What are Tower Fans? – Complete guide on a Tower Fan

Come summer, people are out of their homes to enjoy the sun and rush to the beaches to soak in the heat. However, this may also have another side to it; excessive heat can make you sweat too much and cause discomfort and tiredness. Now, we are going to see all about Tower Fans.

All about Tower Fans

People turn their attention towards appliances that can help you stay cool and one such appliance is the tower fan. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits that a tower fan can offer you.

All about Tower Fans image
All about Tower Fans image

Are Tower Fans better?

Before we discuss the benefits of a tower fan, we need to understand about tower fans in general.

Tower fans are kept in a tall housing unit that will safely tuck in the blades and look decorative too. It sits on the floor and can circulate air to a larger area due to its higher reach.

How does a Tower Fan work?

The tower fans have an oscillating unit that can circulate air through the room. They look so futuristic, that some of the models don’t even look like a fan. These fans have an electric motor that spins the cylindrical container that holds the fan’s blades.

These blades are placed across the length of the fan to ensure that air is circulated across a large room. The motor can be operated with a manual switch found on the upper side of the fan or using a remote control.

Some models of tower fan also have oscillation mode for the 360-degree circulation of air. The impeller blades or simply the blades of the fan are created to move air swiftly through the cylindrical container. They also help in pushing air through the main vent in the outer cover of the fan.

The blades have a feature to push air up and down, which is not found in conventional fans that can only circulate air horizontally.

How actually Tower Fan works?

How actually Tower Fan works image

Now coming to the question, are tower fans better? Well… let’s answer it.

Acquiring a tower fan gives you an effective tool to cool your home. Some basic benefits that a tower fan can provide you are that they are simple to install, easy to operate and have a remote control.

These fans can effectively complement an air conditioner during summer months and save energy and money in the long run.

One of the major benefits of a tower fan is that they are extremely space saving. Due to their slim, tall design, they can easily fit into any corner of your room. With their ergonomic design, they can easily circulate air throughout the room.

They can be easily tucked in between couches or can be placed even near a desk or bath area. Also, they can dispense air at an angle of 90 degrees while oscillating in their stationary base.

They have a minimum of 3-speed settings and supply a large amount of airflow from a compact unit.

Some models of tower fans provide air ionization feature to provide clean air. The other important benefit of a tower fan is that they are so stylish. They look elegant and attractive and can easily complement your living room furniture.

They are so efficient and quiet that you will forget that a fan is running right behind you, except for the fact that you have a cool environment around you.

A tower fan can save at least 60 percent of the total energy that a standard fan would use. Their sturdy design makes them less trippy than other standalone fans.

Tower Fan Buying Guide

While buying a tower fan, there are several features to consider. However, we should see to it that the important required features are available in the fan.

Tower Fan Buying Guide image
Tower Fan Buying Guide image

One of the most important features to check is the height and width of the fan. Tower fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their base size could be somewhere between 12 to 36 inches. While choosing the height, you need to be familiar with the size of your room. If you are not so sure, choose one with flexible height so that you can use it in multiple rooms.

The next thing to consider is the material that is used to make the fan. Some of the fans are made of entirely plastic materials. So it is better to check the durability and integrity of the fan before you buy one.

A fan-made entirely of plastic might be slightly wobbly while one made with metals might end up being bulky. So it would be ideal to find a balance such that the fan is sturdy but not bulky.

Buying a fan with a remote control might be a good feature to consider too. It can make your life easy with operation as simple as using a TV. A digital display unit can also be a wonderful addition.

On most new age tower fans, there is a timer feature that provides the ability to automatically switch off the fan after a certain period of time. Also, you can look for models with ionizer that can provide you with clean fresh air in the room.

Are Tower Fans better?

Tower fans are simple, easy to use and come with great features that can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially during summer. In this guide, we have attempted to include all the details about tower fans.

Moreover, tower fans feature unique design and construction that allows it to distribute air around a larger area. They also fit easily into any room, be it small or large and are practically invisible to anyone.

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