price is always a prime point which all should consider while buying anything. During buying the best ceiling fan with lights, you should always check whether the cost is appropriate according to the features it is providing. Also, the price will vary as you change the brand or company. You should be peculiar while you buy the ceiling fans with the light embedded on it. Compare the products which you are interested in. Then match the features while you buy. Choose the one best from the other with you suitable budget. Spending a lot on the ceiling fans will not be recommended.

You should be aware of the spot at which you are willing to place the ceiling fan with lights. Before buying the ceiling fan, you should consider all the aspect of the surrounding of the spot. Check the corners from the spot and note the distances. Accordingly, you have to choose the appropriate ceiling fan with lights for use. There are numerous brands of ceiling fans which manufacture different sizes of ceiling fans with lights. Always keep in mind that the size of the ceiling fan should be fit for your use. It should be worth to satisfy your needs with the appropriate size.

The surrounding is always play a vital role when it comes to the efficiency of the ceiling fans. You should always have the knowledge of the climatic condition of the surrounding of which you are planning to setup the ceiling fan with lights. If the atmospheric condition of the surrounding is wet and full with the humidity, you should always opt for the damped ceiling fans with light. Alike the damped ceiling fans, if the surrounding is cold and dry, you should always opt for the Dry rated ceiling fans with lights. Select the appropriate type of ceiling fans with lights considering the atmospheric condition in its surrounding.

The ceiling fans with lights come with the varieties of the lights, and colors. Choosing the proper light on the ceiling fan is a quite hard judgment considering the surrounding in which the fan is going to be mounted. There are various color of lights also available on the demand of the customers in many places. There are several kinds of lights available embedded on the ceiling fan, such as LED, Halogen, Fluorescent, etc. Also, there are few ceiling fans with adjustable lights in the market which are in very demand. Select the proper ceiling fan with light as per your wish.

The design of the ceiling fans and its style increases the aesthetic approach of the surrounding. There are several designated, and stylish ceiling fans are available such as antique ceiling fans designs, contemporary ceiling fans designs and many more. It adds the complement to your surrounding of the ceiling fan with light. The more creative design the ceiling fan is, the more it increases the aesthetic approach to your décor. You can prefer the styles according to the décor around. The ceiling fans which are carved like ancient times also looks quite astonishing. Select the ceiling fan with the design with your choice.

  • Hunter – The Hunter is a ceiling fan company found in 1910 by John Hunter. John Hunter was an advocate. He got inspired by the designing technology and started this company. These days this company is renowned for the designated and one of the best stylish ceiling fan manufacturers. The company also focuses on the durability and testing process of the ceiling fans before sending it to the market as a finished end product. The main focus of the company is to enhance the aesthetic looks of the ceiling fans. They are one of the leading manufacturers of ceiling fans with lights in the current market.
  • Westinghouse –  Westinghouse was found in 1886, which makes it one of the oldest producers of the ceiling fans. It is an American company. History of the company is quite good, which causes people to have faith in their products. The company also manufactures many other appliances in the field of electronics such as lighting equipment, power source equipment, and many more. They are one of the best market sellers of the ceiling fans and other electronic tools and equipment.


How to install Ceiling Fans with Lights?

Follow the steps below to install Ceiling Fans with Lights-

  1. Remove the existing light fixture.
  2. Remove the Box and cut a new hole
  3. Attach a new electrical box.
  4. Glue on the Ceiling Medallion

  5. Attach the ceiling plate

  6. Assemble the components and make wire connections
  7. Add blades and lights
Where to buy Ceiling Fans with Lights?

You can get Ceiling Fans with Lights at several online stores like Amazon and light showrooms.

How reliable are remotes on outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights?

Ceiling Fans with Lights are reliable and comfortable to use if used with care.

How many wires are on Ceiling Fans with Lights?

There are wires of 4 different colors on a Ceiling Fans with Light.

What is the price of Ceiling Fans with Light?

On an average, a Ceiling Fans with Light ranges around $57 to $242.

Can Ceiling Fans with Lights be mounted on an angled ceiling?

Yes, Ceiling Fans with Lights can be mounted on an angled ceiling.

Innovation has made considerable progress since the beginning of the manufacturing of Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Lights. While you can, in any case, discover fans that swing from the roof, giving light and air course, numerous Ceiling Fan with Adjustable Lights come outfitted with different accommodations. Whatever decision you make, the roof fan is an incredible option for practically any room and will add to solace and joy in your home. Make a point to have your fan introduced by an affirmed circuit repairman to guarantee security and ideal working. 

We have provided a well-informed, and well-researched article on the best ceiling fan with lights that you can find on the internet. We have listed the products based on the top choices made by the customers. Also, we have taken into account the reviews provided by the customers and mentioned them as pro and con of each item. Our buying guide will also help you in understanding the benefits that a fan can have in your home, along with the best companies that manufacture it.

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